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A lot of you know me for my fashion sense, and that's cool, however THIS is what I've been called to do. Fashion is my career yes but MINISTRY is my LIFE! God had been dealing with me heavily about making my ministry a priority. Sunday night I surrendered my fear of "What if it don't work?", "What if people won't receive me?" So with that release i've never been more excited/ and anticipating to see where God is going to take JRSLIVE just as he did @TouchedBySuave which y'all should be following 😬🙌🏾✝#JRSLIVE

Live right now #JRSLIVE www.beexposedradio.com

#jrslive is live right now www.beexposedradio.com

#JRSLIVE returns Monday at 7pm. Www.beexposedradio.com

#sunset #jrslive # iphonesia

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