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In yet another #joynathan episode, we see who's really childish.

@joycestarbean @jonathanpaulsxw8


#Joynathan travels to Fuzhou and discovers a McDonald's that looks like an ancient tea inn! Will Jon be able to successfully order something with his Mandarin skills? Watch their adventure with #Silkair here! » bit.ly/tslgoesfuzhou

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#Joynathan shippers, the time has come. You've seen our IG posts of our trip when we were in Qingdao at #tslgoesqingdao. Now, feast your eyes upon this wonderful city with the article and video that's just been released on our site and YouTube page respectively!
P.S. We might have exploded in jump moves exploring the city. But don't worry, no humans were harmed in this journey 😉 #movewithtsl @flyscoot

the song really suits it 😂-#joynathan

Joynathan in da house.
If you ask me whether #joynathan is real, my answer is watch bit.ly/TheJoynathanStory to find out. | Starring @joycestarbean @jonathanpaulsxw8

happy father's day to the superdad💗 sorry for always making you angry and letting you disappointed :( •
today was great yay bc i saw TSL OMG #joynathan HAHAH ! [Im rlly a huge fan of you guys :") ]

and my mum won the tigger for me yay❤

#Joynathan visits Student Street - a massive night market in Fuzhou, where they tried some funky looking morsels recommended by a local student! Watch their adventure with #Silkair here: bit.ly/tslgoesfuzhou

Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.
Here's a compilation of #Joynathan 's most childish moments on Singaporeans Try. Catch us on YouTube by clicking the link in our bio ☝🏼


Quick question - would you like to see @jonathanpaul.sxw in a toga while dying his hair with bird poop? Let us know in the comments down below! Then, watch the latest episode of Singaporeans Try at bit.ly/SGTry-Trivia to find out why #Joynathan was talking about bird poop in the first place.

Looks like @jonathanpaulsxw8 misses his bae... #WheresJoyce - let's get this hashtag trending!
No #Joynathan in this episode but watch as he tries to figure out the meanings of some Korean slangs at http://bit.ly/KPopSlang now!

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