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Get prepared! I'd love for you to join me so we can support each other and stay on track! Day 1 has started and this week is how to kick Sugar Cravings! It starts with being prepared!
#loveu2fitchallenge #julychallenge2017

Because LOVE ❤️ is an action word and when the people around you want to see you WIN it shines through their actions. I've committed to 3 miles a day no excuses. I missed yesterday's 3 Miles due to my overnight drive from Orlando so what did my accountability partners do? Got into action and did the 6 Miles with me. Was it easy NOPE is it worth it ABSOLUTELY! #LoveIsAnActionWord❤️ #PoweredByGodFueledByHerbalife🙌 #ProlessaDuo30Day🍃💚 #JulyChallenge2017 #YouDontHaveToLoveTheProcessYouJustHaveToCraveTheResults🍃💚👙

In less than a week I'll be back at the beach laying out and getting ready for July's Hustle for the Muscle challenge group to start!!! I still have a few spots left if you're interested in getting fit and feeling great!! Forget bikini season... lets push to look good all year round and give up the yo-yo dieting!! If you're ready to make a lifestyle change to become a healthier version of you then I'm here to help!
Message me or comment below and I'll get you all the details!

I can honestly say, before Thrive, this would NOT have happened! Another FULL day. This time at the lake ☀️-- so hiking, swimming🏊🏼, etc--go go go ALL DAY! I came home and thought, "I'm just going to chill!" BUT thanks to Thrive, I had the energy to finish getting my workouts in. 💪🏼I made myself a promise to not skip workouts, I'm just thankful I have a product to help me keep up with these promises to myself! 😂
💥Exercise today💥
✅ 2 Push-ups
✅ 30 minute walk (hour hike really)
✅ 30 Days of Yoga, Day 3
✅ 1 Set of 20 Overhead thrusters with leg lifts & extensions. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻DONE!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
#FitLifeRockstar #JeannettesHealthJourney #ThriveExperience #JulyChallenge2017

"Every single person is born with unique and valuable gifts to share with the world. Once we figure out what ours are and decide to live our lives putting them to use, that's when & only when the real party begins." ✨ -

If you would've told me 5 years ago that my unique gift would be to help people take steps towards living a healthier lifestyle, instead of wrestling animals on exam room floors.... I would've thought you were crazy. I've spent my entire life as an athlete being challenged by an ungodly amount of coaches, but now the tables have turned. -

I am challenging the FIRST 10 people to #JoinTheRush for the month of July!! The first 10 people who are done letting their excuses get the best of them & are ready for 4 weeks of strength & conditioning workouts, basic nutritional guidelines, and a chance to win $50 to @bodybuildingcom , this ones for you! 💪🏽 -

Are YOU up for the challenge?

Sometimes in life, you don't need to look back. All you have to do is go on, move forward and make new trails. #livingthedream #newchallenge #newjobnewlife #newenvironment #julychallenge2017
📷 @jamesxbondx

July Challenge Group Starts Monday 7/3!!! This is YOUR chance to prove to yourself that you CAN improve your health & become stronger!! Believe in yourself & join me next month!! Message me or drop a comment below & I will send you the details about how to join in! *must not already be working with a Beachbody coach*
#julychallenge2017 #getfitinJuly
#strongereverymonth #healthieryou #challengegroups #lifeonfirefitness


At last I have finished this beautiful piece. Took me while to complete it. These lungi pants are part of #projecthandstitch #monochrome #julychallenge2017
There were few finish challenges which I have over come and feeling good about it.

Today was wearing for whole day to see the comfort in it. They are great companion. Have to alter the garment and attached border at the bottom of the pants due to sort length of lungi.

I have attached that border with two side blanket stitch, also posted a video you can try as well. Good for attachment of two fabrics.

I have paired it with one of my hand stitch back pleated mud resist top.

#projecthandstitch #julychallenge #monochrome #lungi #lungipants #pondicherry #cotton #handsewn #handstiched #handcrafted #sustainable #slowfashion

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