I started my natural hair journey in 2010 to give up chemically treating my hair because I knew it was unhealthy, my hair always shedded, was super thin, and I had a few bald patches. My hair would reach shoulder length then shed and break. Finally, I decided in 2013 to stop using heat on my hair. That's where these pics start.
I came to the conclusion that I had what is termed in the natural community 4c texture, a thin grade of curly hair. I started my journey experimenting with various natural hair care products.
Then, about 2 - 3 years ago, I just decided to stick with washing my hair with clay, condition with a deep conditioner, oil my hair and scalp with olive oil and blackseed oil, and moisturize my scalp with every 2 - 3 days with aloe vera and water.
This has grown my hair, but what I have discovered is that by doing juice fasting, and being a high raw fruitarian, although I'm not completely raw, and taking Dr. Robert Morse's herbs my hair texture is changing. It's getting super thick as well as long.
Both my parents had thin hair. So, that now indicates that there definitely are genetic weaknesses in my background. My body has been full of acidity causing issues with my pituarity glands. So, it takes extra hard work to clean up this acidic system I've been living in. I'm proud to be on the journey learning and mastering daily.

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If you’re ever juice feasting with a masticating small chute juicer, one of these is a must have. I can cut up 3 lbs of apples in 30 seconds, the perfect size for my omega 8006. Spending 20-30 minutes cutting up produce everyday just isn’t something easy to maintain over a long run. #juicefeast #solidfoodvacation #applejuice #masticatingjuicer #raw #rawjuice #fruitjuice #veggiejuice #health #happiness #love #success #prosperity #money #organic #plantbased #speed #omega8006 #columbiasc #frugivore #life #eternal #foreveryouthful #rich #myfatherisrich #orangejuice #cherryjuice #pineapplejuice #colon #watermelonjuice

•Juice Cleanse Day 23/30•
Juicing is seriously soo much fun!! Just a month ago I would’ve never thought I’d ever be saying this haha!
After coming home from my travels in the tropics I fell back into old eating habits like overeating and emotional eating. I ate all the things that I knew wouldn’t make me feel good, but that somehow stimulated the emotions I was feeling. I couldn’t get myself into raw food again, if simply felt impossible.
For me starting this juice challenge was an incredibly scary decision because I knew I’d have to overcome some serious cravings and face my inner world just the way it presents itself to me. - And that’s what happened, it wasn’t all easy and great. But after about 2 weeks I was done with the hardest part. I reached a point where I am able to sit with my feelings instead of numbing myself, where I can find immediate joy and satisfaction in other things than food. I began to sing, dance and write more. I started to meditate for 10 minutes every morning. And most importantly I stopped thinking about food all the time. Instead I’m really enjoying this German summer.☀️🌸🍒

After a class that challenged in different ways today, I fed my cells an extra green juice, including baby spinach, Chinese cabbage, lime, lemon, orange, apple, carrots and ginger. Happy Friyay!!!
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Grape juice coming up!


Excited to see the improvements in health already after just a few days on our #juicefeast and a couple weeks on #CBD oil...in both myself and my hubby

Stay tuned for our results... Get started on your own healing:

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😍 Look how beautiful these colorful juices are.
They taste amazing too!

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Day 4 of 45 Solid Food Vacation! Veggie Juice! Tomatoes, Parsley & Hot Pepper from the Garden! Have a craving for salty things? This juice will satiate you!

📸 @nourishandgrow_
"This juice was full of vitamins 💚 Had a feeling this morning that my body needed that right now!
Some celery, kale, spinach, lemon, cucumber & coconut water 🥥🌴

After my 10 day juice fast, I read The Bone Broth Diet by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci. What she discusses in the book really resonated with me in terms of my personal reasons for fasting and what I believe to be health reasons. She discusses bone broth and choosing 2 non consecutive days of bone broth fasting or "mini fasts". I'm not strictly bone broth or juice, but I do see the merit of mini fasts. Evolutionary wise, we were never designed to eat 3-6 meals daily. I'm completely comfortable with giving my digestive system a rest once or 2x a week. So today I juice fast. Tomorrow I don't. I like the idea of mini fasting Mondays and Thursdays. I haven't been great with sticking to the two days a week but I think I'll get there. Or maybe I won't and one day is enough. 💚

Pictured is chia seed lemon water inspired by the beautiful @earthmamamedicine, the green juice is pure celery juice for maximum digestive health, and around 3 ginger shots. Not pictured is the tea I drink (I'm tea obsessed ever since I did my 10 day juice fast), and the turmeric tea latte I treat myself to nightly (also a result of my juice fast). Simplicity. 💚💚💚💚💛💛💛 #abundancechallenge #highraw #juicefeast #foodie #picoftheday #juice #garden #summer #bounty #amazing #healthy #wellnesswarrior #bonebrothdiet

Day 2 juice cleanse and today my first week of the juice programmes alkaline cleanse arrived I love these juices they taste lovely and fresh and their prices are the best I have found for the juice they offer 😁 today has been another easy day no real hunger yet a few little cravings for nothing healthy of course but so far so good
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Let's do this! The last one was amazing. This one is even more amazing because I have experience and I can improve it and do it better.
It's all fruit juices during the day - watermelon, honeydew, grape, and vegetable juices at night - green juice, carrot, and apple. Also two table spoons of flax or hemp oil at night to produce all the hormones for a deep relaxing sleep.
Overall 1.5 to 2 gallons of juice for a big guy like me, 6'1, 190lbs. I intent to be active, cycling, calisthenics, but keep it comfortable. If I need a boost in calories, I just soak a pound or two of dates with berries, and blend and strain. This makes a high calorie juice that will compensate for the workout.
I also added a few dates to this watermelon juice, blended and strained in a finely meshed bag.
For those who are new to juicing or new to health should start with green juices for the first week.

Day 25/60... Can't believe I've made it this long w. out stuffing my face w. fries, chips and bread. 🙃 So.... I read somewhere that during this fast I shouldn't eat the foods I'm craving && I'm really craving stewed beans and avocado... 🤔 #Vegan #VeganGirl #JuiceCleanse #JuiceFasting #JuiceFeast #JuiceFast #NYCVegan #JumpStartYourHealth

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