My first @levis deconstruction inspired by BEST FRIEND. @rcslaclothing #thisismystory
Whoever grew up in Africa back in the days most likely have stories that go along these lines:
*arguing that the 501 is THE only levis that matter.
*If it is a zipper fly it is not authentic, button fly only lol
*501 pair was your go to outfit for every function, you only changed shirts. *Borrowed or let someone used your 501 and they mess it up.
*removed the label patch if it did not say 501
*checking the positioning of the red tab to determine if it is a fake.
*believed that the jeans was so strong that 2 horses could not break it.
*argued if it came from Morocco vs the US based on the patch
*said at least one time β€œ levis brut”
what is your levis story?

#Repost @alexmagnoofficial
Sharing here some precious magnotized BTS photos - Going over the rough cut edited of the LED video backg. with Christian Louboutin @louboutinworld (just a day before showtime) A show based on CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Fairytale Book DEEP SLEEP FOR BEAUTY (Presented and produced by JUSTONEEYE @justoneeye Directed and Choreographed by ALEXANDRE MAGNO @alexmagnoofficial Thanks @theshaulavega for the photo πŸ™πŸ½#justoneeye #clxsabyasachi #louboutinworld #sabyasachi #deepsleepforbeauty #alexandremagnodirectorchoreographer #alexmagnofilmmaker #keepthemagicofmusicanddancealive #magnotizedmoments

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