Day off well spent at the secluded Acadia Beach past #SpanishBanks. ✨ #calmbeforethestorm #justbreathe

"Pearl Jam (Tulsa OK, Glow-in-the-Dark Variant)" screen print poster by Ames Bros.

Released in 2014 and printed with glow in the dark ink. Print measures 20x26 inches, signed by the artist.

Print is stored flat in very good condition. Following purchase, prints are rolled in archival paper and shipped with bubble wrap in sturdy cardboard tubes.

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Tiger lilies have always been my favorite flower. They grew wild on the side of the road where I grew up, and I love them.
I spied some on the side of the road today as I was driving and had to turn around to take a look.
I’m not usually a flower person, but these speak happy to me. They remind me to stop and breathe. .
#tigerlilies #flowers #summertime

E pensare che un anno fa anche io oggi avevo fatto la prima prova.. il tempo è volato e non me ne sono neanche accorta...
Comunque la mia scheda mi sta piacendo ogni giorno di più, sono davvero soddisfatta 🤩😍 Buonanotte 🌙

It brought back memories talking to a fellow mum about those early days with two under two whilst hubby spent many a night away. Spending the day dreading the choice I had to make at night to leave one to cry whilst I settled the other. Unknowingly carrying the wait of a mental illness. At the time you ride a guilt train like no other, questioning choices and you’re own strength. I cried a sea of tears in those early months. Days merged and so did the cloud in front of my eyes. Laterally however, I look back and smile. They don’t remember those days and the memories for me are becoming foggy. Tonight after bath-time in our Treehouse I watched the girls adventure in a forrest searching for the Gruffalo before bed. I told Hubs to hang fire and enjoy the football whilst I put the girls to sleep. Emily snuggled under one arm, Molly under the other - a few giggles, a few pretend snores and the classic nose pick. Then they both nodded of at the exact same time, squeezed to me - reminding me how precious I was. Their normal, their safe - this bedtime reflected nothing of that old routine. It was one of those ‘pinch me’ moments. Is this REALLY where my life is at? Sleeping under the stars with my babies in a forest by a whispering lake. Watching them calmly drift off, lying still, as I breathed softly without the weight of anxiety and upset. Life is full of peaks and troughs. If we want moments like this, we need to be prepared to ride out the ones that resemble nothing like this. They come and they go but shit DOES happen and it’ll happen time and time again. That’s life, that’s family. It’s smiles, it’s tears, it’s breezing and rocking. The harder it gets, the tougher we become. The stronger we are, the farther we are able to reach. You see, it’s not maybe apparent at the time but truly, pain - tears. It’s good. We just have to be willing to ride it out. Good is coming, it’s always coming.

Gibt es was beruhigenderes als das Rauschen des Meeres? Die letzten Nächte bin ich mit Meeresrauschen eingeschlafen, bin morgens am Strand spazieren gegangen, hab am Meer gesessen. Ich könnte stundenlang einfach nur am Meer sitzen, in die Weite starren, meinen Gedanken beim Vorbeiziehen zu schauen, wie Wellen, die kommen und gehen. Mal leiser, mal lauter. Ich glaub wir alle kennen und lieben dieses Gefühl. Und ähnlich geht’s mir morgens bei meiner Yogapraxis, wenn ich 1,5h in der Ujjayi-Atmung Ashtanga übe und meinem eigenen Meeresrauschen lausche und mich sanft in mein Inneres gleiten lasse. Yoga ist zu einem festen Anker für mich im Sturm des Lebens geworden. Die Ujjayi-Atmung - mein eigenes inneres Gefühlsmeer - ist jeden Tag anders, genau wie das richtige Meer. Mal gleiten die Wellen ganz sanft ans Ufer, mal stürmt es und riesige Welle toben. Sich die Zeit zu nehmen am Meer zu sein - egal ob echt oder durch Yoga ist heilend.💓🙏🏻😘 #yogalove #oceanbreathing #ujjayi #auszeit #justbreathe #thistoowillpass #practiceandalliscoming #ostsee #warnemünde #rostock #balticsea #kurzurlaubfürdieseele #meer #tagammeer #yachthafenresidenzhohedüne
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📚GLUTE FIRING PATTERN📚Great Post by @xptlife @coachpjnestler. Great to see medical studies inching their way to supporting what my mentors say about the Glute firing pattern leading to an array of biomechanical compensation patterns which commonly lead to internal issues💪🏾🌬📶 Tight hamstring = tight psoas /QL. Eventually leads to “hamstring driver.” 👉🏽Correct the muscle firing patterns (different positions of @thebreathbelt + RPR), and you correct the breathing =energy= output

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Is your breathing dysfunction causing your “tight” hamstrings?
This study suggests that a simple diaphragm reset, removing restrictions and improving diaphragm mobility & function, led to significant improvements in hamstring and spine mobility.
Proper breathing influences a lot more than just our respiration. Perhaps your endless (and useless) hamstring stretching could be replaced with restoring breathing function and movement mechanics for a mire effective and long lasting outcome.
@xptlife #breathemoverecover #breathingresearch #justbreathe #performancebreathing

Don't forget to put yourself on top of your priorities list! Take time off, go for a walk, eat healthy, make time for friends and family. That's what life is all about: balance!

Hesitation. I want to remove that verb out of my world.
🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭 At the airport, a dreamy, smiley guy on the same shuttle as me captured my attention. I wanted to strike a conversation with him but was hesitant. I finally got the courage to start small talk with him(he had a camera bag so I was like YES easy in....we can talk production 😂🤣) We ended up walking together to our gate and talked travel, life goals (all in Spanglish because he was a sexy Columbian) and then he goes “my wife...” (my hopeless romantic dreams are crushed hahaha). Even though he didn’t end up being the love of my life😂🙈🤣 I was STILL happy that I talked to him because I ended up encouraging HIM to move to LA and pursue his dreams of being a DP. The last words I said were “Just go for it” and in that moment I realized I need to “just go for it” too. Guys, DON’T listen to that voice of hesitation that stops you from pursuing something you want to do or talking to someone who you can exchange amazing words with.
Do you guys like reading these random stories/word vomit posts? Let me know! Hopefully you learned something from this ridiculous hopeless romantic airport story. 😂💕✨🤷🏻‍♀️

Sometimes you have to run away from the office and just remember to breathe.... #projectmanagement #womeninconstruction #backtoworkigo #justbreathe

The flowers - just so gorgeous 🌷

Never underestimate a woman with a yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️ mat! *Drops mic 🎤 and walked away*

There is so much heartbreak, sadness, devastation, anger, frustration as people in this country watch children being torn away from their families. Alone we are powerless. But also never underestimate what we can do together. We can make a change and incredible things can happen.
Despite what is currently happening, one must do some type of self-care. Self-care will keep one strong to continue this fight. Yoga is a good practice for self-care. Yoga decreases stress, helps with mental focus, lower blood pressure and many more other benefits.
📸: @paradiseasha .
#keepfamiliestogether #keepfamiliestogetheract #togetherwearestronger #loveflashmob #solidarity #togetherrising #yogainnature #namasteinnature #namaslay #wellnessadvocate #wellnesstips #natureheals #yoga #blackgirlsdoyoga #takingupspaceoutdoors #optoutside #practiceandalliscoming #justbreathe #practiceyogachangeyourworld #positivity #balance #blackgirlyoga

Come join me in tonight's 7pm class @oshawagoodlifewomens. Any time is a good time to clear your mind. #justbreathe #clarity #yoga #yougotthis


1:03pm in Lake Louise ☀️ Need a wellness break? We understand. We hope this brings you the sense of peace and tranquility - that’s what we’re feeling right now. Wish you were here? #lakelouisewellness

{CALL FOR YOUR INPUT: 👉🏼What do you want to read about?👈🏼} //
This whole Instagram experiment has been so interesting. It has connected me with new friends, clients, colleagues and connections from the Bay Area to Barcelona, and has provided a platform to dig into these big, important concepts collectively, sparking meaningful and thoughtful conversations. That’s incredible, right?

I started this account not knowing how people would respond to the “therapy” part, but I saw a need for scientifically sound, theory/practice supported information about emotional wellness, and accessible strategies for implementing these healthy practices into our lives. My goal was to blow the lid off of the mystery surrounding therapy- how to find it, how to talk about it, how to use it, and to champion the idea that *all of us* can benefit from it.

I put a lot of time, energy and heart into the writing you’ll find here, and the response I’ve gotten from you has been so encouraging. I have a long, ongoing note in my phone with ideas for posts, but I want to write about things that help and support YOU.
🙋🏻‍♀️ So tell me; What would you like to read more about? What are your questions for me? What sort of posts would be helpful?

Thank you, friends, for connecting with me here, for your support, for your enthusiasm, and for adding your wisdom to these discussions. The world can be a scary, anxiety provoking place, but when we each do our work to show up in kinder, more loving and compassionate ways, we can turn the tides towards goodness. 🙏🏼💛

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