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Top of the morning!! 😤😤 #justmyluck

Getting in on the one piece love ❤️ to bad the weathers turned to shit .. 🙄🙄 #justmyluck

Murphy's Law: We've been working so hard recently, we decided to surprise the kids with a trip to California. No work. Just fun.
Took em out of school this morning, and caught an afternoon flight here. Halfway thru the flight I'm not feeling so great. So here we are...they're laying on the sand at the beach, and I'm laying in my room with a 103 fever and trips to the bathroom every 10 mins. 🤢 Has this ever happened to you on vacay?? #JustMyLuck #AtLeastTheyreHavingFun

So I'm doing a small job for our neighbor at the shop. 2 little covers for a Case Backhoe, so I sandblasted them epoxy primed them, went to paint them with Case tracker paint and got a little Run in one ☝️. Next day sanded it and repainted them. Go figure the paint lifted. Now I start all over again #yaaaa #justmyluck #gofigure #wth #redo

Literally found out who he was yesterday on NPR. Was inspired by his talk on climbing. Immediately bought his book "push" then today walked into the gym and unknowingly met Tommy Caldwell 😂 #climb #tommycaldwell #climbon #justmyluck

thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote for me!! so greatly appreciated 💯😜 lmaooo catch my name being spelt wrong still #justmyluck #falconstrong #16387votes

I was counting down the days until these came in. Lo and behold they get my phone number wrong. #justmyluck #businesscards #itsALMOSTofficial


Kai pasistatai labiausiai apšviestoj vietoj, vistiek atsiranda kas sugeba įpult ir pabėgt. #avarija #pabegimasisivykiovietos #palanga #ketvirtadienionaktys #justmyluck #hitnrun #bmw #bmwlife

Работа над собой!!! Это огромный вклад в своё развитие!!!
По совету @alina.guess , прочитала эту книгу в интернет формате, я настолько вдохновилась и так захотелось, чтобы книга была в моей библиотеке, люблю когда книгу можно потрогать, понюхать так сказать 😂😂🙈
Гуляя с детьми, забрели в книжный магазин, и я нашла книгу которую так хотела, да ещё в этот день была 20% скидка ☺
Я снова перечитала с огромным удовольствием от корки до корки в захлёб.
Моё сознание перевернулось!! Очень мощная книга! ⚡ ! Эмоционально!!! 🔥
Следующее моё желание, очень хочется лично познокомиться с Джоном Кехо, и зарядиться большей энергией и силой ! 💪 А как мы все знаем мысли материальны!!! .
А какие книги вы читаете? .
И любите ли вообще читать?
#джонкехо #джонкехоподсознаниеможетвсе #мыслиматериальны #сила #энергия #мощь #таковажизнь #книги #жизнь #life #likeforlike #like #like4like #mylife #my #justmyluck #люблючитатькниги #позитив #силамысли #подсознание #работанадсобой

If the prospects of marriage or a committed partnership, are increasingly becoming a reality, how much disclosure, is absolutely necessary, between partners? Apart from, say, financial or health (highly contested!) issues, what about personal history?
For instance, ladies, should your fiancé disclose to you that, in the distant past, he occasionally, went to brothels and paid for sex with harlots? Its seemingly insignificant, however, would you rather hear it from him or a sex-workers' careless chatter, at the hairdresser, unaware that you are married to him?
Personal history, seems to be a very grey area. Put differently, how well do couples (have to) know each other? Should they, as an absolute necessity, know every material thing about each other? There's private stuff and then there's secrets. Where do you draw the line?
Should your fiancé know that you, occasionally, had sex, for money, at a certain period of your life, for instance? Like many currently do, to fund their lifestyle, pay for schooling and such necessities. If your partner doesn't know that and somehow it creeps up, years later, do they have a right to be aggrieved?
It's just an interesting observation. There are so many couples that seemingly don't really know much about each other. To me, it's very strange. I'd hate to get to know about something, even seemingly insignificant, fortuitously, years later. It's my honest nature and somewhat fragile ego, I suppose. Then again, I'm not anyones' partner, so my knowledge of these things is very limited. Those in the know, enlighten me, please. How well can you know someone else, anyway?
Oh, as a parting shot, Man United fans aren't normal. Very weird people. Have a lovely weekend, good folks. Happy Friday!
#SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest
#JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful

I must've upset someone up there because my right foot found some freshly made mud 💩 on my way back trying not to step in the same pile my left foot found a different pile of freshly made..... mud 💩good thing it was my night to shower. #justmyluck

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