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There's no doubt about it, ROADKILL, a Forrest Yoga creation, is a big pose - open hips, willing shoulders and deep communication between body and brain. Then add to it the sweetness of running energy and breathing deeply, and the magic happens!
It doesn't matter what pose you do - how challenging, how simple or how you look - the sweet medicine comes from being present, deep breaths and feeling .... the gifts of practicing Forrest Yoga. #justbreatheyoga #forrestyogachangesyourlife #walkinbeauty #gratitude

When you own your Breath nobody can steal your Peace #justbreatheyoga #yogajourney #yogainspiration #halatesurmer

• j u s t b r e a t h e • #justbreatheyoga #ulriken643 #bergen #verdensyogadag

So happy I FINALLY got to take your class! See you tomorrow girly! @audreyrose_kali
#tofunugget #audreyrose #justbreatheyoga #justbreatheyogawellness #muahh

This yoga studio in Martinsville is so unique and full of loving kindness. If you are in the area please check out a class or two. #justbreatheyoga #martinsvilleva #yogastudio #yogaforeverybody #accessible

A little business before the joy of getting on the water 🌊 @paddlefitness @gilliangibree #supyoga #justbreatheyoga #yakimayogi learning some good stuff!


Never forget the power
That flows through your veins.
Never forget you are medicine
For this world - Ara

This quote really resonated with me and is something I've been working on lately. Finding my own power and my own way of contributing to this big beautiful world we live in 🌎 I feel as though we all have a unique gift or calling, a way to leave this world a better place than we found it and I'm on my journey to figure out what mine is 🎒Hope you all have a fantastic Friday ☀️ • • •

#lookwithin #yogajourney #powerfulwomen #findyourpassion #sunsetyoga #reflection #justbreatheyoga

Our YTT’s do not just learn yoga poses. It is important to understand the anatomy and physiology behind each pose and practice so they can give their future students the best experience possible. 😊🙏🏾🦋

Always find a way to smile 😊💜 Schedule 👉🏼 www.yogabilityflow.com
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Monday, October 9th from 6:45-7:45!!! 1st 10 People to Book Online is FREE

PiYo is a total-body fitness system designed to whip you into shape from head to toe. It combines the practices of Pilates and yoga to help you build strength, lose weight, increase flexibility and have a great time doing it. PiYo was created by Chalene Johnson, the founder of the Turbo Kick system.

Preparing my classes for tomorrow evening during the Harvest Moon! Join me at Just Breathe-East (Geistown 335 Nees Ave-Rear) at 5:30pm for a vinyasa class! My UPJ folks I'll see you same place, same time, different Moon 😉🙏🏻🌕 #namaste
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Yin Yoga with Acupressure Master Class {Metal Element}

November 4th, 2017 from 1-3pm
Just Breathe Yoga at Rivermark in Santa Clara, CA

The ancient Chinese knew that observing and understanding nature was one of the ways for us to understand ourselves. Behind each season there is an elemental energy; the Five elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine recognize the natural forces of energy, which regulate life. They called this chi. Chi is the breath of life. It is what creates and nourishes the human spirit to give us energy. Chi is the force of nature that moves energy through all matter.
Meridians are energy pathways that interface the outside of the body to the inside of the body. Since November is the element of Metal, we will be referring to the wisdom of the meridian theory and exploring a yin sequence built to harmonize the nervous system and optimize the flow of chi in our physical and energy body. In the fall, we stimulate those meridians of the lungs and large intestine. The poses selected can help with back, neck, and shoulder tension, respiratory issues, balance immune function, and release long-held emotions as we transition into a new season of life and let go of the summer.

This practice is suitable for all levels!
Sign up below to reserve your mat space!

Cost- $30/person, $40/person if register after October 15th


This is one of our five seasonal Yin Yoga with Acupressure Masterclasses ☯️☯️☯️
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Everyday I choose healing for my heart, mind, body and spirit. This journey is my own unique experience.
I take my time and I sit (preferably outside). I am not afraid to go deeper to listen, question and learn from my body.

I will heal in my own time and I try to be gentle with myself everyday.... Find a moment today to press pause on whatever it is that you are doing..


"What we learn, becomes a part of who we are" - Our YTT's hard at work learning how to adjust standing poses with @nick_vishanka

These past few days have been extremely long. I pretty much had an "out of order" sign on my forehead. My body shut down on me and put me through hell. I tried to get on my mat for a little bit everyday to move but this was the reality of it. Excruciating migraine along with every muscle of my body aching.
I live with chronic pain.
Writing about it sure as hell is not easy but I know that there are many out there who can relate.

Some days I'm great, some days I'm not but can still slap a smile on and other days I am like this... Looking at Instagram while feeling this way is disheartening at times because you see other yogis who make every pose seem effortless.
Is that true? Probably not...
but I feel as if I have to start from square one every time I return to my mat after these attacks.
At times it's sad. But my reality.
This doesn't make me or anyone else any less of a yogi or a teacher.
I posted a photo awhile back with the quote "Yoga meets me right where I am".. This is true and my practice is just that ..MY PRACTICE. I will love and meet myself where I am everyday. As should all you beautiful people out there!! And for anyone going through anything...be gentle with yourself. You are doing the best you can 😘

I have the two most wonderful fur babies and hubby. They are always by my side, immediately, to help me feel better.

Sending love and light to you all 💜

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