It Was All A Set-up for prince Death He Did Neither Of This B.S He Would Never do Any Drug's at all Internet Lies Always Have To Lie On A Good legend for basically for the one's who are nice to this world like Michael Jackson Anybody what about the people today who are killing these innocent people? What Did Prince do to deserves This? NOTHING That's why we trying to get Justice4prince now because of Internet BS lies//Fake Police Investigation On Top Of That This is making it worst. Rest In Peace My Dear Beloved Friend #justice4prince 💜🙏💔

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One of my favorite albums-
I love all of Princes' catalogue- especially his later work. It's unfortunate that most the world has not been exposed to his vast collection of multi genre works. The media and music Industry just want to focus on the 80's- He was a true genius and master of sound and word- truly éloquent, soft spoken, gentle, kind, generous with a witty sense of humor. Pretty much everyrhing he did was f'ing amazing- from his attire, to his hair💜, to his taste in women, to his choice in musicians and his uncanny ability to find talent and to facilitate excellence; helping many many artists start careers, to the food he ate- meticulously health conscious individual (just one of the reasons I do not buy the story that the media Industry spun about his apparent opiod addiction) they lie ALL the time- the Media is built on a bed of Manipulation and LIES with an insatiable hunger for Power and $$$ Prince was clean living and timeless. He challenged the Industry in the 90's spurring a legal battle with Warner Brothers Music to get the rights to his masters that spanned over a decade. The Industry could not contol him- he carried on making music and performing around the world without them. A Savvy business man, he did everthing on his own with his team of people he hired until his premature death- a death with many unanswered questions, suspicious circumstance and a foul smell of betrayal and deceit.
If you don't know Prince and are into REAL music I suggest you look beyond the surface- where you will find a vast and rich collection of artistry- Soul, Funk, Heavy Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk, hip- hop, Earth shattering guitar riffs- Tidal has a huge selection of his catalogue and was the ONLY streaming service he agreed to colllaborate with before his death.
THE LIVE shows- absolutely phenomenal. Personal favs of mine are his appearances at the Montreux Jazz Fest -all years and various musical talent. His work with Renato Neto, Andy Allo,, John Blackwell Jr and also Hannah Welton, Donna Grantis and Ida Nielson of Third Eye Girl are a few of my personal favs.
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Damn I miss him 2 damn much... just cannot deal with it.... 💔😢 #prince4ever #princealldayeveryday #gone2soon #gonebutnot4gotten #justice4prince

Prince does not deserve this he was human and genius greed jealousy and evil took him from us and u think I'm going 2 celebrate his murder well #fuckalkyall #justice4prince #60yearsofpurple #1958-

The murder of Prince Rogers Nelson has been over looked by many that claim they loved him instead focus is on bullshit ! I'm going 2 post just as I see it and as I DAMN well please I have no f@$!s 2 give about anyone other than #prince #justice4prince #isaidwhatimeant if u don't like it #gtfoh

Y'all know what I'm talking about #justice4prince

Prince Rogers Nelson was found dead on April 21, 2016. The world is trying to say he was a drug addict. He was not! He was Murdered for his music catalog, because he was speaking the truth and for what he knew about who.

Prince was murdered. #Justice4Prince www.justice4prince.com

Miss u like it was yesterday but it has been 26 months since u were taken from us... there will never b another like @prince #gonebutnot4gotten #gone2soon #hisnameisprince #urlegacywillliveon #unconditionallove #justice4prince #justice4cuz #facedown

In a word or 2, it's u I want 2 do
No not ya body, yo mind u fool
Come here baby, yeah
U sexy motherf@$!er... #prince #princealldayeveryday #prince4ever #justice4prince

When I start talking with a customer and get this. #prince #dearlybeloved #minnesota #legend #justice4prince

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Get on the Movement 💜♐

What a life to live at this time. #justice4prince #bridgetoterabithia #NotSoAloneAnymore

Happy 60th born day Prince!!! He is an artist who always strived to be the best and inspired everyone around him too. He also was an advocate for being your own master. 💜💜💜 My hair is purple in dedication to him.
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