Moloko - Blow by Blow.
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I discovered this song thanks to my composition tutor at uni and it stuck in my head. It has such simple groove but it’s so powerful and energetic! Every time I listen to it, it reminds me what music is all about. Love it.

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In order to have life you have to lose it. In order to give life you have to find it.
Our very first interaction I declined the single most important invitation you could ever give someone in this life. The timing for me to be willing and receptive may not have been right, yet because of your obedience and your desire to listen to God when he speaks you still deposited a seed!
Bro you are without question one of the greatest farmers that I have ever known.
What we’ve been through and how God’s intertwined our paths, I see you you as not just a close friend but more as a brother. I am forever grateful! What you have done for me I can never repay but I can sure promise to continue doing the same for others. Never stop farming brotha, Love you! This next year @clairekonold and you are going to have the richest harvest of all! You two bring me life every time I am around you two. Saving the date!Happy original born day 🤙🏼😆 #discipleship #brotherhood #soldiers #armedandready #loseyourlife #groomsmen #happycurseday #toodeep #justgrooveit

It's very easy to underestimate the potential of a woman who has just been hurt, broken or undervalued. She might seem like she is unaware of her worth just because someone she trusted, let her down. She's been cheated on, lied to or even disrespected, still her heart deserves another chance, a chance to beat more freely. She can still dance her feet off and forget about all those hurting or even shake those heartbreaks off once she chooses to understand the real meaning of failures she faced during her hustle of trusting someone not so worthy. There's neither a victim nor a culprit in the story but in her head, she might think it's her fault.
Sometimes those self-destructive thoughts need a break and the underlying grief deserves a floor to let it off.
And that is where the people watch her set free from everything she doesn't belong anymore. 🤘🏻
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Отличное начало года!
Путешествия скоро начнутся, мы можем с Вами встретиться на:
Floor Wars - Воронеж/МС
Горький Баттл - Нижний Новгород/МС
Top Secret - Озёрск/топ8
Туса Саши М - Челябинск/судейство
Старая Школа - Москва/участие
Джем Не СкуЧай - Курган/Участие
Just Groove it -Темиртау/Казахстан/МС
Anniversary Electro 20 years -Челябинск/МС
Kids Proрыв -Челябинск/МС
КомбоНэйшн - Казань/участие
Это январь, февраль, март и апрель) но есть и дальше планы)

Очень приятно! Благо за приглашения!
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набирают новое поколение!!!🕺💃 Это самые позитивные, дружные и классные люди!ваших детей научат не только танцевать,но и дружить, быть дисциплинированными,ответственными,профессионалами ,чувству команды: один за всех и все за одного. побывав хоть раз в этой среде, не сможете уйти равнодушными и не захотеть вернуться к ним!а какие джемы и баттлы!!!🤘 жалко, что в моем детстве не было такой команды!✌ это настоящая семья!💗💗💗наши сердца с вами!!!приходите хотя бы посмотреть!Вся информация @hiphop_krg_temir #hiphop#forever#hiphop_krg_temir#dance#famyli #newgeneration##justgrooveit

When a Fan Page as @stevejordandrums asks you to do something, you just do. Last night drum solo on @johnmayer concert at Curitiba. #justgrooveit #drums #thesearchforeverythingtour #stevefuckinjordan

Fasten your seat belts #chriscarrier Absolute 💣 #justgrooveit

было градусов +30 или больше, ребята, вы просто герои 😊

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