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Love is all that matters
#bonding #amazing #exciting
#oneteam #JQb31

The road ahead is an uphill one, but it points us to the sky. #jqb31

Thankful for that batch 31 allowed me to know this 2 girls. 爱你们 πŸ¦„πŸ’•πŸ˜» #jqb31

Lunch People. #JQb31

Today marks the end of ground school, our last day in Melbourne & we are coming home. I can't believe how fast time past, going thru ground school for a month plus. I'll miss y'all. GRADUATE LO! I hope to see y'all often on flights. #jqb31

And this concludes our training in Singapore. Next stop.. 😁 #JQb31

The Arrival #JQb31

Gyming Batchies #JQb31


4 days 3 nights at bkk came to an end. So glad that this impromptu trip was a success. Thankful to be there w all of you. All those jokes and laughters despite that we had minimal rest are irreplaceable. ❀️ #jqb31

First time since ground school I got to fly with my batchie-roommate. #JQB31

Batchies in Perth. #JQB31

So here's my "boyfriend" for 2 weeks. LOL. Isit we buddy fly?! Cause we both got activated to start our trip earlier, and then we got activated again while in CNS, in exchange for an off day. We then decided to go ballooning. So much happenings in all our flights too, thank god we both have each other, never ending gossips and complains πŸ˜‚I know i burden k, dragged him out even tho he is king of hibernation 🀣Till next time batchie! #jqb31

National Barbecue Day #JQB31

Batchies on flight again. 😁#JQB31

Batchiessss. #JQB31

My first ever JQ gathering and it's full of fun and laughters. That's our spirit; one team 🌟thankful for having an off day spent in sg like this and reuniting with some batchies 😁#jqb31

Batchies flight 2 😬 They are the reason why the draggy SYD - SGN is bearable. On a happier note: so done with being a PR in πŸ‡»πŸ‡³#jqb31

As usual batchies rock the flight 😬#jqb31

Here's to my batchmates, for all the good times during the trip. In ground school, we might imagine that someday we would fly together. Now, and more trips to come, our imagination becomes our reality. #JQB31

Skydon Saigeck dot com #JQB31

One final dinner with the batchmates for this trip. #JQB31

Batchies in Sydney. #JQB31

Swimerooney, because it's a requirement to get in where we work. #JQB31

Saigonic Batchmates. #JQB31

Just because we arrived late, we ate late. #jqb31

Laughs, talks, gossips. That makes us who we are. #jqb31

(2,3,4) of 12th batchies kinda flight ✈️#jqb31

01 of 12th batchies kinda flight ✈️#jqb31

Shopping kinda place. #jqb31

I didn't get to go to Kyoto, Nara or USJ. But today was a damn productive day, with our energy well spent on Travelling, activities and discovery. Thanks @carmenwjm for entertaining my whims of doing things and going places. 1 day down. 3 to go. πŸ™‚ #jqb31

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