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Trials suck. Tbh. But they're there for a reason. They form you.

That doesn't take away from the pain or frustration you're feeling. You're still feeling it and don't let anyone try to tell you that you "shouldn't" feel the way you do.

How you feel is a response to your environment, your actions, your thoughts... your set neural pathways. Yes it can change, but changing it takes work and time and a whole lot of trust that this bad can be used for good. So while you can work on future emotional reactions, what you feel right now, is real.

Pushing it down doesn't make it less painful and can even make it worse. Try, instead, to just let yourself be. Live what you're living. Knowing you're are blessed through it. Knowing that the end will be Good. Knowing that the pain will be worth it.

Persevering doesn't mean that you don't experience your trial. It doesn't mean that you avoid it and pretend life is great. Part of persevering through it is pushing through it, with all its negative effects, but getting through it because you know you will.

It's easy to avoid trial, to pass the plate to someone else, to hide through it, to not feel through it, to force yourself to not experience it. But if you don't experience it... Well, how will you grow from it. How will you learn from it. How will it make you stronger for the next trial?

Having a good weekend. I hope you are too!

Don't let others affect your actions. You're not responsible for their actions or beliefs, only your own.
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They really do 🤷🏽‍♀️☺️🔑
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The day you decide you are more interested in being aware of your thoughts than you are in the thoughts themselves – that is the day you will find your way out. – Michael S.

For when I am weak, I am strong.
It's when we are in our weakest moments that we surrender. It's through that surrender that we change, that we grow, and that we become strong.
Don't shy away from your weaknesses, embrace them, use them.

Took my nieces to get books 📚, forcing them into my way of life 😂 lol
It was a nice day!

New month :))) Whoot Whoot 🎉
The year is going by quick.
I'll be sending out my monthly newsletter tonight so make sure you get on the list 📃 (bit.ly/roslist)
I decided to push back a couple of posts since I had too much info to add.
I also have a new recipe to share :) (protein donuts) ❤

❤ encouragement for today!

Solomon asks for God to listen to the people's prayers, to forgive them, and to do what they ask of Him.
But... he also says "When"
When they pray... and repent... and plead (my version says petition) ... and have a change of heart (mine says comes to their senses)... and return with heart and soul (mine says heart and mind)... Prayer isn't mindless, heartless, senseless, or action-less.
It's not just His actions, but ours as well.

Awwwww my baby @mrtonyray surprised me with some flowers and pepperoni 😂 he was gonna pick me up after work to go get some to make pizza for dinner and instead he went himself. I opened the car door to see the flowers there 😊 thank you sweety. I love you so much!!! Oh and the ♥ heart pizza came out good :)

#encouragement 🙏When you follow God, you will WAIT. And sometimes, a VERY LONG TIME. It is in the waiting that patience is developed, and a character that FULLY learns to TRUST God.
He knows your name, and He hasn’t forgotten you. Keep waiting for His timing. ••You’re not broken: you’re being forged.••
You’re beautiful and perfect in HIS image. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Some of you reading my daily posts walk around everyday thinking you’re not “good enough” for God to love you or receive YOU. That is a LIE and I’m talking to YOU specifically in this moment: you do not need to be “good” to come to God. He loves you for you, not because you are “good enough.”
Call to Him because He will receive you just as you are; in your mess, in your trial, and in the darkness, and HE will lift you up in His Mighty Hand. Just ask, and He will help you with the rest.💖
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We always think we know what to pray for. We dive in and ask God for what we think is "right". We ask for it quickly and we ask for it to play our seamlessly.
And then there comes that moment when you just want to pray, we know we need to pray for something but literally have no idea what it is we're to pray for.
Consider my surprise when I truly had NO words, utterly dumbfounded.
And no doubt, this song popped into my head at that very moment. Suddenly it was clear exactly what to say, what to pray 🙏 Cause, well, even when WE don't know... He already does 💗
#JustSayJesus 😭😭😭 #tearsofcomfort #tearsofpeace

It's Spring Break y'all and I'm loving extra time with my kids, but I'm also dealing with a 6 year old who can't stop saying bad words that he heard from a friend. Is it wrong I want to go have some choice words of my own with his friend's parents?
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