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there is a beauty that is powerful within you. she will never be held back. free her. She is you 💙
I just finished this art piece.
Feels so good to be painting again even if it's just for a quick little bit. Go for a swim in your creativity. Find out what it wants to tell you. #secretlyamermaid #juliahoferart #myart #letyourcreativityflow #intuition #intuitiveartist #trustthemess #inspiration #powerfulwithinyou #trustyourintuition #todayspainting #lifebook2017 #jwvisuals #enfp #artistsofinstagram #artprojects #artistlife #paintingoftheday #paintwithyourfeelings #beafearlessartist #embraceyourartistself #artistphotographer

My secret sauce: Give yourself permission to obsess and create. Sometimes this photographer also makes art. (#juliahoferart) It's where I find my creative and professional boost. I find when I'm stuck in endless photo editing or when I'm trying to do something in my photography business that I find challenging or even daunting because I haven't done it before... if I just give myself time to obsess/veg out by indulging in the non stop pleasure of making making making art... it floats me over the hurdle in front of me.
Almost effortlessly.
And it's just purely pleasurable.
It's like going in through the back door.
It's a total power-up.
Own your inner artist.

Hi guys. So this is actually me in my photo booth at a wedding last month. It was a huge victory moment because I've launched my photography business full throttle and here I am towards the end of a 10 hour working day at a gorgeous wedding and seriously I am so so happy in this photo. A little random stuff about me: I love wearing cowboy hats and usually only get to wear them when I'm camping. I have 3 young sons and it's so much energy and so much fun. I've recently been described as a walking sparkler which is an honor ⭐️ and i am also a painter in my spare time and love to paint whimsical colorful girl portraits (I've posted a few at #juliahoferart )
So that's a little sneak peek into me the photographer behind the photos. Hi 👊#mamasaidknockyouout

It's like a beautiful Tinkerbell & Cinderella moment. Epic Sparkler Shot at the end of a dreamy outdoor wedding.

Isn't this just the sweetest wedding rings shot? A teeny bird house version of Romeo and Juliet. Even when I was taking this picture I couldn't get over the cuteness!

I love this gorgeous portrait of this beautiful woman, and can you believe it was just one I quickly posed and captured at my photobooth? Right in the middle of a party just after they had taken a bunch of fun group shots. This shot from a photobooth! Can you just imagine a full Vanity Fair Portrait Session in my studio?
Let's play with your natural beauty because I would love to photograph you.
Can you now picture yourself in a Vanity Fair Style Glamour Session?
And a gorgeous couple session?
How much would you love that?
How do you want to be photographed?

What a precious tender moment. This is only about 20 minutes after #heproposed and #shesaidyes. This is when she started to tear up. Such a beautiful moment that captures this beautiful hearted wonderful woman. So happy for them.

Hi! This is me. I am both Julie & Julia to the people I know. I'm a Photographer living in California. I thrive on new things all the time like on the matrix when they download into the brain all the info. That's me. Especially when I'm passionate about something. (Like I'm doing right now with all of #suebryce video classes)
I have been really discovering tuning into intuition and honoring that precious voice of inner truth. The hard part is when it tells you what your fear doesn't want to hear. I love authenticity and all the things seem to point me towards getting back to my real self.
I am described as unique, creative, imaginative and inspiring. I love fun and adventure. I'm an #ENFP.
Ive always been passionate about photography. I love how it allows me to capture the emotion and beauty I see in people and in things around me. I love photos that feel. Photos that move me. Photos that feel like poetry.
I'm an artist and take painting classes and I LOVE IT! (here's some: #juliahoferart)
I have an awesome supportive husband who is my hero, and 3 young boys i love so dearly. I do home education with my kids and they teach me all the ways I need to grow and improve.
More and more lately I have really been daydreaming about all 5 of us someday living in a truck camper and traveling around to all the beaches of Central and South America. That would be the ultimate.
I look forward to getting to hear from you more, so drop a quick comment or introduce yourself. It would make my day! 😘 you can check out some of my work at: juliahoferphotographer.smugmug.com
This photo is one of my all time faves of my husband and me on our wedding day. Photocred: @glenninskeepphotography

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