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I don’t got a lot of friends what I got is family and he maybe standing to the left of me but no mistake @ryan_delosreyes316 is my right hand

Wolf pack getting bigger

All you need for a beast ass workout... keep it simple

Catch wrestling Monday @ 8pm come learn the ways of submission wrestling

Guerrilla fam teees!!! You know what it izzzzzz guerrillafam.com coming soon!!

lil chest pump

Down in the dungeon!

Catch wrestling 🤼‍♂️.... probably not gonna get this at ufc gym... just saying

Wrestling 101 shooting and sprawling

Love when prs happens for clients!!!

Client shout out goes too @ganjahman1310 @staygoldx93 both hitting prs 315 axle deadlift

There’s a storm coming just watch

When I was a kid my brother use to tell me about the hart family dungeon and since I’m a wrestler by nature now I have my own dungeon... cause the best are built in the garage

Daily grind

Back to basics

@staygoldx93 with 295 back squat pr... his previous max was 205 yesterday hit 295 2x1 we’re coming for that 300+lb squat.... let us help you reach your fitness goals!

Get your kids in fight shape!

When I was younger all I wanted was to be like the og crip niggas in my neighborhood everyone hitting 3 - 4 plates like nothing... back in Long Beach you didn’t go to the gym you went to your homies house cause his dad had weights well in my neighborhood that was my house and still my house til this day ain’t never gonna change only thing change is the zip code

No such thing as quitting round here

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