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I freaking live for Rm’s
#notspon #justlovethem #rmwilliams

Pretty ponies, welly here we come! #rubydoo #terrifictriggles #justlovethem #allplaitedup

I’d like to share a personal story with you. I grew up in the church As an active church member. When I was pregnant with my second child, and weeks away from finding out the gender of my baby, at which appointment I found out much more, that my baby had gastroschisis(I’ll save that for another post), my mom told me that she, my dad, and my 3 siblings had all quit the church. It was a huge blow to me. It was like in the movies when the room starts spinning and time slows down. Serious. The church is a HUGE part of who I am. It lives in me. So, it was very difficult , and I had many many difficult struggles ahead. Would you like to know the ONE message I needed to learn the most? It came to me through a general conference talk. It hit me hard and filled my heart! The message was “just love them.” Before that message I had felt lots of pressure to bring them back to church. I was now the only member on my dad’s side and I felt a great responsibility on my shoulders. I am so grateful for the message I received that day. It took so much pressure off of me. The message was so simple. This was a testimony to me of the beauty in the way the spirit works, and CAN work, if we keep our hearts open to it. To love, was MY job. Nothing more. It wasn’t my job to bring them back. My job was to just love them because they are my family. Find our similarities and focus on those things. I’ve learned SO much from this situation that I could go on and on, but mostly I learned to just love. That’s all we really can do when someone makes different decisions than us. It’s not our job to “save” people, but to love them. In loving we find something much greater. Leave the saving up to God. It will all work out in the end. #lds #mormon #love #God #latterdaysaint #openhearts #justlovethem

The art and the muse - couldn’t go past the purple and yellow in this bunch of #alstroemerias - now to live with each other for a bit before varnishing. This is for the upcoming Members Exhibition at #toowoombaartsociety 🙂🎨👍🏻 #flowersfrombetrosbros #justlovethem #flowerpainter #brightflowersmakemehappy

After over 18 hours in makeup, a girl has got to pamper her skin a bit!
If you want to see some of my FAVORITE pampering products, swipe left!
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Si c'est pas ça l'amour... #justlovethem

When someone hurts you don't hurt them back, the world doesn't need more broken people. The world needs more love#JUSTLOVETHEM.

About last night. Ok ik ben dus een behoorlijke muziek freak en je mag me best ook wel een groupie noemen, maar wat was gisteravond een pareltje van een avond. Wij waren namelijk bij de album release van het Hyper Focus album van mijn favoriete band @birth_of_joy . Natuurlijk maak ik dan graag foto’s en zo ook van mij met m’n stoere bink! #muziekfreak #birthofjoy #addict #callmegroupie #justlovethem #guilty #enjoyedmyself #vinylalldayeveryday

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