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Ahhhh @vousmevoyez ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Stupidd!!! 😏😏😁😁😁
💪😒🔥🔥 ........ #Repost @myungsoo.krystal
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people are disgusting for sexualizing nct dream I'm 😤
- 🗣🗣🗣
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نمیدونم ازکجا و چجوری شروع کنم!
واقعا بعضیا دیگه دارن شورشو درمیارن. اگه از این کاپل بدتون میاد... درست نیست که هرچی فحش و کامنتای بد و... هست نثارشون کنین و با این کارا فقط شخصیت خوتونو زیر سوال میبرین، اگه هم که شیپشون میکنید که خب آفرین کار خوبی میکنین. نظر هر کی به خودش مربوطه اما خودتون رو یه لحظه بذارین جای اونا، اگه خودتون بودین ناراحت نمیشدین؟؟؟ قرارگذاشتن آیدل ها باهم، جز زندگی خصوصی خودشونه و به خودشون مربوطه و به کسی مربوط نیست که بخواد دخالت کنه. من خودم به شخصه یه سری کامنتا رو که خوندم واقعا ناراحت شدم. دیر یا زود همه ما بالاخره با خبر قرارگذاشتن بقیه اعضا اکسو روبرو میشیم، شاید برای طرفدارا ناراحت کننده باشه ولی واقعیتیه که 100% اتفاق خواهدافتاد و باید خودمونو برای اینجور مسائل آماده کنیم. قبل از همه چیز ما یه طرفداریم و یه طرفدار واقعی از آیدلاش حمایت میکنه.
این حرفارو هم واسه توهین کردن نزدم، پس اگه کامنت بد ببینم،
جدا "برخورد" میکنم👊
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M: Shouldn't you feel as if you're about to fly on a day like today?
K: You're right! I should feel so happy that I can fly.
/smirks + mouth bite/
Firstly, i deeply apologized for a 2-months hiatus 😣 I told myself I am going to be taking a short break but I didn't know it will be that long!!! :( Some of you have been worried about me and all, I sincerely apologise :' Honestly, i do not care much about my likes and everything^^ I just hope all my followers will have a great year💖 You're awesome! I have also been active being an admin at @heirs_fp :) -
My Lovely Girl | Episode 8
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Why do human always complicated everything? Why can't they be honest instead? If you fell out of love with someone just damn it to their face that you don't love them anymore instead of acting like an asshole, treat them badly until one can't take it anymore and ask for a break up from you. Ig you thought that telling them lies so that you won't hurt them, you're wrong. You already hurt them the moment your felling starts to fade. Just be honest and thing won't end up worsen than it already is.

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i want to marry this man so much uh

i want cereal & lollipops & * ********* & dogs. don’t forget the dogs.

i love my son but it’s moments like this that make me regret a lot of things

10/10 would marry 😳😳

the inner gay inside of me is bursting out again right now and i hope that wendy knows that i love and appreciate her with my whole damn heart ?? what did i do to deserve such an angel ?? she makes me feel all mushy and squishy when i’m sad, or angry, and insert every emotion here because she always makes me feel mushy and squishy ?? she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me tbvh and i couldn’t wish for more in a best friend :”) thank you for being my friend for a long time and i’m so grateful to have met you again after being separated from you.

i finally got lollipops so hurray me ((i’m not supposed to have lollipops whoops 😳😳))

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