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the power of now
- the realization, that past and future are both non-existent and only a construct of our own mind and the relief, that every worry about both is useless and a waste of energy 💡

Walking street.
Эпицентр похоти и разврата, на каждый шаг по этой улице, приходится по одному предложению услуг сексуального характера. Наверняка, даже самая извращённая фантазия, запросто реализуется в Паттайе - Мекке секс туризма.
Кстати говоря, удивило не наличие трансов, количество проституток всех мастей, даже не пидоры на съем, а ТОЛПЫ дедушек лет 70, как правило напившихся до чертей, еле передвигающих ноги, под ручку с 20 летней тайкой. Конечно у каждого такого деда свои планы относительно спутницы, не мне судить или хвалить..🤔до их возраста ещё дожить нужно и сохранить весь энтузиазм😂 но на каждой аптеке, большими буквами, иной раз и в неоновом свете бросается в глаза реклама Viagr'ы, все для целевой аудитории☝🏻 или спрос рождает предложение🤷‍♂️
Это я все к чему: не увидеть эту улицу воочию, было бы бессовестным преступлением, но на третий день проход через неё был каторгой, слишком много внимания и сомнительных предложений от которых подташнивало🤢
P.s Не воспринимай все буквально, за пределами района "Walking" и основных злачных мест Паттайи, ты не встретишь этого в таком количестве, зато увидишь массу других невероятно интересных мест, это железобетонно😉
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Never let ur fear decide ur future #justthoughts!!
📸by @official_sammy_tz @official_sammy_tz @official_sammy_tz

When two royals share the throne,,who wears the crown?!...#justthoughts!!

Из сотни тех, кто говорит красиво
Я выберу того, кто молча делает дела!
#justsaying #justthoughts

Thanks God for this opportunity to see all World 🗺✈️Flying only one month,but already saw so many countries🌍,people👳🏾‍♀️💂🏼‍♀️👧🏼👴🏿👲🏻,tried a lot of national cuisines🍝🥘🍗🌶🍤and everything by MYSELF😏😎✔️‼️Still can't believe it🙀 Now few days off,that means beach and gym every day🎉🏝 #justThoughts #cabinCrewLife #thoughts

""Badi shayrana hai mohabbat meri....tujhe paane se jyada ...tujhe likha hai maine"😊😊😊😊#writersofinstagram #justthoughts #fawadafzalkhan #fawadbhaijaan #fawadkhan @fawadkhan81


@theloonymisfit_ wearing jewellery from November Edition | beaches of bali🧖🏻‍♀️🌷🏝⛱
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The Human Diary:
Our generation is of the broken hearted writers. We write to ourselves 'cause we have learnt to bottle things up. We stopped sharing our thoughts. Even with our parents. Things started to build up inside us. We are shut but internally screaming. Read our captions or notes and you'll know the storm inside us.
It takes that one person to get us speaking. That one person is your own human diary. That's the person you can be most vulnerable with and at your worst 'cause you know they won't judge you. They may not be your lover but maybe a friend. All it takes is that instant connection. That's where the magic happens. If you have someone like this, hold on to them. If you don't yet, hang in there.. they're seeking you too.
Ron :)
Photo by: @abhinav9jain
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the power of now
- the realization, that past and future are both non-existent and only a construct of our own mind and the relief, that every worry about both is useless and a waste of energy 💡

Like daisies fallen
On the floor
And hangovers
After crazy nights
We were insanely
Before the sun
On us set
Like ashes after
And survivors
Of a crossfire
We were okay
But not quite yet
I could write poems
On your skin
And you could've
Given me your name
Down in ink
But the hush hush
It burned it all
Before they saw our love
And caused a brawl
Like a love failed
And a human broken
Now we look like
Sculptures, oddly shapen
Now the daisies fallen
Speak to me
And all the hangovers
Are without the glee.🥀
~ from the journal
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Most of my life I was "too good" of a person to "taint", "hurt", or "let down". These are what people have honestly said to me, but the truth of it was I was too smart for you to play the same role you did with everyone else, I take work (WORK...something some people know nothing about) before you can get too close because I wouldn't accept anything less. For those who genuinly felt I couldn't "handle" them because you perceived me as "innocent" or "fragile" that's very sweet of you to assume, but the truth is you couldn't handle me. Nothing about my life experiences say "innocent" or "fragile"(if you took the time to know me) I just choose to carry myself a certain way, because I have strong values that may differ from yours. It's easier to look like the hero in the story in that you're doing a great deed by not allowing me to get too involved with you, because you can't admit that all of what I offer scares you and puts you in a position of deficiency and incompetency.
And another truth is you can never "protect" someone from being hurt or let down. When you disappoint them or hurt them through your lack of follow through, consistency or repeated avoidance in trying to "protect" them, you are doing the very thing you said you wouldn't do. So, yea I'm sitting here calling bullshit on all those lame ass excuses people use in order to avoid getting close to a good man or woman, in ANY relationship.
#Preach #EBlair6 #CallingBullshitOnYall #BS #Bullshit #EverythingMusicPoetryAndLove #EMPL #EverythingMPL #Music #Poetry #Love #InMusic #InPoetry #InLove #IAmVeryExpressive #DontTakeThingsPersonal #IJustSpeakOnWhatIFeelLikeSpeakingOnAtTheMoment #NoRyhmeOrReason #JustThoughts #AllMyIntrovertsStandUp #YouUnderstandWhereImComingFrom #AllRelationships #Introverts #HigherStateOfMind #PoeticHeartsBleedOut #SpeakYourMind #WriteYourHeartOut #NoLoveNoLife #KnowLoveKnowLife

Из сотни тех, кто говорит красиво
Я выберу того, кто молча делает дела!
#justsaying #justthoughts

People change and feelings fade too... #justthoughts#

Forever waiting for someone to come along.. how often is it that we realise.. that we are here to mark our own different ways.. crossing paths at times but never the same journey throughout.. Complicating the simplest of things is what calls for trouble.. Pressure from the lives that surround us.. makes us follow a regimen they expect us to follow.. But isn't it that we never get a redo?.. you can never flip the hourglass again.. the sand keeps trickling.. isn't that why the earlier we choose to build our own roads.. the earlier we feel at peace.. being responsible for everything that is.. and for all that isn't...
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Thank you for all of things that you gave me.. Thanks for not leaving me in the dark and be the light when I cannot see. Thanks for keep directing me to the Source of the Light. Even my fire is small I hope I can be light to your path so you won’t fall. Love you kak @herlianasartika 😘😘 #happinessistogetherwithmysister #sisterhood #sisterbondingtime #sweetmemories #justthoughts

Sempre procuramos em alguém ou algum lugar, uma saída....
Mas o pensamento está lá nos trazendo de volta a nós mesmos, todo o tempo.
Procuramos fora o que está dentro.
Mas nem sempre sabemos as respostas. As perguntas continuam incógnitas.
Todo dia, a todo instante, estão lá gritando em silêncio.

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