"What I'm talking about here is essentially learning how to focus and prioritize your thoughts effectively - how to pick and choose what matters to you and what does not matter to you based on finely honed personal value."
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - Sebuah seni untuk bersikap Bodo Amat - by Mark Manson. 💕
The book was full of surprises, never thought that the title would be the same as the content. 😂 The book has been translated into my native language - Indonesian - very understandable. Overall i'm very amazed by the writer view about life.

Judul : Sebuah Seni Untuk Bersikap Bodo Amat
Penulis : Mark Manson
Genre : Nonfiction, self-improvement, inspiration
Harga : 73.700 .
Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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This is a very delayed post showing my Successfully completed #junetbr !
Didn’t think I would make it what with a sudden reading slum I went through but I did so...yay for me!!! Anyone else completed these books recently!? I would love to know reviews!!!! #bookaholic #homegoing #thesenseofanending #mottleddawn #yaagyasi #julianbarnes #saadathasanmanto #booknerd #bookworm #bookaddict #bookaholic #bookishgoals #booksareallineed #bookstagram #bookporn  #bookphotography #readersofig #hookedonbooks #readinggoals #bibliophile #babybibliophile #bookstagram #bookstagramindia  #junetbr #booklover

Currently reading Funny Boy by Shyam Selvadurai, I have 1 chapter to go. It reminded me about Eleven Ways to Love and I realised I never posted a review so here are my thoughts about this wonderful collection. .
Like any collection, this one also had bits I didn’t like, bits I enjoyed and bits I absolutely loved. I had a hard time giving it a rating because do I go by what I loved or do I go with an average?
I decided to go by what I loved and here’s what I loved:

1. The fact that it had a common theme and it didn’t try to stick to it in a tokenistic manner - because there were some stories ( A cross-section of Bad boyfriends and the aristoprats) that I absolutely didn’t relate to and almost questioned the factor of love in it(!). However, I believe that was the point of this collection of essays - that it brings to you different ways of love whether you can imagine it or not.
2. Love love loved the fact that it had very different narrative styles. The stories differed not only in the content but also the way they were told, the vulnerability exposed, the very texture differed. For instance, while I am blind so is Love was a voice that sounded to me very confident and felt like a window into Nidhi Goyal’s life. You only saw me what she portrayed to you. The one but not the only on the other hand was an essay that exposed so much vulnerability and allowed you to grasp it in any manner you wanted to. Do I feel scandalised? Do I feel astounded at M’s openness? And I loved both these essays very much equally.
3. The essays apart from talking about love and the ways to love and the lovers also bring to our attention a very crucial aspect of our millennial life - technology. It showed me how even the most conservative of us cannot be ridden if it’s impact in our personal lives. And in Nadika’s essay (my second favorite essay) we learn how it can bring to life so much love and freedom.
4. I don’t want to name the essays I liked and disliked because that would be a spoiler(?). However I will say this, if you are a lover and/ or if you believe in love, any love, then do read it and find your own favorites.

📚 Đơn sách tháng bảy:
• Lão Già Mê Đọc Truyện Tình.
• Mái Nhà Xưa.
• Pippi Tất Dài.
• Casablanca - Bộ Phim Huyền Thoại.
• Bức Thư Của Người Đàn Bà Không Quen.

Thế là tháng bảy này Muỗng mua 5 quyển của Tiki, lúc này xem lại mới biết tháng sáu tớ không mua quyển nào, ngoan ghê =))) Điều đáng buồn cười là trong đơn hàng lần này (vâng tiếp tục bị tách thành hai đơn) có 2 quyển được tái bản năm 2018 và 3 quyển thuộc kho sách cũ. Thì 3 quyển sách cũ rất êm đẹp, còn quyển "Lão Già Mê Đọc Truyện Tình" là sách mới in đúng dịp NN thiếu giấy nên sách trắng xóa, Tiki lựa ẩu nên bìa sách bị gập và bẩn một chút, quyển "Pippi Tất Dài" in hồi tháng một năm nay thì may sao giấy vẫn đẹp. Lần này Tiki tách đơn, đơn đầu là chàng shipper quen thuộc của tớ giao, đơn thứ hai là của Giao hàng nhanh, lúc tớ nhận hàng trời mưa to, nhìn chị giao hàng rút đơn của tớ ra mà thấy tim thấp thỏm. May sách không bị ngấm nước hay quăn mép do đè nặng, lần này tớ mua lúc tiki sale thêm 10% tổng đơn rồi được tặng kèm 3 cuốn vở nữa nên như vậy thôi cũng oke rồi, mà được cái shipper giao hàng đúng lúc mình ở nhà nữa chứ =))
Còn tình hình gần đây của Muỗng(nếu các cậu không biết thì tớ đã không log in IG gần một tháng =))) vẫn bê bết như ngày nào. Còn chục ngày nữa là hết tháng bảy mà tớ giờ còn đang cày #junetbr =))) Nên thôi dẹp #julytbr đi, lại còn bao quyển chưa chụp ảnh và quá lười để viết review nữa chứ hihi. Nhưng mà sau khi xong junetbr rồi thì tớ nên đọc quyển nào nhỉ? Đảo giấu vàng hay Người về từ sao hỏa?
Hôm qua tớ với bạn vượt mưa đi xem Mamma Mia 2, hơi buồn vì rạp QG sợ ít khách nên cho chiếu phòng nhỏ. Mamma Mia phần 2 chưa thực sự suất sắc và để lại nhiều dư âm nhưng mà tin tớ đi, ra rạp mua vé ngay và luôn! Phim có Lily James đóng Donna hồi trẻ, tớ mới xem hai phim của chị ấy đóng là Cinderella và Baby driver và luôn cảm thấy chị không hợp hai vai này lắm, lần này nàng đóng Donna thấy đúng là quá hợp vai luôn. ⤵

Do any of you have or watch #booktube ? Here is a little snippet of the video I made for my #junetbr . Link to my channel in my bio. Share your handles down below if you do so I can follow you !!!
#booktuber #booktubers #video #pride #bookstagram #bookblogger #books #bookworm #bookish #instabooks #youtube

Today's prompt was - Day 14 - Second Breakfast: #book and #snack
My two favourite things to snack on when I'm reading are #toffeepopcorn and #smarties - I'm not currently reading #ink just yet, but it is the last book in my #junetbr to read and I hope to start it on Monday. The gorgeous #ireland #bookmark was gifted to me by the ever so sweet @itmustbethenargles

#storybookjuly18 #bookstagram #bookstagramchallenge #photochallenge #photoaday #foiledbooks #bookcovers #igbooks #igreads #chocolate #popcorn #candy #sweets #whoateallthepies #itwasme #weallknowitwasme

My June reading wrap up. It was a very good month with the #botmreadathon and several other highly anticipated books that did not disappoint!
Then She Was Gone ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Our Kind of Cruelty ⭐️⭐️
The Leavers ⭐️ (DNF)
How To Walk Away ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Behind Closed Doors ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Eleanor Oliphant ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Love and Other Words ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4.5✨ Celestial and Roy are married for roughly a year and a half before Roy is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Told from alternate points of view, this is a gut-wrenching tale of what happens when circumstances outside of our control cause inevitable internal shifts and changes that impact the relationships we have. •
I had a hard time getting through this. I kept feeling like I was privy to a story too private to read. BUT then I hit the 200 page mark and couldn’t put it down. Incredible, raw, and real. Favorite line: “But mostly my life is good, only it’s a different type of good from what I figured on.” 💕👌🏻 read my full review on my blog!

“Bücher müssen schwer sein, weil die ganze Welt in ihnen steckt."
"Man kann einen Schriftsteller als dreierlei ansehen: als Geschichtenerzähler, als Lehrer oder als Magier... aber das Übergewicht hat der Magier, der Zauberer.“
"'Das Buch wird anfangen, deine Erinnerungen zu sammeln. Du wirst es später nur aufschlagen müssen und schon wirst du wieder dort sein, wo du zuerst drin gelesen hast. Schon mit den ersten Wörtern wird alles zurückkommen: die Bilder, die Gerüche, das Eis, das du beim Lesen gegessen hast... Glaub mir, Bücher sind wie Fliegenpapier. An nichts haften Erinnerungen so gut wie an bedruckten Seiten.' Vermutlich hatte er damit Recht. Doch Meggie nahm ihre Bücher noch aus einem anderen Grund auf jede Reise mit. Sie waren ihr Zuhause in der Fremde -"
// Tintenherz // Cornelia Funke //

Ayama’s brow still creased with worry, so her grandmother said, “Come now, Ayama. You know how the stories go. Interesting things only happen to pretty girls; you will be home by sunset.” —The Language of Thorns, Leigh Bardugo (Imprint, pg. 9)

——> These boys of mine love playing in our bed. And they love being featured on my Bookstagram. •

Number of Pages: 272
Series: Grishaverse
My Rating: 5 out of 5
Magic: Of a sort
Romance: Fairytales
Fantasy Universe: Of course
Recommend: So much!!!!

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📚June Recap📚
I finally got home and am reunited with my bookshelf!
Goodreads ratings are as follows:
✨Clockwork Angel: 4/5
✨13 Reasons Why: 5/5
✨Clockwork Prince: 5/5
This month was pretty okay with reading, I wish I read more but I kept falling into slumps.
What was your favorite book you read this month?
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Today’s photo challenge is: favorite candle. How could I chose just one!??!? This is the third day for @wickandfable photo challenge.

#QOTD: would you buy a mystery candle where you know nothing about it except the shop that made it?
#AOTD: I think I would 🤔 I would hate to get a candle to a fandom in I don’t own anything for or haven’t read/watched. It would be a fun and exciting.

❄️ I chose Frost & Starlight because it’s my favorite label.
🖤 I chose “I think my heart knew you were mine long before I ever realized it” candle because I adore that shade of pink.
❄️ Solistice Gift was chosen because it has my favorite scent which is lavender & honey.

Eeek I’m almost done with Life L1k3! Expect my review by Friday! And it will be finishing Siege & Storm. After that, who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️.

#junetbr tag 😏
🖤 Seige & Storm
❄️ Ruin & Rising

Reviews coming soon!:
❤️ Reckless Love by @jsamanbooks 🖤 Life L1k3 by @misterkristoff
❤️ Seige & Storm by @lbardugo

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"I don’t expect a normal life. I just expect a life with you”

Uhhhhhh, so let's talk about June reads. More the fact, let's talk about what I didnt read in June, because y'all, i read NOTHING. I didn't finish a single book this month. I am still working my way through Origin for my Lux reread, I ALMOST finished Cress but my audiobook rental was due before I could finish it., and I didnt even come CLOSE to touching the stack of books Tyler picked out for my TBR last month. So my focus for this month is to hopefully ignore Fanfics (as that is mostly what i read in June) and work on the TBR Tyler picked out for me and finish Origin and Cress. Both of which im within 100 or so pages of finishing!
Guys yesterday was such an awesome day for me! Not only did I celebrate my 1 year here on Bookstagram but I also didn't have to go into work until 5pm so I had all day to relax and just enjoy myself and the day! I managed to get quite a bit done as well! I ended up filling out my application for the apartment that my sister and I are moving into IN AUGUST OMG. I got some chores done and got to take a relaxing bath! Since I was able to relax and take a bath I decided to try out my new bath salts and body scrub from @bookishbalms and ohmygosh you guys. I’ve never felt more relaxed in my life? The Bibliophile bath salts smell so good and calming I seriously could not get enough of them! As always if you decided to pick some goodies up from @bookishbalms make sure to use my code BOOKSHELF10 to save some money. We love a good coupon code.

#qotd what's your favorite way to relax?
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JUNE TBR now up on my blog xx Go check it out and any follows would be hugely appreciated on any socials xx #junetbr #yareads #yabooks #yabooklover #bookstagram #bookblog

Hello everyone! Here’s my #openbook picture for a #julybookchallenge I saw but can’t remember. Ignore the smudges on my hand as I clearly had a bright day at school today. .
My usual white background has been painted a grey now and I had to march upstairs where they are still building to click this picture. And also, I needed to shift some of my #junetbr into the july section because I clearly took up more than I could read. #julyreads #julytbr #mysterybooks #bookstagrammer #whitetheme #minimal #bookstagramcommunity

Temmuz'un 3.gününden hepinize merhaba,
Bugün buraya #haziran2018 'te okumuş olduğum birbirinden güzel ve kıymetli 6 kitabı paylaşmaya geldim. Çünkü bendeniz studygram hesabı olmanın yanı sıra bookstagram hesabı da olmaya çalışan bir bloggerım 😬
Neyse lafı daha fazla uzatmadan bahsetmeye başlayayım.
1) Özdemir Asaf: Özdemir Asaf'ça isimli deneme kitabı. Bu eser 202 sayfadır. Sayfa sayısı az olmasına rağmen içi dolu dolu, bol alıntılanması gereken fikirlere sahip. Ben bu kitabı okurken Özdemir Asaf ile sohbet ediyormuş gibi hissettim ve bu durum çok hoşuma gitti. Bu kitaba dair bir uyarı yapmak istiyorum, Özdemir Asaf sembolik bir dili olan bir şairimizdir. Yani söyleceğini direk söylemek yerine türlü yollarla sembolleştirmelerle aktarır. Şiirinde kullandığı taktiği deneme kitabında da kullanmış. Yani daha önce hiç Asaf şiiri okumadıysanız ilk olarak Özdemir Asaf'ın şair kişiliği ile tanışın sonra deneme kitabını okuyun derim.
2)Adem Özköse: Cennete Otostop isimli röportaj kitabı. Kitabın içerisinde farklı vesilelerle İslamiyet ile tanışmış ve İslamiyeti kabul etmiş 19 farklı kişinin kendi Hidayet öykülerini Adem Özköse ile yaptıkları röportajlarda anlatmışlardır. Çok beğendiğim bir kitap oldu. Herkese tavsiyemdir.
3)Lauren Olivier: Deliryum isimli eseri distopik bir romandır. Aşkın tedavi edilmesi gereken bir hastalık olarak görüldüğü dünya profili vardır. Gerçektende özgün bir kurgusu var çok beğendim.
4)Karen Robards: Adalet isimli romantik-polisiye romanı. Kitabın beğenmediğim bir iki noktası var. Birincisi içerisindeki "aşk" İkincisi yazarın kitabın sonu ile ortası arasındaki kısmı sündürdükçe sündürmüş olması. Sonlarında gerilim vardı bir tık. Genel olarak fena değildi.
5)İmam Gazali: Dil belası isimli didaktik eser. İçerisinde insanoğlunun, en büyük, düşmanlıklara da dostluklara da aşklara da sebep olan dilinin 20 adet afetini içerir. Bu afetlere karşı nasıl tedbir almamız gerektiğinden de bahsetmiş. Yani insani ilişkileri, kişiliğimizi düzeltebilmek için okunması gereken bir eser olduğunu düşünüyorum.
6) Tess Gerritsen: Sona Kalan isimli ailevi ilişkiler yönü ağır basan bir Tess kitabıdır. Olaylar arasındaki bağlantılar iyi kurgulanmış, devamı⬇️

Donut picnic!!
I've always been someone who reads whatever they're in the mood for, with no concrete goal in mind for a tbr, but seeing as I've just gotten a giant parcel of books and I'm attaching them on top of MORE books, I figured I needed to get to it.
For June I'd like to finish up my current read, Sometimes I Lie, and finish up The Shadow and Bone trilogy (Siege & Storm finally came in today hooray!). I'd also like to (FINALLY) start Sky in the Deep if I am reading quickly thru the others & start on at least one of these arcs: Rule & Grim Lovelies so I can pass them along. I've also joined a ToG buddy read group & I'm in a schedule to get thru TAB and ToG this month 😅. Lofty goals for a normally mood reader.
Are you a mood reader or do you do better with a schedule and clear goals?
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"The heart is an arrow. It demands aim to land true." 🖤
Happy Monday to all of you wonderful bookworms! I really liked participating in #mapmonday last week, so I figured I would try it again. This is the map from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and wow, isn't it stunning? 😍 I actually haven't read this series yet, (I know, I know. I need to get on it) but all of the love for this series has me really excited to start it sometime this month (fingers crossed 🤞🏻). This picture was so fun to create because I got to use one of my favorite colors -- red. 😍 Red and dark green are my absolute favorite colors! Anyways, have you read Six of Crows? Also, since the subject of today's photo is a map, what country are all of you lovelies from?! I'm so curious because it seems like you guys are from all corners of the world! Let me know in the comments below! 🤗
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July TBR
I am participating in #bookstagramreadsjuly photo challenge.
Day 2 is July TBR
Last month, I made a exact TBR list that I plan to read for the month of June😄 It was the first time I had ever done that. Normally, I read what I feel like reading. Sometimes I want to binge read a series. Although I did accomplish my June TBR, and added an additional book, I did not enjoy following a specific planned out TBR 😬.
For example, I read Daughter of the Pirate King 📖 by Tricia Levenseller and I absolutely loved it 😍 and was dying to read the next book right away. However, I held off because of my June TBR. So this month I decided to choose a few books that I plan to read and if there’s any other books I want to read this month I will just read them instead of sticking to a strict TBR plan 😁.
🧐 I would love to hear what you have on your TBR are this month, please share with us one book you plan to read this month. 😄
I have a lot of tags to do!
I was tagged by @ve_xo to do #top5disneymovies book tag. This is in no particular order and not including Pixar:
🐚 Moana
🧜🏻‍♀️ The Little Mermaid
🎣 A Goofy Movie
I tag @wonderland.looking.glass @sarbearwest @book_and_pic If I didn’t tag you, feel free to join in 😄
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A House of My Own: Stories from My Life by Sandra Cisneros ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
Cisneros has traveled around the world, wrote award winning books, met with an array of writers and people she looks up to but always struggled to find a place she could call home. This autobiography shares true stories and pieces written by Cisneros throughout her life as a writer en route to find a home she could call her own. .
Sandra Cisneros’ writing has never disappointed me. For one, Cisneros is always inclusive with her writing. Not only do her descriptions give you enough information to make you feel knowledgeable about the places/things she mentions, but she always translates her Spanish writing, giving non-Spanish speakers a sense of inclusivity in the sense that they know what’s going on while having them learn about the Latino culture. Of course everyone should read this, but I would specifically suggest anyone in their 20s to pick this up. As told by Cisneros, she struggled to find a home/sense of belonging and many times lived day-by-day. But readers can see how she did not regret the life she lived, she took risks, she travelled/lived alone, she even broke the Latino tradition of leaving her family home not being a married woman but in the end/present, she has become a successful writer and a role model to anyone who reads her work and hopefully that is conveyed to her readers, to not be afraid to go out and find yourself and your sense of “home”. Thank you @abuelita_ace for suggesting I read this book ASAP!
#book #bookish #bookstagram #bookshelf #bookworm #booksofinstagram #booknerd #booklove #bookaholic #booklover #bookfeaturepage #bookblogger #bookaddict #sandracisneros #ahomeofmyown #autobiography #read #reader #reading #bookstagrammer #junetbr #toberead

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