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Creamy Mint Alfredo! 🌱🤩💫 FullyRaw Vegan Dish for the Holidays! This will leave you feeling freshhhhh! Recipe here... 🥑👌🏽 If you love zoodles, be sure to LIKE this and tag friends below! 😋

I am exited to share with you my new @theveggiebullet that makes veggie noodles in the blink of an eye! You’ll see me use it in the video, and I’m excited to share more upcoming creations using this fun new invention. I hope you love this recipe and make it with your loved ones! Watch more by clicking in the link in my bio. 😘🎥✨

🌱 4-5 Zucchini’s for the Pasta
🌱 Half Cup Pine Nuts (More if Needed)
🌱 1/4 to Half Cup Hemp Seeds
🌱 Handful Fresh Mint Leaves
🌱 Juice of 2 Lemons, Squeezed
🌱 1 Tsp. Spirulina
🌱 2-3 Green Onions or Chives
🌱 Himalayan Salt to Taste
🌱 Optional: Any Extra Fresh Herbs!

Post workout smoothie bowl and green juice!👌A match made in recovery heaven. Green Juice: Cucumber, celery, parsley, cilantro, apple, ginger and lemon. Smoothie Bowl: Frozen banana & blueberries, dates, vanilla almond milk, hemp seeds, turmeric black pepper, @vivolife blueberry Açai protein powder and Vivo’s Maca powder too. (Don’t forget to use DEREK10 at checkout for 10% off of you want to try). Topping: Granola, shredded coconut, hemp seeds. 🍓

Cucumber juice can help stop a fresh viral infection🌟

Learn more about the healing powers of cucumber juice in my new book Thyroid Healing, link in profile👆🏻

Adulting hard & EARLY this morning. 😂 Car Wash, Groomers, Groceries, Starbucks... I need to slow down. 😜


6:30am Breakfast 1: Overnight oats made with coconut butter, almond milk, oats, vital proteins and berries.

9:30am Breakfast 2: Two eggs on avocado toast.

12:00pm Snack 1 (Post Workout): vanilla chai protein shake + three energy bites.

2:30pm Lunch: Ground turkey, brown rice, and veggies.

5:00pm Snack 2: Smoothie bowl topped with chia seeds, coconut flakes, berries, kiwi, and granola!

7:30pm Dinner: Shredded Buffalo Chicken on a sweet potato with cucumber jalapeño salad.

⭐️Calorie estimate 1600-1800⭐️

The most important thing is that you are nourishing your body throughout the day and that your portions are under control. And if your food works for you, stay with it! No sense in switching something that already works.
By @taralaferrara
Follow us @nutritionalcoach for more 💪

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This is as authentic as it gets. I don't know how long between, I don't know how much I weigh, I just noticed I was wearing the exact same thing so snapped a pic. I didn't care about angles or lighting or filters on the right. Why? I'm happier and healthier on the and that's all the matters to me now. That's everything!

It has taken intense dedication to self care for both my mental and physical health. It's taken acceptance of a new normal. Sometimes that's the hardest part. If it was reverse with the left pic was of me feeling healthier I'd own that too. It's not about my size. I am beautiful because I'm me. It's about my health (mental and physical), being pain free, and being here as long as possible for my family.
If you're putting off taking care of you, please stop. You deserve just as much love and care as your friends and family. You have to make that happen though. Yes, you. No one can do it for you how you can. If it was your child as an adult, what would you want for them? Now, go do that for you. Be who you needed as a child now that you have that power as an adult. 💗 Love, Mama J #loveismyfilter #selfcare #mentalhealth #selflovegeneration

Available ONLY this Wednesday November 22nd we will be featuring a special menu in addition to your Veggie Castle Favorites! Grab food for 1 or for 100. Orders for 15 or more people must be placed in advanced by Tuesday November 21st. ( 718-641-8342 )Catering is also available for your regular favorites as well. Let us do the cooking while you do the eating!! WE WILL BE CLOSED ON THURSDAY NOVEMBER 23rd. #VeggieCastle #Vegetarian #Vegan #VegansOfIG #Healthy #Health #Natural #Juicing #JuiceBar #VeganFoodShare #VeganCaribbeanFood #ForksOverKnives #VeganLife #VegansOfIG #Nutrition #Ital #InstaVegan #NewYorkVegans #VeganNYC #WhatVegansEat #FoodPorn #VeganFoodPorn #VeganRestaurant #Caribbean

➡️When a person begins to dehydrate more things happen in the body than just being thirsty. The more liquid in the body that is lost, the thicker the blood becomes and the harder the heart muscle must work to pump the blood through the circulatory system. Drinking water helps ensure a normal blood consistency- reducing the risk of clot formation. ➡️Most liquids such as coffee, tea, soda, alcohol, Gatorade, and sugary fruit drinks do not hydrate the body like pure water can. Some people are walking around actually dehydrated and they don’t know it because they don’t feel thirsty bc thirst is a late sign of dehydration
☑️fatigue;When the body begins to dehydrate it means the tissues and cells are not getting enough water to make a person feel like doing anything; enzymatic activity slows down and without water the enzymes are unable to produce energy either
☑️If a person is not drinking enough water they do not have enough liquid to help with the elimination process and without eliminating the foods we digest we gain weight, gain toxins, have dull skin, and feel awful.  Being constipated is the beginning to many health problems from allergies to toxic overload syndrome to digestive disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome, gas bloating, stomach pain, nausea ➡️Human beings are comprised of 72% water, so make sure to stay hydrated. Here’s a more precise breakdown of the water in your body:
Your muscles are 75% water
Your blood is 82% water
Your lungs are 90% water
Your brain is 76% water
Your bones are 25% water
✅Always talk to your healthcare provider with water intake as certain conditions of the heart kidney lungs and liver cannot tolerate normal levels of water intake

Overwhelmed with #GRATITUDE 🙏❤️✨ Thank You UNIVERSE for the endless OPPORTUNITIES and FLOW of ABUNDANCE 🙌 I have been so BLESSED to cross paths with people who believe in me and SUPPORT my mission to promote WELLNESS even when it’s not the “COOL” thing to do. I want to THANK everyone who came to support our @WilliamsSonoma Wellness Cooking Tour , it is because of YOU all that I SHOW up and dedicate my LIFE to do what I do. I have had the opportunity to meet so many of you kindred spirits, my HEART is filled with JOY ☺️ Thank You I so appreciate every one of you, 2018 Tour Dates Coming Soon 🙏❤️💪🏻💯🙌


Doctors discover that the average person has 8 undigested meals and waste matter in their digestive tract right NOW! Yikes - yikes - yikes! •

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Leaving only footprints 👣🌅 #granthessephotography #pressnco #juicing

✨✨✨HOW I HYRDATE IN A DAY✨✨✨ (after my lemon water, aloe water and celery juice of course) 😊😊😊~ structured, alive water brimming with healing phytochemicals, antioxidants and life ~~~ From left to right ♥️✨💚 ~ mixed juice full of: watermelon rind, cucumber, parsley, coriander, apple, carrot, beetroot, garlic, turmeric and ginger 🌺 next up is: ginger, rosehip and lemon balm sun-infused water 💦 and then Mr greeny over here is: watermelon rind + kale 🌿CHRONIC DEHYDRATION affects us all ~ one of my favourite radio shows by Anthony @medicalmedium ever is the Chronic Dehydration episode~ it relates to us ALL, even those without chronic illness. We can always up our game of health, to assist our bodies in healing, and functioning at our best. Find the radio show (and many other incredible shows) at: www.soundcloud.com/medicalmedium

🌱 spinach, mango, banana and flaxseed green smoothie 🌿 recipe on my YouTube channel x (.com/siennakeera)

Get in those fruit and veg 🍎🥒🍋 to brighten a gloomy day. #juicing #fruits #veggies #gloomymonday #grumpymonday #yycliving #plantbased #pcorganics

*GIVEAWAY* 🌱 Win this entire beautiful Raw Vegan Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake! (This is our reminder to everyone we will custom make your own this holiday season!) 😎 To enter, please TAG a friend + COMMENT (your favorite Thanksgiving dessert) 🌱 Winner announced this Wednesday morning! 👍 the artist behind this amazing deliciousness: @ajr4187 🌱 Message us with inquiries for your own vegan cheesecakes for this holiday season! 🌱

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Day one of @solcleanse 👌🏼🌿 I love having a reset during the year and what better time than before the festive season 😉💃🏻. I find I feel better, brighter and less "foggy" after a juice cleanse so I just love the feeling. It's also wonderful to give my digestive system a break✨. We are really impressed with @solcleanse so far - the packaging and taste but also their commitment to minimal waste; including a metal straw and tea strainer. Not to mention I'll be reusing all the jars in my pantry of course 😉😊 Let me know if you juice cleanse and how your personal experience has been? ❤️🌿✌🏼#vegan #veganfood #juice #juicing #cleanse #detox #detoxjuice #curlyhairdontcare #goldcoastvegan #plantbased #plantbasedfamily #plantbasedfood #plantbasedpower #plantbaseddiet #plantbasedliving #veganliving #veganforhealth

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