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~officially~ a personal trainer 🏋🏽‍♀️💕 •

a lot of people ask me how i stay motivated everyday, and the answer is I don't. sometimes the hardest part is just getting in the car and going. some days it's hard to make it to the gym but when you get into the mindset of when do i GET to go to the gym instead of ugh i HAVE to go to the gym your perspective does a 180. mindset is SUCH an important part of any activity you're involved in, especially when it's getting to the gym and pushing through a hard workout without giving up. after a while good habits become just that, it's a habit to get to the gym everyday and celebrate with how great you feel after it! 💕

if you needed something to make you get to the gym today, this is it!! •

Anyway, hit me up if you need some extra motivation or training , ya girl can help you out!! DM me with any questions !! 💕

Menciona a gente si te gustan las transiciones 💖

Ya estoy de vuelta 😍
Mi iPhone ya está arreglado y voy a dar mucha caña por aquí 😈 (pasaros por Musical.ly que he subido muchos nuevos!) #musicallyapp #musicallytvspain #musically

📎 Etiqueta 3 amigos para más!
💞 Me gusta en esta publicación
🌍 #musicallytvspain #musicallyapp
🎵 Fancy - Iggy Azalea
👤 @unrafatorres

Am I fake? Can I photoshop my video? Like really really?! One : I don't have that kind of money to injecting my ass plus if I did have that money I rather get myself a boob job first!! 😂😂😂 Two : it's call hard work, you must know me so well to talk a shit load of crap on my page 😂 so I bet you do know I came along way and I put in work!! Three : instead of sitting on your small saggy asses talking out your stink mouth with your words why don't you come and meet me and grab it yourself.
Shoot I be happy to sit on your face! At least that will make you stop talking 😂😂😂 #hatersgonnahate #loveyourself #natrual #tattoos #hawaii #perfectlyimperfect #judgeme #idontcare #skintight #lovingeverypart #kaiks #beautiful #whytalk #imballzy #ohwell #haditalready #lovetomyhaters #smalltits

We both nerded the fuck out today. Took the day off for my inner child #nerd #funko #funkopop #judgeme


Tough session today!
My 1 proper #hiit session in the week finished with some #abs
Love beating myself!
Me v Me - the best + worst competition!
#nevergiveup #consistency #progress #judgeme #dontcare #doingitformyself

I was going to caption this with some quote about red lipstick, but I just decided to tell you all that I was thinking about pizza when I took this.

#yep #judgeme #redlips #redhair #greeneyes #crookedsmile #redlipstick #makeup #nosering #nosepiercing #nosestud #ginger #redhead

Excited to start this book a friend let me borrow once I'm done doing 10 tons of homework 😅 Im also loving this Beauty and the Beast bookmark I got in the mail for being a Disney movie club member 😍😝🙈 #asylum #madeleineroux #disneymovieclub #judgeme

Women they will come and they will go #judgeme fucking "muslims" who think my love is invalid because it's to a woman or my patriotism is nullified by wearing short skirts or my Fucking afghan-ness, my ghaznichi blood mixed with my beautiful blessed shegnani/ badakhshani blood and AND MOUTH coupled with my time in Kabul can be SILENCED BY PEOPLE WHO THINK AFGHAN IS SYNONYMOUS WITH ISLAM CAN GET THE FUCK OFF MY PAGE AMD STOP CALLING OR MESSAGING MY FRIENDS AINT NOBODY WANT YOUR PAKISTANI WAHAABISM HERE

Idk I got a new hat 💁🏼👸🏼 #runningoutofexcusesforselfies #stillrockingtheiphone5 #judgeme

But in all seriousness, tonight was the first lift in a longgggg time that has felt purposeful (which is super weird bc I trained chest and I haaate training chest). I'm hoping this is the start of me being back the straight fire because I miss feeling 100%...hell, I miss feeling 80% 🤷🏼‍♀️😅 Day by day I'll get there! My effort will continue to stay at 💯 until I reach my place on "comfort" again (comfort as in happiness, drive, feeling of fulfillment and passion, etc) The days, weeks, months that you feel like you aren't getting anywhere are more than likely the ones where you are growing the most..sooo I'll continue to put in the effort and stay patient/consistent, trusting the process because I KNOW my break through is coming! #thestrongershegotthestrongershegot

Jamming some Ashley and rachelle #supportingyoutubers #spotify #itscatchy #judgeme

#scoregods been doin their job its #wockszn #freshies #judgeme

We both nerded the fuck out today. Took the day off for my inner child #nerd #funko #funkopop #judgeme

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