That adorable puppy face 😍😍😍 Dogs are seriously the greatest gift

Part 3 - (I want to feel it all) Not everyone is great as you! In the lack of greatness, you have to rise to the occasion and make it happen. No sooner did the words leave my mouth that I remember my old broken down wallet that i received from now deceased grandfather. The wallet would still be here today, if it didn’t rip everywhere. I kept losing 5’s, then 10’s but after the 20’s kept flying away, I felt my grandpa would understand. I’m still bitter that things rip in life. The rip-less items will always curry my favor. A piece of paper wrinkled at the bottom of that wallet read “make it happen.” A philosophy you would see in every action of my life, if only you were there for it. A lot of people are dumb, or lazy or just trying to get by with the minimum amount of annoyances. It’s totally okay. I don’t mind at all. I just don’t get value from them and therefore supersede them at any moment that is presented. This is what we should all do. Make it happen. Make the best thing happen possible. When I’m given the task to do something - I’ll care more than most when I love it and I only do the things I love. If I’m there with you now - I fricken love you. What can I say. It’s raining. I like to get wet. I hope you do, too. I like danger. I hope you do, too. You want to experience it all. Good - I’ll push you past your boundaries to the place where a new life begins again. Trust me. It’s very fun over here. 🥂🍾

Part 2 - (We are feeling something) The other brides didn’t seem to like their photographers too much and were freaking out cause their photographer wasn’t doing anything because of the rain. All she had were some inside shots and she knew they couldn’t have been anything special. She asked for advice. And my advice was as follows...

Part 1 - (The normal part) I kid you not, I had three different brides call me on this Saturday. I was only shooting one of their weddings. There was electricity in the air. The real electricity this time and monstrous storms were rolling through Minnesota. My bride called me asking what they should do with this downpour. I told her not to worry. We got this. We’ll get everything and more... and we did... with so much more!

Summer and Jeff just dabbing their way through wedding planning. Today was QUIET the adventure with a lot of twists and turns (literally) but I had a blast spending the afternoon with these two. 💕

Tonight I died and went to engagement shoot heaven. 🤤

Guess who’s back 👌🏻

I feel like I always have a hard time relaxing on my days off....that’s why I’m so thankful I have such amazing fun friends that take my mind off of work once in a while. Today was refreshing for my soul and spirit 💕☺️ More photos to follow 😊 Pic: @jj_beltran

These two 👌💗

Whew! Sometimes, a step back from social media is a must - as many of you know, it can be so exhausting! I took a little break to get caught up on galleries and organized my booking system, and have just been really taking this time to reflect on myself, my family, and my business. I’m just going to say it - MUCH NEEDED!
Buuuuuuut, there’s also some insanely exciting things happening, and I’m super stoked to announce. So stay on the lookout! 😉🤙🏼💕

We are celebrating survival 💙We went glamping with the kids on our annual trip to June Lake 🎣 We were humbled, but also filled with gratitude for our boys, for this beautiful earth 🌏that we get to explore, and to experience it all together ❤️
It is a lot of work being away from home and in the outdoors for 5 days with little ones. I know I will miss this time when they are older, right now I just am craving a full night sleep ✌🏼🙏🏼😴💙
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Happy Sunday friends! I am still dreaming of yesterday’s wedding surrounded by beautiful vineyards. And slightly obsessing over this tree swing from one of them...congratulations to you both! ❤️ #fabandcalen #youngberghill

Every time I turned around on Friday, someone was laughing, dancing, hugging, crying, or cheering. 💖Tacia & Gabe’s wedding day had the sweetest energy & was a pure joy to witness! And y’all... we had an 80% chance of rain, but instead of storms we had amazing cool breezes! In JUNE! Here are a few of my early favorites from their wedding at Old Waverly Golf Club. 💕 |florals @loretta67 | bride’s attire @davidsbridal | groom’s attire @menswearhouse | planner & coordinator @terrielynnbrown | venue event planner Lori Seal | videography @johnmarkmcg | bridal hair @kristinnicolestephens | bridal makeup @jesselogann & Lana Trull |

captions are hard, so i'm gonna leave this here and go back to watching the office 🙇🏽‍♀️

YEP. I’d say this was worth getting stung by a jelly fish. 🔥
Biggest YASSSS there is!
I love these too much. You’ll be seeing a heck of a lot of them on this feed, just FYI.

Learning to live for moments like these. 🖤

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