Not sure if it still runs or not, looks like it's resting.

Atelier de machine #nantes

Cunard Yanks

Fancy a ride?

I'm a real sucker for the age these lived in, living the American Dream post war 50s and 60s, industry must have been awesome during these years

Walked out of my office today and walked into this, it feels good

Standing on the corners...

Scouse Birds

Just hanging, chewing the cud, taking off a load

It could be a canvas, I suppose

These are what look like railway tracks put back in the ground for decoration?

Les Machines De L'iLe, Le grand elephant

Have been travelling around France for last couple of weeks and our last stay was in a classic apartment in the centre of Nantes, this is what we saw when we came through the front door

This reminded me of Topcat, when I was a kid I always thought that Topcat was a bit of a turd

Last one of shutter graffiti, I found all three together and loved them.

Stunning shutter graffiti in Nantes

Super shutter graffiti in Nantes

Saw the Spitfire and...


Sunset over Parenthese

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