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Pipi ohhhhh 😆
#ko genduttan? Iyalah makan nasi 😁klo makan hati ya kurus 😂😅😆

Yeah right ! Jajajajajajajahaja #justfunnystuff

What Valentine's Day looks like after (almost) 6 years of marriage 🙊💖😘🐝 #justfunnystuff #thanksbrian #myvalentine #thankful #thisguy

Better get you a.. home (Cinderella) #justfunnystuff #verobeachrocks👍🏼


This is what kind of Motiv from Tissuebox/tissuepaper if you asked the only Man at the House to buy it 😂😂😂 i just realized it now, guess Guy didnt think about the Appearance of tge Box's Motiv only the function of it 🙈🙈😂😂
#tempotaschentücher #mondaythoughts #justfunnystuff

This morning I had a dude pull one of these. So Im just curious how people handle it now a days. Used to be get the fuck outta here with that shit, but it's a different day. People that do it to me do it because they know their chances are much better to pull a fast one then to tell you prior. Happens to me a lot actually lol. Even have some that won't even say shit just hand me what they have and that's that. Lol I guess i come from a different time. If it's 205 bucks then it's 205, not 195. It's like going to get gas and telling the clerk shit im ten shy, I gotchu Friday homegirl.

#nothatingiloveemall #justfunnystuff #207built #207stoner #thelinebetweendrugdealerandlegitbusiness #mainecannabis

😂Literally can't stop laughing at this😂

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