Today is #worldmentalhealthday.... and I just wanna post about it because I think it is important to know you are not alone. I think it's important that you know you are actually stronger for getting help. Not getting help makes you weak, and suffer more... why would you want that? I struggled with PTSD after my dad passed away, and even though I had a "reason", you don't always have to have one, and it is ok to get the help you need! But the change starts with you. YOU have to want to make the change in your mindset, and for yourself. There are plenty of people, and resources to help you. Just ask. I promise you are worth it.
Things that help(ed) me were counseling, clean eating, working out, drinking lots of water, dark chocolate and wine (in moderation)😂, 🙏 and some others. I truly want the best for my people, and if I can help, I would love to try! 🤗
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Rest Days ..🙏🏻 Today I’m having a forced rest day .
I didn’t realise that I’ve actually been training 7 days a week 😯 since the end of my last comp & my body is feeling it! ✨
Being goal focused is great but resting to resort the body is super important and here are a few reasons why~
} Aids in repairing your muscles
} Reduce the risk of injury from fatigue } Prevents mental burnout
} Replenish energy stores
And much more! ✨
I’m all about listening to your body & I know rest is just as important as exercise so here’s to my rest day 👋🏻

In saying that I do find it hard to not do anything.. Clients are done for this morning & training them makes me want to train .. I’ve already said ok let’s go do yoga or go for a walk instead 😏
But I’m at my little local cafe @three_donkeys having my LB and holding myself back from doing any of the above and just taking me time. 🙌🏻

Does anyone else find it hard to stop .. rest.. & recover?? Let me know if you have any tips..

Enjoy your day everyone ☺️
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Rest day for me!! My body has been super tired that last few days, I have changed up my workouts a bit and still messing with my macros.. I think that stress has caused my body to become a tad fatigued!! A year ago I would have “pushed through it” or “sucked it up and just worked out” today... I take a rest day for myself and let my muscles and mind take a breather!!!
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Have you read this??

My Sunday afternoon mantra 😴. Honestly this needs to be our everyday mantra, we all run ourselves down by doing MORE and sleeping LESS, a recipe for burned out adrenal glands, getting sick, overeating and overall poor health. If not everyday, aim to get enough sleep and rest most days of the week. #justasimportantasworkingout #fitness #health #wellness #selfcare

A lil practice since there was no one apart from my family at the gym 😁😁 #progressing #posing #justasimportantasworkingout #gym

After a week including the Assault Bike it's important to recover well on our days off. Come join us for yoga tomorrow at 12:30pm-1:30pm to get flexible and enjoy some relaxation. #CrossFit #Yoga #JustAsImportantAsWorkingOut #FulfillingFitnessPotential

Nice cup of chai tea from T2 before bed... Nice way to relax and unwind #relaxing #unwind #justasimportantasworkingout #health #lovinglife

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