This may look like gross liquid spinach 😝, but it taste like a tropical skittle 😍🌈 and it's honestly one of the ONLY things that helps me stay energized during pregnancy AND manages my sweet tooth, which is killer during my second trimester! 🙈
I've had a lot of people tell me to stop drinking my Superfood shakes because i'm pregnant, OR they themselves are nervous to try them because of pregnancy....but the way I see it ➡ they let pregnant women eat MCDONALD'S ya'll!? ----> SO there is NO way that a shake that's all natural and plant based could possibly hurt me or Jr. Here, especially when food like THAT exists! ya feel me?! 😂 #justbeinghonest #liquidgold #bestprenatal

You can have the biggest Chanel 👜 bag in the store if you want it 🤷🏽‍♂️ this 🌊 goofy 🤪 #justbeinghonest #blessed #drip #levelup #feelsgood

When you see how from you came from! Last year was hell for me! This first picture is me now!I’ve lost 38lbs! 😦I couldn’t believe it! The second picture I was wearing a Mask! Covering up relationship hurt, selling my home stress, and so much more!
#transformationtuesday #justbeinghonest#godfirst#loveyourself#grace4unmasking#shanshandz#mystory

Hello everyone 👋🏼 I’m alive!!! Here’s a mini update: I’m no longer vegetarian (caused me too many gastro issues & I felt more sick than good 😞) I did it for 9 months tho so I’m still proud of myself for giving it an honest try 👌🏼
I’ve just been working, school & honestly just trying to enjoy each moment of life as much as possible. I’ve been making more time to get out & hike (my #1 passion 🌲🥰) I haven’t been to the gym in weeks, months. I lost my love & drive for it. BUT I am looking to switch gyms bc main reason for not going is I don’t enjoy my gym anymore. So I’m feeling motivated to find something else & work towards new goals, personal goals 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 ok that is all. Everyone enjoy their Tuesdays 🙂 adios for now ~ #justbeinghonest #fitness #fitpage #fit #gym #fitnfresh #comebackstronger #fitchick #fitfam #strongsquad #yoursoulsexy #selflove #selflovewarrior #gymbabe #glutes #hike #hiking #pinemountain

Bae gonna be upset, but back up n!gga 👊🏾 #itshot #sorrynotsorry #justbeinghonest

Some good advice... see people for who they really are, instead of how you think they should be... then treat them accordingly!🤷🏼‍♂️💯 #TopOfTheMorning ☕️

Real talk: life is rough sometimes. Choppy, like the waves rolling over the tops of us as we struggle to grab a breath of air before succumbing to the power of the waves pulling us under. And most people, in those moments, simply choose to tread water instead of actively figuring out a way to get out of the storms of life. If you know anything about this situation, you will realize that eventually you will run out of energy and drown.
Our society puts so much emphasis on keeping buttoned up, being independent, handling it yourself. Heck, we brag when we are too busy at work to take a lunch. But really, many people are drowning.
Here’s my challenge to you today: be open and be vulnerable. Many people around you are swimming in rough seas this time of year. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Encourage those around you that they aren’t alone. You might be the life preserver that they needed to keep them from drowning.
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I don’t always clean up, but when I do I make sure I take 35 different photos just to make sure I get the perfect one 😂. #justbeinghonest

It really is okay .... always remember you come first!
I have finally started to protect my energy by saying no and do the ‘okay’ things for me. Honestly I did feel guilty in the beginning but now it comes naturally 💥

Blessed Be 🍷

#protectyourenergy #itsokay #sayingno #justbeinghonest

I can go to my grave knowing that the only Tru good thing that ever came from me, was my daughter... #facts💯 #justbeinghonest #truth #cantlie #insta #instagood #instagram #iaintperfect #yep

Love yourself first, at the first place, as a first priority. Rest everything will follow you.

Love yourself and feel completely at peace with yourself and the world around you.
A big clue to discover if you truly love yourself.

" A Big Clue about yourself "
Learn how to identify the "Big Clue" and feel completely appreciated for all that you are. Find yourself being completely loved by others.

I’m thankful for good bang days. 🙏🏼 #yesterday

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