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She’s not even 12 yet and already having trouble with the law. #justplaying #coolcops

Lord pls bless this 12 hour shift! 😒 #Ishouldabeenastripper #justplaying

WE TAKING OVER SPRINT 😎🤑#tmobiletuesdays #😝😎 #justplaying

When Plan A Don't Go as Planned, So you skip Plan B and Let her experience Plan C 😂😂😂 #JustPlaying #thatstheone #ohnobabywhatisyoudoing

Supporting creative young minds!! My son and his friends woke up this morning wanting to make money, be creative! Obviously that makes me excited.. so I challenged them to make a video using their song of choice, and shoot footage that is inspired by the song. The winner will receive $100! Not much but the motivation is priceless! Support the arts, support entrepreneurs, support young minds! Now it's up to YOU! Who do you think wins? Which ever video gets the most likes is the winner!!! Please post involve your family, and friends. let's have fun this Sunday! We appreciate your opinion! #homemadevideos #justplaying #creativeminds video 2 of 3

Lil something, 🤦‍♂️I really can't take pictureszzzz 😂💀but go like and turn on post nonfictions 🙂♨️Umm... "Live life how you wanna live it, ppl will hate even if you were Obama. So all I can say is rumors are spread by ppl who wanna be you and thought they were you. "Don't fight, don't fight back on social media, just watch them look dumb". Never let anyone accuse you of doing something you haven't. Because the prolly did it and needed someone to blam😍😍😻 So be you!! Love each one of ya 😛🇯🇲#itskamal #rich #justplaying #advice #youtube


This is definitely going to be a LONG night thank GOD for this SHORT work week other than that she would have been HOME lol wouldn't TRADE it for NOTHING in the WORLD but I am lightweight thinking about leaving her STUCK lol. God Bless #kingdomliving #dontjudgeme #butIamleavingherSTUCK #lol #justplaying

You know what they say the bigger the headache the bigger the pill #justplaying

The roll away is the only way too get away! #tagyourit

Haciendo muecas 💞 #justplaying #babyariana #niece #havingfun

😂😂😂 Always got to look on the bright side 🤓🤓😭😭 #justsaying #justplaying #banter

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