Just over 1685 miles into our road trip, we had to make a pit stop at the Air Force Academy’s Auto Hobby Shop to replace the CV axel’s on the van. The 2-3 hour job took 7 hours, thanks to other than helpful employees (we asked for assistance taking off the rusted CV joint, and were told to hit and pry harder. Two, hours later, exhausted and stressed, we asked another employee if there were a specific tool we could use. He reaches in s drawer labeled ‘CV joints’ and pulls out a tool. Three hits later and the axel is off. We also spend 1.5 hours trying to remove rusted solid cotter pins we finally drilled out. To make matters worst, we drove away, 8 hours behind schedule and the issue we had in the first place is still there. #roadtripusa #murphyslaw #justmyluck #summer2018 #ifixthings @gi_joseph25

Well...this was taken ten minutes before going out into the monsoon. Now I just look like a wet rat 😂 #fridate #yeg #justmyluck

Some may call this a struggle meal. I call this a piquant meal of love 🤗🤗💯💯 #lovely #goodfood #piquant #delicious #moodfood #grub #instafood #smithsvalues #justmyluck

Soooooooo I have hyper thyroid and high blood pressure and high heart rate. My heart rate is about 130-150 bpm ( not good ) I have an ultra sound next week and getting referred to an endocrinologist, got blood pressure meds as well as thyroid medication. I’ve honestly been feeling pretty normal but I guess you can never really tell. #meh #selfie #doctors #nerd #emo #justmyluck

Nail Mail Day I missed it yesterday! #justmyluck It’s ok I got it #today I of course bought a color I already have #doubledouble #gel #crystalnails #igotoil #product #shopitup @thepinkchairnailstudio

Hmmm... how the heck did I manage to do this?! Sunburn... minus a few spots! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂🤦🏻‍♀️😂🤷🏻‍♀️ #OnlyMe #Sunburn #Ugh #JustMyLuck #ItsFunnyThough #KindaHurts

Just my luck ay broken down :-( #justmyluck #beard

Today i think i found my spirit animal. Now i thought id find a massive eagle called 'Sky Slayer' or a wolf called 'Old Grey' as my bad ass spirit animal...but no it seems that a deformed goat called Greg is mine. He just would not leave me alone and followed us around, resting his head on my lap. Good old Greg with your wonky face and billy goat beard!
#spiritanimal #justmyluck

When you're waiting for a recovery truck but Aunty Izzy is there so its allllll goood 😍 #aunties #newphew #flattyre #justmyluck #atleastitstheweekendnow

Thanks for this one, Cher!!! 😂😂😂 @the.real.cher #justmyluck #forrealtho

What a privilege it is to watch and feel this girl learn underneath me. Lucky pon did such a good job today, working over a single fence and then a simple four-stride vertical ➡️ oxer, nailing it like she's been doing it her whole life! *** 😘🦄
We are taking things slow and setting her up for as much success as possible, working on building her topline and teaching her to use herself properly before we crank the jumps up. These past few months have been all about nailing our approach to single fences (teaching her to find her own spot and use her hindquarter to drive her over the jump - coiling is hard, but we are getting there!), and flowing through gymlines to create suppleness and rhythm. ***
She has already come so far since being off with an abscess for most of the winter. The German martingale is off, having helped her to learn to accept contact and hold her head at a more acceptable level. She is learning to work long and low at the walk and trot, stretching into the contact (this is a WIP). We have bend, and flexion, ad rhythm at all gaits, and can canter the ring on a loose rein in balance! Best of all, she genuinely loves to jump, and I love being along for the ride. Keep it up Lucky Loo! #luckysummer #justmyluck 😍

X4. #fridaymood
2 days, 4 flat tires, 1 defeated driver. #hellouniverseimlistening #adventurethatislife

Gotta love feeling like shit the day before your sons first birthday party 🙃. #justmyluck

Update on my hail damage. Might as well post it since I’m seeing it on other people’s posts. First one to land on my property right to the dome.
#haildamage#colorado#hail#injured#AsUsual#constantgimp#JustMyLuck#hailstorm#CanImakeAhailDamageClaim 😂

Today's adventures. Now time to rest my ankle because I've sprained it 😕

#pig #misspiggy #alpaca #invercargill #justmyluck

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