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I told you I'll be back. Now that I'm back will somebody open this damn door?! @khanmiral #3DGlasses #Schwarzenegger #ImBack #SanAndreas #JustGotBackFromTheMovies #WillSomeoneOpenThisDamnDoor?

I just got back from seeing this and all I have to say is....CLASSIC!!!!!! Everything about it was so clever , straight-forward, and well done in my opinion. Adding the actual companies of skype, youtube, and facebook instead of a made up simulation to those companies like they usually do in movies, gives it a realistic feel like this could actually happen. The dark humor works very well and the suspense and tension just grabs you and you could not let go despite the fact that you want too. I can truly see this going down as a horror classic; I even see it already because I have seen parodies of this film on YouTube and I can see in the future a shitload of fan films with the way they handle multicam angles on YouTube videos. I also see this movie doing to "Skype" what "Psycho" did for "showers." this is a total hot wild card! totally recommend, go see it ASAP! And one thing you can learn from this movie is... If you are a cyber bully, be careful what you say and what you post because karma is a bitch and this bitch has a name... Her name is... Laura Burns!!! #unfriended #cyberbullying #lauraburns #horrormovies #justgotbackfromthemovies #psycho #movierecommendation @aguirrepats @garyne26 @agnesbruckner1 @caseymacneil @cailinryley @sarahamalou @kkaris10 @jdimakosyb @johnnyjcool03 @mr_q_taylor @__q44 @tembo_sophistication @huffy505 @youturnmeondre @ryukang1995 @misskarenjean @gennjackson @unfriendedmovie @konnerharris @tianna_ford @taylor_conroy

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