Rest Days ..🙏🏻 Today I’m having a forced rest day .
I didn’t realise that I’ve actually been training 7 days a week 😯 since the end of my last comp & my body is feeling it! ✨
Being goal focused is great but resting to resort the body is super important and here are a few reasons why~
} Aids in repairing your muscles
} Reduce the risk of injury from fatigue } Prevents mental burnout
} Replenish energy stores
And much more! ✨
I’m all about listening to your body & I know rest is just as important as exercise so here’s to my rest day 👋🏻

In saying that I do find it hard to not do anything.. Clients are done for this morning & training them makes me want to train .. I’ve already said ok let’s go do yoga or go for a walk instead 😏
But I’m at my little local cafe @three_donkeys having my LB and holding myself back from doing any of the above and just taking me time. 🙌🏻

Does anyone else find it hard to stop .. rest.. & recover?? Let me know if you have any tips..

Enjoy your day everyone ☺️
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Rest day for me!! My body has been super tired that last few days, I have changed up my workouts a bit and still messing with my macros.. I think that stress has caused my body to become a tad fatigued!! A year ago I would have “pushed through it” or “sucked it up and just worked out” today... I take a rest day for myself and let my muscles and mind take a breather!!!
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Let’s talk skin care for a hot second! I know my page is mostly about fitness BUT I also believe that a good skin care routine is just as important! I mostly try to use products that are all natural-I mean why would I put healthy food into my body and then products on my face that are full of chemicals??🤷🏽‍♀️ Your skin is your body’s largest and fastest growing organ! It absorbs everything; water, sun, products, pollution, but it also protects us! Our skin is made up of three layers: Epidermis, Dermis, and Hypodermis.
Epidermis: Outermost layer, protective shield!
Dermis: 2nd later, mesh-like network to provide structure.(think collagen and Elastin!)
Hypodermis: Deepest section, “fat tissue”, help with cold temperatures and shock absorption!
You’ll want to find products that work for you to help hit 2 of these layers and use food to help hit the third layer(even though your products will lightly soak into the third layer) Here are my top products that I use and one product that I recently switched over to! Let me know some products that you use below!👇🏼
1. Cleanse! @starfloweressentials Lavender Cleanser 🤤
2. Tone! @elizabetharden Normal/Dry Skin(no-alcohol!!)
3. Hit Those Bags! @beautycounter Rejuvenating Eye Cream
4. Moisturize! DawnLorraine Conscious Skin Care
5. New Product!(in the testing phase) Freedom Deodorant-Lavender.
I also throw in about 2-3x a week an exfoliant/mask! #SkinCare #JustAsImportantAsWorkingOut #TakeCareOfYourSelf #NPCBikini #FaceTheDay #Cleanse #Moisturize #Healthy #GlowingSkin #AllNatural #NoMakeUpMonday #LookGood #FeelGood #DawnLorraineSkinCare #StarFlowerEssentials #BeautyCounter #elizabetharden #FreedomDeodorant #BeFree #ChemicalFree #GirlsWhoLift #FitFam #Fitspo #takecareofyourskin

Have you read this??

A lil practice since there was no one apart from my family at the gym 😁😁 #progressing #posing #justasimportantasworkingout #gym

After a week including the Assault Bike it's important to recover well on our days off. Come join us for yoga tomorrow at 12:30pm-1:30pm to get flexible and enjoy some relaxation. #CrossFit #Yoga #JustAsImportantAsWorkingOut #FulfillingFitnessPotential

Nice cup of chai tea from T2 before bed... Nice way to relax and unwind #relaxing #unwind #justasimportantasworkingout #health #lovinglife

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