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ok skeptics- i get how it sounds to some of you. but there’s no denying that the woman making this YouTube series has done EXTENSIVE research. so before dismissing her extremely detailed #conspiracytheory, please give her ideas a listen. and then listen again. in other words, she just may be on to something... BIG. (also, she’s a smarty-pants lawyer and knows her legal stuff.) i’ve been following her since the first episode and am completely fascinated by her thoroughness. if you haven’t also been following, i suggest starting with this episode and then going back and watching this multi-part series from the beginning. (the early episodes are about the history and origins of warner brothers and the recording industry. the concept of “gematria” is explained, and then she breaks down the background history of the key people positioned in prince’s life, pre-fame. and it continues from there. hours and hours of info. absolutely captivating to say the least- and the series is just getting started!) please feel free to DISCUSS your thoughts here. #☔️ #prince #spookyelectric #conspiracy #decode #gematria #prince4ever 💜🕊 https://youtu.be/oIcetbVBuvo

Pretty nice homage 2 the one and only, mpls turned purple last night #pepsihalftimeshow #superbowlli #princehomage #princesymbol #O(+> #prince #prince4ever #skol - Prince was supposed 2 play last night at the halftime but the elite murdered him #justice4prince #thievesinthetemple2night #paisleyPark

@tykanelson1999 u r dead ass wrong 4 this it is clearly not his wish but greed need 4 power and the demand of the rituals that KILLED HIM 🖕🏽u from the bottom of my heart @justintimberlake u ain’t shit and u know it this is not a tribute it’s a RITUAL not everybody is sleep 🖕🏽u and all that know u 🤑💵👺💩

Look at the date a YEAR AGO they were planning this ( probably longer) do u know why " they " can get away this shit? Simle because Dumb asses KEEP torturing Paisley Park and buying new releases owned by record labels that want to do whatever they can 2 discredit and disrespect #princeslegacy who do u all think is paying 4 this abomination ... yup his loyal fans doesn’t matter if u support the hologram or not as long as u pay 4 anything released after #prince was killing U R paying 4 this congrats well done 👍 EJOY u paid 4 it #smdh😒 #elitefuckery #ritualnotatribute

I may never C #justice4prince but it will happen #willallcomeoutinthewash

When doves cry ! He's one of there we will never forget that he made people happy GENIUS OF EVERYTHING! #whendovescry 💜💜💜💜💜☔☔☔👑👑👑👑🌹🌹🌹🌹 (repost) @the_princerogersnelsonpage WE ADORE HIM👌🙏👏HE BROUGHT YOU ALL THAT HE CAN #JUSTICE4PRINCE ONLY THING YOU GOTTA DO BRING BACK HIS MEMORIES =LEGEND NEVER DIES = °

True but with love comes truth and the willingness 2 fight #justice4prince #prince

#Wakeup #Princewasmurdered #Justice4Prince Rorgers Nelson she wasn't real with him #PrinceRorgersNelson #RealArtist ask god feel da truth with your heart. @sheilaedrummer pince said he couldn't trust you Nope.

#princerogersnelson #Justice4Prince #RealMusic 💜✔💯 @prince go to www.justice4prince.com

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