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We're jumping for joy, too, Justin! Today, tune into @todayshow with Kathie Lee and Hoda to see Justin (@gettinghealthy_on_goodfood) and Amber talk about how they overcame obesity. Love our members, & can't wait to cheer them on on TV! #todayshow #joyfitclub #loseitapp

In 2012 I found myself weighing more than I could ever imagine...I was over 500 pounds. I decided to set off on a journey to not only lose weight, but change my lifestyle and my relationship with food and with myself. I have lost over 350 pounds through changing my diet and exercising. I did not have weight loss surgery, and I did not start off at a gym. For exercise I began walking and moving as much as possible. I was scared to join a gym, but it was something I always wanted to do. So I eventually signed up, walked in, and did the best I could. I was scared, so that's exactly why I did it. I quickly began personal training as well as continued with taking group classes and met some amazing people! I pushed my body and my mind to new limits. I began talking to a counselor to change my behaviors and my patterns and to deal with the negative self image I had of myself. I am now in the process of having excess skin removal from losing so much weight. Having my excess skin removed is the best decision I could have made for not only my physical health and well being but my mental health as well. I am still on my journey to a healthier and happier me, but along my journey I have not only lost a lot of weight, but am learning to love myself, my body and my life fully! Just remember to take it one day, one pound at a time and never stop believing in yourself! You can achieve anything you want if you work hard, never give up and always believe in yourself! You can do anything!! .
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My pal @brianspar (veterinarian and weight loss superstar) with his new patient Rocco!! He's a Continental Giant rabbit and a total hunkalunk🐰Btw, so is Brian who has lost over 100 pounds!! #joyfitclub

Great trip to #nyc with @ilbascy for the #JoyFitClub on the @todayshow ... But coming back to this sucked! Lol getting it all cleaned up! Oh well, no use dwelling on something you have no control over.. All in all it was a great weekend!! @joybauer is incredible! She is so nice and made us feel so comfortable! Thanks so much Joy!!! :)

330 pounds down!! #joyfitclub @todayshow

НАЛИЧИЕ ✅Стильная и очень комфортная к телу маечка - подходит и для тренировок, и для повседневных образов. Носить ее можно вырезом вперёд и назад - маечка двусторонняя 👌🏻В наличии в белом цвете, размер М (объём груди до 95см) ________________________________________________________💁Для заказа Direct/+WhatsApp 7(961) 293-57-57 ❗️Актуальное наличие #спортмафия_наличие #неббияростов #nebbiarostov

#tbt #throwbackthursday to when @joybauer @hodakotb and @klgandhoda Inducted me to the #joyfitclub 💪💓💕💖
From almost 500lbs and miserable to losing almost 300lbs and inspiring and showing thousands that it IS possible to love a fit and healthy life WITHOUT feeling deprived.💯💯💯
From feeling ugly and disgusting to loving the woman I am, flaws and all🌹💞
It isn't easy
But does that mean I give up??? NO! I FIGHT HARDER 💯💯💋❤

For those who are new to my journey I used to weigh almost 500lbs and I followed weight watchers for four years and added fitness to my daily life and lost almost 300lbs.
I have had 3 excess skin removal surgeries and my 4th was 4/12/17🤗🤗🤗
For more on my journey please check out my page @unendingbattle.
➡Anyone interested in donating to my final Excess skin removal surgery ➡ http://www.gofundme.com/unendingbattle 😉💝💙
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Знаем же, что да! Привезли вам свежих фитнес - десертов к выходным.
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