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@tvision said it best, I'm so grateful to be apart of #blackdeathcrew and its now become a way of life. It all started because of @derrtyrob and his #jsbmayphotochallenge where he posted his favorite feeds and it happened to be @blizzard_force, @darth_hate and @jasterstrikesback (;-)) and so i followed them all and its all history. I've got so much support and made REAL friends here. The stated above @xsithcraft, @ogbossk, @tvision and many others... these are people that I talk to on the regular and consider real friends. I hope we continue to get more awesome people for our family. Its really be awesome. #blackdeathcrew

I am sorry for being late for day 31 favorite ig starwars of #jsbmayphotochallenge but I love all of you , bad ass gringos. Crazy Canadians , awesome Aussies , lovely British , and Asian folk , you guys are all my favorite , I really would like to thank sir @ze_jaster for putting this together , and uniting all of us Star Wars familia ! May the force be with you ... Always .

#jsbmayphotochallenge day 31 favourite star wars IG feed - @republic_trooper for the awesome artworks

MAY STAR WARS PHOTO-A-DAY CHALLENGE (DAY 30): WALL DECORATION- These are hanging on my wall. Does that count? Lol

#jsbmayphotochallenge Day 31: Favourite Star Wars Feed. This lot are among the many great people and fellow Star wars fans I've "met" thanks to this photo app we all love.

Hurray for blurred photos. xD #jsbmayphotochallenge Wall decoration. I've got quite a few things hanging up in my room, but I really love these OT posters by @funk_master_stuck. They're so... Basic, I guess the word I'm looking for is, but they're extremely awesome.

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