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"If you can faith it, you can face it" tees reminding us that if you stay positive and have faith your can face and overcome anything you set your heart to 🙏🏽 #justhavefaith #faith

good things come to the patient ones #bepatient #allthatisneededwillcome #justhavefaith

When we hit our lowest point,we are open to the greatest CHANGE ! 🍁👁 #myexperience #beingpositive #justhavefaith
Capture magician : @goutham_hc

"When you fix your thoughts on God,
God fixes your thoughts." - Buddy Owens 💙💚💛💖
#prayisthekey #prayistheanswer #justhavefaith

"Daqui a vinte anos, você estará mais arrependido das coisas que não fez que das que fez. Então solte as amarras. Afaste-se do porto seguro. Deixe o vento soprar suas velas. Explore. Sonhe. Descubra!" 🍃✌ #TravelPic #JustHaveFaith

God I'm walking this path you made for me// but I'm not gonna lie I haven't done it effortlessly// I try to do my best and give it my all// but these battles you give is all so hard
#JustHaveFaith #HeIsMySavior

bittersweet goodbyes were exchanged today at The Coop 🏡🐥💖 I'm so incredibly thankful for these chicks & this last year of genuine laughter, Terrace House marathons, boba & most importantly learning to #justhaveFAITH

Everybody has a story, and not all are perfect. Mine wasn't. I dealt with school bullying, family divorce and low self-worth. This lead to severe depression, anxiety, and abandonment issues. My faith is what brought me through those hard times and made me realize that I am loved by my Creator and that I need to learn to love myself. Life isn't easy, but you're not alone. You can get through anything with a little faith.
That is what @faithfitwear stands for and why I love them. #justhavefaith

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FAITH. Faith is more then just being spiritual, it is also practical. When you trust and have faith in God, you should have no fear when taking risks that has the potential to change your life for the better. When God sees you putting your faith in to action by making efforts to improve your character and conditions, he will bless you even if you didn't expect the results you were looking for. God knows all your needs and what you need them for. God is always putting doors of opportunity in front of us, but it can only be unlocked by our faith. #justhavefaith #faithinGod #yourtimeisnow


When we hit our lowest point,we are open to the greatest CHANGE ! 🍁👁 #myexperience #beingpositive #justhavefaith
Capture magician : @goutham_hc

Feeling so peaceful tonight. 💖 It's been one of those days where you just know that everythings gonna be okay. #justhavefaith 🎶

Gm y'all #justhavefaith

Faith is the currency between the supernatural and natural- #justhavefaith #hebrews11

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13, NKJV.

There are no limits to what you can do through the grace of God, but you will never realize it until you begin to push yourself past the limitations you and others have placed upon you. It’s time you lose that defeated mindset that tells you that you can’t, and adopt the mindset of Jesus! Jesus has made you a winner, so win by the grace of God! There is more in you than you know. You are stronger than you think! You are capable of far more! Push yourself past your limitations!

Say out loud by faith: “I am who God says I am, I have what God says I have and I will accomplish everything God says I will accomplish by His divine grace and power. God will be glorified in my life and the devil will be horrified! I grow in confidence in Christ daily! I am a winner through Jesus, so I lose the defeated mindset and put on the overcoming, victorious mind of Christ! God will help me push myself past any limitations I and others have placed on me. I will go from faith to faith and from glory to glory! In the name of Jesus, Amen.” #InHimThereIsNoLimit #NoBoundaries #JustHaveFaith #AmountainmovingFaith #HeIsMyStrenght #ForIAMNothingWithoutHim #DaughteroftheKing

Lil Faith Big Faith Just Have Faith!!!!#faith#trustinGod#blessed#grateful #justhavefaith #Godisgood

"Simply because you nervous, let me start off with my conversation
Hoping my information, elevates the hesitation
I can see it clearly now
Catch you smiling through your frown
I'm askin' Baby Boo are you down?
Although I know you've heard about my reputation
Across the nation, "Mr. I get around"
My temptation got me dripping wet, perspiration
I'm activated by the moves your making
Baby why you faking, strip naked get the love making
See its all in your mind, so every time I sip a glass of wine
I fantasize till that ass is mine
Never gettin' but wanting, never touching but wishing
A straight thug on a mission until I get what I'm missing
Stop with the beeper, baby listen,
I know you're grown, but pay attention
Let me hypnotize with my tounge kissen'
This is a message to bomb bodies and all dimes
Turn around one more time
Heaven ain't hard to find" - 2Pac
#Tupac #2Pac #HeavenAintHard2Find #InFactYouCanHaveIt #JustHaveFaith #Lyricist #ClassicBars #HipHop #Rap #Music #GoldenEraHipHop #PlayItLoud #RawSunMusic

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