Two more weeks to go and then... ✈

Last day of SEP today! Had the best trainers ever 💪
Lets catch up on some sleep now 😆

This 'cabin crew service manual' is longer than the story of my life! 😂 #JourneyToEmirates #Emirates #EmiratesCabinCrew #RedShirt

Welcome to my new home! Aaaahhh I'm so sorry for all the late replies, I am just still very overwhelmed! #emirates #emiratescabincrew #journeytoemirates

And there she is.. my ride! Boeing 777-300ER! #TokyoDubai #Emirates #journeytoemirates #emiratescabincrew

Everything still feels so surreal that tomorrow I am gonna be waking up in Dubai. This’ll be a long 11-hour flight from Tokyo. Farewell and good night to you, my beloved Japan.. See you in the morning, UAE! #emiratescabincrew #journeytoemirates

I just received my ticket and UAE visa today and my date of joining has been moved one day earlier! I'm happy – cos I will have two days rest before the induction day; Sad – I lost one day in Tokyo.. #JourneyToEmirates #CabinCrew #FlyIchiFly

☑️ Yellow Fever Vaccine! My preparations is at 98% nau.. Few more packing and I'm ready to go. See you next week, UAE! #Emirates #CabinCrew #JourneyToEmirates #FlyIchiFly

38 days to go! And I just received my Induction Specialist today, an ex-purser from Serbia! #TimeFlies #CountingDays #JourneyToEmirates #CabinCrew

39 days left.. Looking forward to a brand new life! #OneStepAtATime #JourneyToEmirates

Yasss! Got my contact lenses oreddi.. My eyesight requirements are all set! Next up: Luggages, Uniform socks, and Yellow Fever Vaccine! 😆 #JourneyToEmirates

So, here it is ya! Good things comes to those who wait as they say! Indeed an answered prayer.. I've finally got the successful e-mail after five weeks! I got it! I got the job! I'm not sure when but I'll be flying with Emirates Airline as a Flight Attendant hopefully by early 2016! Emirates will definitely turn my life 360 degrees, ten-folds! I am just so excited! This has been the best birthday gift I've ever received! All the thanks goes to everyone who believed in me. Most especially to my mum who have been very very supportive throughout my journey! I must admit that this has been the toughest and the most challenging chapter of my life! But yes, dreams do come true! ✈️🇦🇪💼 #JourneyToEmirates #EmiratesCabinCrew #EK #Japan

#FlashbackFriday on my way to the Final Interview in Ōsaka. I really feel like I'm gaining wait these days and this is unacceptable! Gotta do something!😂 #JourneyToEmirates #2015Oct09

That call coming in straight from the UAE made me jump up from my bed! Unfortunately, it wasn't the most awaited "Golden Call" but instead, a call requesting for more documents. It is indeed a good sign forward! #Dubai #CabinCrew #JourneyToEmirates

This has been one of the best news that I've ever received in my life! My status changed from Application Received (AR) to Interview Completed (IC), aka APPROVAL IN PROGRESS! Two words that can change your life! I know it's still early to celebrate but I am literally one step closer to my dreams! Keeping my toes and fingers crossed for a "Joining Formalities In Progress (JFIP)" status! #JourneyToEmirates #CabinCrew

Lol with my awkward smile since Emirates asked for a full-length photo showing our "big smile!" Anyway, it's been a week since the FI and we're still anxiously waiting for the results.. This waiting game is killing me oreddi! 😂 #JourneyToEmirates

The Imperial Hotel Osaka, where the final interview for Emirates Airline took place. #帝国ホテル #大阪 #Japan #JourneyToEmirates

Had an extremely busy day with Yuriko-chan completing our requirements since we're heading to Ōsaka tomorrow! Woah.. I hope everything will fall into their proper places and I've been crossing my fingers throughout this very tough journey.. Good night! #JourneyToEmirates

From 250+ Tokyo-based applicants down to 20, I just couldn't believe that I made it this far and quite surprised that I'm the only male applicant who passed thru these tough eliminations! Though I was extremely sad to see my friends go.. But anyway, I'm one step closer! Definitely gonna give it my best shot! See ya tomorrow, Ōsaka! #JourneyToEmirates

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