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Happy 3 year anniversary babe! (Yesterday) What a wild and fruitful year it was! The treasure of life is being able to share it with someone. I have found a grand treasure with you and it joys me to know we have many more years to go and memories to make. Memories build us, without them we're lost. There's no one on this blue rock that I'd rather be building memories with than you. "If it's half as good as the half we've known, here's hail to the rest of the road!" Let's give Ember Jean a beautiful family built from a strong marriage. I love you, till death do us part. #journeyofjerandauj #beating50percent #stayingido

September 10th, 2017 at 9:40am we welcomed Ember Jean Roloff to planet earth! Weighing in at 7.13 lbs and 20.25" long.
She's absolutely beautiful - a face that draws you in. What a miraculous expierence. So much to say, but for now we're resting at home soaking In the present - honored that we've been entrusted with this little life.
Welcome to our family Ember Jean, we're so excited to meet you. May you be a glowing, fierce, and radiant light in this world.
PC: @juliamichellegreen #journeyofjerandauj

Yesterday was our 3 year anniversary. It was the day I said "I do" to the love of my life. But on that day I wasn't just confessing my present love for Jeremy, I was promising my future love. Every year on our anniversary we rewatch our wedding video and reread wedding vows. It's such a sweet time of reminiscing and realigning. But our favorite anniversary tradition is reading the letters that we wrote each other the previous year, and writing each other new ones to be read the following year💗 The demands and challenges that come with adjusting to parenthood haven't spared us time to write our new letters yet, but reading our letters that we wrote last year filled us with so much joy, awe, and thankfulness. In both of our letters we prayed for the same word to mark our 3rd year of marriage - FRUITFUL. Woah. And my goodness has that prayer been answered, and then some... When we wrote these letters we were sitting out by the campfire pit on the farm, staring into the embers🔥... and now we are reading these letters while staring into the eyes of our sweet baby girl - Ember. "If it's half as good as the half we've known, here's hail to the rest of the road!" Happy anniversary babe, I love you more. #journeyofjerandauj #beating50percent #stayingido #theroloffwedding

2016 was a FULL year... as I reflect on where I've been and the grace upon grace God has given me, to say I am thankful is an understatement. My word for 2016 was - abundance - and woah... that word sure does define my year. At the beginning of the 2016 I became a @barre3 instructor in Bend and am absolutely loving it! In February, Jeremy and I launched Beating50Percent - our marriage blog/ministry/community. I also turned my blog (aujpoj.com) into a shop that sells comfy/cute clothes featuring my life mantra #alwaysmore In addition, I launched a weekly devotional for young women, and had my first big speaking engagement in SoCal! Jer and I also had our first speaking engagement for @beating50 in Asheville, NC. We got in a motorcycle accident in the spring, and I dislocated my shoulder. We spent a week in the BVI's sailing around on a catamaran, and spent a week in Santa Barbara for Jeremy's best friends wedding. My very best friend @ellengrose got married this summer so I spent a lot of the summer planning bachelorette parties and bridal showers 👰🏼 We made trips for work/play to Chicago, Nashville, and New York! We drove back and forth from Bend to Portland 57 times for filming for #LPBW + to help work pumpkin season at @rolofffarms We joined a house church and have been so blessed by the accountability within our community in Bend. We almost bought a house in bend, but backed out last minute🙏🏻 We launched our Naviagtor's Council Journals (fist pumping extra hard💪🏻) + began the process of writing our first book! We fought a lot about work/life balance, our future plans, and the tv show.... I experienced the persecution that comes with the territory of having "influence" and spent many nights in tears and anger (just being honest), and I failed miserably at my New Years resolution from last year of taking a weekly sabbath😫 The Lord revealed so many areas where my heart needs changing. Farmer and I found out that we are going to be aunt Auj and uncle Jer in 2017! My word for 2017 is FRUITFUL. I want everything that I say, do, post, and am, to bear the fruit of Christ. John 15:2 #beating50percent #alwaysmore #journeyofjerandauj #aujpojshop

We've been keeping a secret... and now the secret is finally out! WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!! Expecting our first baby this September👶🏼 We are brimming with uncontainable joy, excitement and praise to God the author and creator of life! Baby Roloff, we are praying everyday for your protection, health, and that you would love the Lord with all your heart (oh...and have curly hair)🙏🏻 See you in 6 months 💕 Follow our pregnancy journey on aujpoj.com #journeyofjerandauj #beating50percent 📷 @dawn_photo

A nice little reminder from some of my favorite people 💙 be you, because you're enough.
#beating50percent #journeyofjerandauj

Yup. #SameTeam
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We hear people all the time saying things like, “compromise is key,” in regards to their relationship. While the intentions of this statement are well meaning, we’ve found that compromise is only a quick and temporary fix. Compromise has been known to replace reconciliation. Seeking resolve requires more effort and time than settling on a compromise, but it is worth fighting for (pun intended). Compromises are prone to backfiring with bitterness and resentment, while solutions create win-win situations. Yes, it requires long conversations, patience, humility, prayer, and perseverance, but these things will reap the long term benefits for a love that's unified - rather than divided. Don’t let proving a point become more important than resolving an issue.

One thing that has really helped us be quick to forgive and reconcile is the physical act of holding hands. We’ve found that it’s really hard to be mad at each other while holding hands. It’s a silent act that says, “We’re on the same team.” Anytime Jer reaches over to grab my hand during a dispute, my heart is immediately softened, and my desire to be right is replaced with a desire to reconcile. Next time you find yourself in a fight or about to be in one, try holding hands. #navigatorscouncil - @beating50 #beating50percent #journeyofjerandauj pc: @truefoundationphotography

Our precious baby girl - Ember Jean Roloff - is finally here!!! 7.13 lbs 20.25" long and born on September 10th. Wow. Natural labor was the hardest thing I've ever done, but holding our baby for the first time was undeniably the most empowering and rewarding moment of my life. Of course, I wrote "always more" on my hand when I went into labor, but never have these words carried more meaning. The whole time I just kept reminding myself of the MORE that was within me through Christ - that I could keep enduring, surrendering, trusting, and pushing more and more because of Christ's strength within me. The second she was out of my belly and into my arms, the tears of pain ceased, and Jeremy and I looked at our daughter and each other with tears of uncontainable joy. We are in complete awe of the miracle of life, and feeling so blessed to be entrusted with such a beautiful daughter. Sweet little Ember, may you always be a light in the darkness, glowing in all you do, enduring, feirce, and hard to extinguish;) May you always believe in the more that is within you, and when stoked and kindled by your Creator - may you be able to burn and glow even MORE than you ever could on you own 🔥 We love you so much Ember Jean Roloff. Thank you for making us "mom and dad" ;) 💗pc: @juliagreenphotography #journeyofjerandauj #emberjean #alwaysmore

This is right where Auj and I took our first official photo seven years ago. We weren't quite dating yet, but I told her I wanted to get a photo of us to document our summer. We were treading lightly, nervous that the wrong word might derail what we had going. It was brilliant - slow, nerving, exciting, and real - a relationship that was growing it's roots. I knew I had to get this photo, so I set up my tripod, set the timer, and boom (see next photo) we timestamped the moment and filed it away unsure of what was to come of us. Now we stand here seven years later taking a similar photo, about to do the same thing with our daughter! #beating50percent #stayingido #journeyofjerandauj


Happy 3 year anniversary babe! (Yesterday) What a wild and fruitful year it was! The treasure of life is being able to share it with someone. I have found a grand treasure with you and it joys me to know we have many more years to go and memories to make. Memories build us, without them we're lost. There's no one on this blue rock that I'd rather be building memories with than you. "If it's half as good as the half we've known, here's hail to the rest of the road!" Let's give Ember Jean a beautiful family built from a strong marriage. I love you, till death do us part. #journeyofjerandauj #beating50percent #stayingido

Sweet little Ember Jean Roloff born September 10th💗👨‍👩‍👧 #journeyofjerandauj

41 Weeks 2 Days ❤

FAN GIRL POST😜I am a huge fan of Little People Big World ,this summer on our trip to Oregon we received some lucky fate and got to meet Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. They were at the Coast celebrating Audrey's Bday... They were the sweetest couple super down to earth...we ended eating Breakfast at the same restaurant ,anyway my sweet husband payed for their breakfast for Audrey's Bday. Today I was reading her blog and realized we got a shout out, made my HEART SMILE😍 Love them #littlepeoplebigworld#journeyofjerandauj

40 Weeks 6 Days ❤

40 weeks 4 days ❤

Well ladies and gentlemen, we are officially past the due date!
We've been sailing full steam ahead, working hard to get the ship ready for land. And now it feels as if we have sailed into the fog and the water is calm, the air is still, long and wide ripples stretch out from the ship as it slows it's pace. Not a sound except the occasional creek of the bow... everyone onboard waiting to strike land!

6 years ago today we began dating. Now we're expecting a baby girl due in 6 days who can come any day now! I love you Jeremy.

Hey guys! Phew, here we are in #Beating50Percent headquarters - finally getting it un-boxed and set up!
We've been living in our new home for a week now!🙌🏼 I've been doing a TON of projects to finish up the remodel and Auj is 38 weeks pregnant! What a crazy time. Sometimes things that should be nothing but fun can turn to stress and anxiety, definitely something we have experienced through this process.

Have any of you ever endured a remodel? Or maybe some other large undertaking that has put strain on your marriage? What have you learned about dealing with stress that's helped? Please share! We would love for the comments to be a place where people can go for encouragement, advice, and insight. Can't wait to read your thoughts!
#stayingido #journeyofjerandauj

My daily prayer for our baby girl: "Father God, thank you for the blessing of being able to carry and care for this child of yours. I recognize that you are the author of life and your timing is so perfect. Thank you for bringing this sweet baby girl into our lives in your perfect timing and according to your perfect will. Thank you for knitting her together so beautifully and uniquely in my womb (Psalm 139:13). Jesus, I ask that you would bring her into this world healthy and strong, and with red curly hair;) Lord thank you for giving me a husband, and her a father, who will lead her, teach her, and love her with everything he’s got. Thank you for equipping and refining Jeremy in preparation for raising our daughter together. Lord, I pray that our baby girl would be born into this world blameless and innocent, a child of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, where she would shine as a light in this world, holding fast to the word of life, so that in the day of Christ she may be proud that she did not run in vain or labor in vain (Philippians 2:15-16). Lord protect her with your full armor the moment she comes into this world, and give her your spirit from the moment she is born. I pray that she would come to know how deep and wide, unconditional and unending, your love is for her (Ephesians 3:18).Lord may she be a fiercely burning light, driving out darkness wherever she is (John 1:5). May she be like an arrow (Psalm 127:4) shot out into this world with purpose to accomplish the work you have for her to do. Lord may she be a compassionate, creative, and courageous daughter, full of joy and overflowing with peace. Give her a strong sense of discernment and good judgment so that she will not be easily deceived. Bless her with iron friendships – friendships that will refine her and sharpen her. I ask for your favor over her life Lord. May she be a Godly woman who leads others to the foot of the cross and loves them the whole way there..." read full prayer on my blog aujpoj.com#alwaysmore #journeyofjerandauj pc: @dawn_photo #beating50percent #stayingido

Baby girl has a pretty momma! Auj wrote a prayer for our daughter and you can read it and see some beautiful photos of the three of us in the daisy fields on her blog aujpoj.com #beating50percent #stayingido #journeyofjerandauj @beating50 pc: @dawn_photo

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