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Sorry for the lack of posting cause today was my birthday. Thanks for all the wishes guys.😘 // Comment below and find your birthday twin!!😊

Lady Gaga

Belly looking like he ate his cell mate

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Good night guys! 🌙

The video is gonna be put SOONER than you think

I'm crying srsly this is too much for my poor heart...my world tour feelings are all over the place. 😭😭😭😭😭😭. SO FREAKING PROUD OF U @justinbieber ❤❤.
#justinbieber #beliebers #myworldtour #purposetourstadium

makeawishchile: Hoy Renata cumplirá su sueño de ir al concierto de @justinbieber 😱 Comparte la #magia y el #poderdeundeseo ayudándonos a seguir regalando más sonrisas a nuestros niños 🙌 #justinbieber


Con la mejor en la mejor aventura fue un día la raja #meenamore6veces #purpose #justinbieber #solasylocasensantiago

Okay guys im about to go now, ill be online after my interview, wish me luck!!
#zendaya #zendayalatest

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