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I'm starting to hear it in my damn sleep 😵 #makeitstop .
#despacito #justinbieber #sorrynotsorry #lol #overit #comeon #djplaymysong #ucfjules

I love them together 😍

Smh fr 😤 answer the 3rd slide 👀 drop a like 😋 comment 👇🏼🙏🏼

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Are you happy right now?
"Tell me your secrets so that I know that you trust me, because love and security do not always walk hand in hand in life. 
The thing is, you can walk away from the one you love, I’ve seen it far to many times. Love is not always a commitment to stay, rather the willingness to endure and forgive in the moment. So plant something inside of me that you want to see in the future, that way I can at least hope you’ll still be here with me tomorrow. Tell me your dreams so I can help them come true, show me your nightmares so that I can help you fight your demons. Don’t run away from me love, because the truth is you’ll push me away and think that you are saving me. But, I’ve never been the type to need saving. Just,.. let me hold you longer than the time it takes for our bodies intertwine and maybe, just maybe we can get somewhere deeper than the hurt you know so well."

do you like kids? i can't stand them but i'd luv to have one of my own lol

im so vv proud of anyone that goes through anything like this and stays strong through it all . 💜-izzy

tattoo 😝

Hollywood Boulevard. 📷: @jake.dahm


Literally can't even remember what I did with my life before one direction

wanna bless u with these cute guys

Its enough with your cutness Justin I CANT HANDLE IT ANYMORE #justinbieber

7 years. 5 albums. 4 tours. one family. one band. one direction.
7 years of friendship, music, tears, laughs, the stress of concert tickets, but most importantly 7 years of us.
seven years. and i've been here for all of them.
SO much has happened in the space of 7 years, but i wouldn't change any of it for the world, i've loved every single second of it & i'll never forget it & one day you'll reunite, this is more than just a band.
but most importantly THANK YOU for everything, i love you beyond words and with my whole heart & i will forever💗💗 #7yearsofonedirection


say goodbye to my themes cuz i'm gonna post random things from now. i hope it wont look messy 🤧i think ill miss it tho 💔

So much love in this picture. ❤️ #ashleybenson #selenagomez #ashlena


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