Was routed to be behind schedule so I took a crappy video. Container was waaaaay over weight, but I've had worse

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I'm not even sure where my camera is

I just spent the last hour going through Snapchat memories from the last year with my roomates and honestly it was so trippy. I need to use Snapchat more so we can do this in Austin a year from now

Thinking about you today, also about when was the last time I took pictures, enjoyed taking the pictures, and genuinely liked what I took. Anyways, thinking of you today

@adversities took this photo, and it's nice and simple, and it reminds me of home, and for some reason I think I saved it to my camera roll months and months and months ago. I ON THE OTHER HAND have not been taking pictures but anyways three years ago in China I cracked my camera screen but it still worked- of course I figured ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if it works it works. Anywayssss over the past three years it's gotten progressively worse with chips and pieces of glass coming off, but oddly enough the LCD seemed fine so I just worked around it. Well finally it became a little much and I decided "screw it, I'll pick off the glass and if it f***s it whatever." Turns out all these years that was a screen protector and the LCD looked fine because it was the actual screen ahahahahah
tl;dr I never knew there was a glass screen protector and because I'm and idiot three years ago Lorna left herself a surprise for this year Lorna to find

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When you float outside contemplating life haha relatable 👌
-It is 1:30 am take a better version of the sad witch. Also backgrounds suCK
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Only a year left

I absolutely love museums and movie theaters and book stores and basically I'm painfully a local but why fight it

This time a year ago @isabelarebekah and I had just moved to Japan and wow...we were idiots. We should have just flown, and why didn't we just send our luggage, and whY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DID WE TREAT 100円 LIKE 25¢ AND 1000円 LIKE $1!?!!!???? Tomorrow is my last day at the preschool until December

One day I'll go to Chicago and actually spend time there doing things...in other news- renting a car in Japan, advice?

I'm not doing much this summer but at least I leave the apartment most days

Home was nice, next time I'll stay longer than 2 days...at least I got to see people and be reminded that despite how absolutely ridiculous and stupid I am some(alot)times, people still like me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It was a DeLong time coming, but they finally tied the knot, and I got to see cuties from high school, and I got to badger my cousin's about visiting me in Japan

Of course I'm still posting photos, if you don't post a picture of the Bean (Cloudgate), were you really in Chicago?

I love U.S. cities because they're so different from each other and each breathe live into it's concrete environments

Coon Creek County Days - part of the Midwest experience

Instagram makes me look like I'm ballin' but in reality I have like only $8.32 to my name soooooooo iced coffee?

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