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Here we have a JTAC, Contemplating the meaning of Life.. in reality he's asking himself "I wonder if the curtains Match the drapes" #JTAC #Ranger #Curtains #Drapes #DoTheyMatch #GonnaFindOut (Please forgive me I forgot this guys IG Handle, if you know who it is please tag him so I can properly credit him for this picture) EDIT (PC @dango_dangx275 Stay Classy my friend)

Air Force TACP graduation. May 01, 2012 to 5 years, 50lbs and a size too small beret later.

Wanna wish good luck to this guy as he moves on towards Air Force Special Operations 🤘🤘 #godsquad #jtac #dirtymoney

Airborne! Even though I'm still a 5 Jump Chump they are a great group of guys to work with. #tacp #jtac #tacpness

Airborne! Jumping from a CH-47 on the North Shore today. #airborne #hawaii #TACP #JTAC #USAF

JTAC och eldledare förbereder för insats med flyg och indirekt eld. #eldledare #cas #jtac #försvarsmakten

Custom JTAC Cerakote on an Aero set by @triplejarmory
Check out this awesome @aero_precision set finished yesterday for our customer!

This one is headed to #Texas to slay some hogs!

So many great companies featured here! Thanks for making some slick products!

All wrapped up in our signature #JTAC #cerakote pattern. More of this to come!

Made in Colorado!


United States Marine Corps Recon target practice.

Let's start out with Army Infantry. In order to qualify for Army Infantry you have to earn a 31 on the ASVAB. You can do this job on active duty, national guard, and reserves. There are also officer positions for those who have degrees. In this job you will be a member of a firing team in drills and combat, you will deploy and fight the enemy of the United States, you will aid in mobilizing troops, weapons, and vehicles, you will assist in reconnaissance missions, you will process POW's and captured documents, and you will maintain weaponry. Keep in mind you will need to maintain combat efficiency. Basic training is 14 weeks including AIT. This is a very rewarding career with opportunities (if you meet requirements) to go Rangers, Special Forces, and possibly Delta. For more information check out GoArmy.com

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