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My belly is swollen from today's delightful IUD mishap so this little man nuzzled up to help me feel better😍😍😻😻❤❤ #swollenbelly #dontgetaniud #iudremoval #iudmishap #lilman #nuzzle #helper #feelbetter #lovemykiddo #lovemylilman #emotionalsupportanimal #registered #supportcat #adventure #journeytohealth

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I was a bridesmaid today, I wasn’t dreading wearing my dress. In fact, I was excited about it.
I love loving the skin I’m in.
Oh, meet Alex. She’s one of my very best friends/most genuine and kind humans you’ll ever meet. We were a little high off of the combination kid-free time and adult interaction. 😂 My legs looked best in this pic so it’s why I’m not solo. 🤷🏼‍♀️ but she’s a hottie so you’re welcome for prettying up your feed.
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Having a heart of gratefulness, no matter the circumstances is so important.
I learned this when I was young, but still need a refresher course often. I’ve lived in some interesting places growing up. Some places were beautiful and big and we were so blessed to live there and others were not so ideal. The one place I’m thinking of was the back of a converted garage. We had two rooms, no bathroom in that area. We didn’t live there long but like anything after a little while in close quarters, it got a little old. I remember one day just being all down and sad. My mom came and talked to me and like the wise woman she was, helped me through it. We made a list of all the things we were thankful for about where we were. At first, it was hard. But as we kept going we made a pretty good list. Then we made a list of our dreams. That was the fun part. She taught me a good lesson that day about being thankful, where ever we are. She also taught me that doesn’t mean giving up on your dreams. We prayed into that. And eventually we did get to live in our dream house for a while.
Gratitude opens doors. It’s changes our perspective and that changes our attitude about something. I know it really has changed me.

Playing a little BINGO and enjoying warmer weather 🌦☔️

23/52/100 This evening I thought I'd take a quick rip around Englishman river as a training hike with an extra 20lb in my pack. Headed to the lower bridge first and was on the last switchback coming up the other side when I was growled at by a large animal. I waited to see if it was a dog but the second growl sent me backing away. Since I often hike solo I always carry a decent sized knife and sometimes bear spray. I know some people laugh at me and say I'm paranoid and over geared. Tonight I flip all you laughers the middle finger. When I got home I listened to animal growl sounds online and it was most certainly a cougar! #hike23 #52hikechallenge2018 #getoutside #almostshitmypants #journeytohealth #journeyto100

Holy crapoly I'm wearing size 16 pants 👌👍👏

Day leave is the most wonderful thing! Likely the last day I’ll be spending at the beach with a colon before we part ways 💔 big few weeks ahead! #igotthis

This was our snowed-in feast: @alexiafoods White Cheddar Riced Cauliflower with Black Pepper, @fooddreamer Crab Cake recipe, @costco Wild Caught Cod and some Jalapeño Poppers.
It was our first time making this kind of open-faced popper. No particular recipe was used. I just mixed up some cream cheese, shredded Mexican cheese blend, and @alouettecheese Crème de Brie Garlic & Herbs. I got to supervise the husband as he scooped the cheese into the peppers and wrapped them with a half slice of bacon.
Two things I’ve learned: Jalapeño Poppers are delicious cold and we will definitely be making them and the crab cakes again.
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Today I did something that Ally 60 some odd days ago would of never done.
I had an amazing girls night with some friends enjoyed a glass or two 😉 of amazing wine and had a few to many carbs. I got home at 9:00pm and instead of saying “fuck it I’ll just workout tomorrow” i threw down some of my Energize and got shit done because I promised myself I will show up EVERYDAY.
When you’re one of my girls I never EVER require perfection because honestly a life where there are no margaritas and queso is a life I NEVER wanna see 😂😂. I simply ask three things of you
1. Show up for yourself everyday (if not through workouts through personal development)
2. Do NOT be to hard on yourself.. you’re gonna slip up. Some days wont go as planned get over it and move on.
3. Never EVER give up on yourself because you’re journey is worth sooo much more than a bad day.
If you’re ready to join my team of ladies that are imperfectly perfect drop a 😍 and lets get to work!

Thanks @thegoodquote for this one!
Tell me how you can be “selfish” this week!
Drop a heart if you need to chat about your journey! THE COACH IS IN!

Two things I have learned about validation lately:
1️⃣ It is a basic human need. No need to feel ashamed about wanting some.
2️⃣ It is MY job to validate myself. And honestly, that is good news. I can’t control others, so needing it from them just leaves me needy. And really, none of them know who I am or what I do as well as I do, so they’re not as good as giving it anyway.

Understanding these two truths has been SOOOO good for a pleaser like me. I have lived for validation from others far too much in my life. Validating my myself is definitely something I’m still learning how to do, but I can feel myself getting better at it. And I can feel my joy increasing.

Next time you work through something challenging, do something that scares you, or heck, next time you just get out of bed willing to face your life, go ahead and high five yourself. 🙌 Tell yourself you are amazing, awesome, and doing good things. Don’t wait for someone else to do your job. You’re the best one for it. •
(And by the way, thanks for all the validation the other day about my marathon dream. I had already given it to myself, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the little extra. 😊)

Dinner started with a meat and cheese tray followed by a grilled Caesar salad. Yep, that'll do. #keto #didnottouchthatbread #grainfree #sugarfree #journeytohealth #feastingtime

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