yup yup so true hahah #joynathan

So these are the men whom I spent most of my childhood with. From high school math quizzes to my first heartbreak. 😍


Quick question - would you like to see @jonathanpaul.sxw in a toga while dying his hair with bird poop? Let us know in the comments down below! Then, watch the latest episode of Singaporeans Try at bit.ly/SGTry-Trivia to find out why #Joynathan was talking about bird poop in the first place.

Looks like @jonathanpaulsxw8 misses his bae... #WheresJoyce - let's get this hashtag trending!
No #Joynathan in this episode but watch as he tries to figure out the meanings of some Korean slangs at http://bit.ly/KPopSlang now!

happy father's day to the superdad💗 sorry for always making you angry and letting you disappointed :( •
today was great yay bc i saw TSL OMG #joynathan HAHAH ! [Im rlly a huge fan of you guys :") ]

and my mum won the tigger for me yay❤

Behind every TSL travel video on our YouTube channel is a series of goofy antics and bloopers. Watch #Joynathan's exploration of Fuzhou with Silkair here: bit.ly/tslgoesfuzhou

#Joynathan visits Student Street - a massive night market in Fuzhou, where they tried some funky looking morsels recommended by a local student! Watch their adventure with #Silkair here: bit.ly/tslgoesfuzhou

#Joynathan travels to Fuzhou and discovers a McDonald's that looks like an ancient tea inn! Will Jon be able to successfully order something with his Mandarin skills? Watch their adventure with #Silkair here! » bit.ly/tslgoesfuzhou

#Joynathan returns for another travel video with #Silkair as they explore Fuzhou - a city in China that is rich in history, culture and FISHBALLS! Watch their adventure here! » bit.ly/tslgoesfuzhou

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