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Today is a very special day for our almighty bass delicatessen supplier @josubisai .Happy birthday!
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Welcome to the first installment of "selection sofa", as we introduce you to a pair of boys who may or may not be in a 4. Meet Clark and Clay....#trektotrakai #jox #meaty #staypointed

Dita, vai es esmu tava simpātija? Vari neatbildēt, es zinu. 🌻👔📚 #ha #čikmābeibī #jox

To davno beše sećam se ja...💖🙊 #JOX #LEX

Как молоды мы были. @air_lana @lkasimian @hasolovely @julitgr_95 P.S. Я тут просмотрела школьные фотки .... четко отслеживается период, когда мне мама давала препарат для улучшения аппетита😁 #маминарадость А по вам всем #скучаю #jox

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Special #limitededition #jox for the first 350 people that come down to @thetotehotel at the fiesty and fresh hour of 8.30 tonight.
Red hot and ready to launch @thepinktiles sexc new album into the ether! We'll be trotting about amongst sauce pots @chelseableach & @pennyikinger 🔥#nevertrustafart


My Bodyguards 😋 Meeting the homies for a quick catchup 💙 #family #dad #brothers #catchup #jox 😜#family #bodyguards

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I love the way Finn thinks about the Matt and Danny relationship!

Excerpt from Finn's interview with Den of Geek:
“But now, at the end of Defenders, with the help of the other Defenders because I think they teach him a lot. Luke is like the coach figure to Danny. Daredevil is like the older brother. And Jessica Jones is like that real street smart sister that always kind of like… You know when you’re being too up your own ass, Jessica Jones would bring you down to earth and ground you a little bit.” Excerpt from Finn's interview with IGN:
“Meeting these three heroes, they're a little bit older, they're probably about six or seven years older than him, and they're people with abilities and problems that still manage to keep their **** together and live a responsible and purposeful life. Danny is really in admiration of that, especially in admiration of Daredevil. He sees someone who is slightly tortured, who has difficulties, who hasn't had the perfect life, but yet he can use these abilities in a way which is responsible and can help the community and help other people. Danny sees these other three people and he's really inspired by what they are able to achieve, so it's like Danny meeting a bunch of older brothers and sister for the first time, and they're keeping him in check a little bit, and they give him a self-realization that he can do that as well.” #marvel #netflix #defend #defenders #thedefenders #daredevil #mattmurdock #charliecox #ironfist #dannyrand #finnjones #darefist #randock #jox #bromance

ยิ้ม ฉันยิ้มมากกว่าทุกครั้ง แอ่ะ 😁 #carissa_spg #ourcarissa #joxcarissa #jox #jooxlive #jooxth

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Charlie thinks Finn is sexy!

Excerpt from Charlie's interview with The Telegraph:

But all it takes to send a look of terror flashing across the actor’s face are nine words: how does it feel to be a sex symbol?
In a small London hotel room, Cox starts looking around for the exit. “That question makes me horribly uncomfortable,” he admits, sheepishly. “I have that British thing where I’m horrified by any form of compliment.” Nonetheless, with his dark eyes and striking good looks, the 34-year-old has been the thinking geek’s pin-up of choice ever since his first break as the dashing Tristan Thorne in the 2007 film of Neil Gaiman’s fantasy romance Stardust.
Today, though, he’s having none of it. “You should see me with my baby, with the sick and the nappies!” Last year, he had his first child with his girlfriend Samantha Thomas, a producer on Marvel’s other TV shows. “You don’t feel like you’re ‘sexy’, or whatever it is,” he sighs. “Especially working alongside Finn Jones.” Jones, previously best known as Game of Thrones’s Ser Loras Tyrell, shot to fame last year as another of Netflix’s “street-level heroes”, martial arts expert Iron Fist. The pair are joined in The Defenders by Krysten Ritter’s super-strong sleuth Jessica Jones, and the bulletproof Luke Cage, played by Mike Colter. “There was actually a funny day on set in Defenders,” says Cox. “Someone came up to me with some magazine - Glamour’s top 100 sexiest men, or something like that. They went, ‘You’re number 69!’ I went, ‘Wow, that’s cool - I’ll take that!’ I didn’t expect to be included in that list. “But they were like, ‘Does that bum you out?’ I was like, ‘Why would that bum me out? And they said, ‘Well, Mike [Colter] is number seven.’” Cox explodes in mock outrage – “Mike’s bald! He can’t be number seven!” – before leaning back with a hearty chuckle.

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