|88Rising FanBoi|

its no secret that i love the 88rising record label in all their glory. fanboied a little too much with reposting their content in the past from the music, to the random creative edits and videos they post on their YouTube channel. look at this beautiful edit. it’s no Sam Kolder travel video with the upbeat music and dope shots of landscapes. it’s not a well told documentary style video with educational purposes. what it is, is a purely creative edit that has no sense of story or wild crazy well executed shots. it’s just pure, unfiltered creativity that captures the vibe and emotion of what 88Rising is as a brand. i guess it’s safe to say this is my favorite type of editing and it reminded me why i love the creative freedom of editing a random fucking video with all my heart and passion that nobody can give two shits about; because at the end of the day the product that comes out is some monstrosity of my creativity and a form of expressing my thoughts and feelings. I<388⬆️. Video: HEAD IN THE CLOUDS FESTIVAL, the 88rising experience
YT: 88Rising

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