a full course meal

Omg he’s hot 😍😍 @justinbieber #riseaboveit #justinbieber

Sometimes it’s better to just remain silent and smile 👌🏽

What's your favorite quote from any of Billie's songs?

I made this edit a while ago lmao comment what you think. I’ll be posting a better one later. And it’s definitely an improvement 🤪

"checks over stripes"

im actually kind of proud of this! one of the key frames are off, I know but I tried give me credit ahh-
cr; @vs.aledits
dt; @amybethmcnulty ! tag her 💕
- lake .

Hanging out w friends is Michael more interesting & exciting than being stuck on social media 💯 @ashleybenson

Blessing your feed ;)

#FridayFeeling 🎻😊🙌🏼❤️☀️🎶

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