Celebrating this Little Ladies 4th Birthday! #joslynjane #♥️cousins #burniedlton

cats me outside how bow dat 😂😽 lol #catsofinstagram #catstagram #joslynjane

Uh-oh. #joslynjane

Monday feelings ☁ #joslynjane

She likes the peanut butter #joslynjane

Scott and I's 3 beautiful blessings! ❤️ #joslynjane #brooklynhope #cooperscott

#joslynjane enjoyed her park trip yesterday...sand is pretty cool ♡

Josy and her fellow shot put friends! We had a lot of fun at the City meet today. So proud of you for making it in to the meet Josy!! #joslynjane #shotput #lewisandclark #futurebroncs

So much to learn from the best teacher #joslynjane

Checking out the fishies with daddy #joslynjane

2 big burning shots and this smiling chunker butt keeps right on smiling. Please vaccinate your children so mine don't need to get these extra pokes when yours becomes sick with a potentially life threatening preventable virus. It's not fair to this smiling chunker that her little thighs are gunna be sore at the very least and that she could potentially get very sick in the next couple days.
If you don't want to vaccinate then don't take your children sick or otherwise to public places where they could spread their deadly petri dish of germs on to other children too young to get vaccinated. It is your choice, but if you choose not to then by proxy you should also be forced to keep your kids away from the helpless babies you could infect. It wasn't #joslynjane 's choice to be in the same room as your child during her checkup. And she can't choose not to breathe the same air your kid did. If I could make that choice I would have. If I knew your unvaccinated child with measels was going to the doctor the same day mine was I'd have chosen to stay away. Hell if I knew your unvaccinated child was playing o n the same playground as my 6 month old I'd leave! She shouldn't be punished for your stupidity and yet she has been. This smiling happy child is in for at the least one night of pain and it could get a heck of a lot worse.

Rant over.

Hanging with Mimi #joslynjane

And she sits #joslynjane

I think I can...I think I can #joslynjane

Those eyelashes kill me ♡ #joslynjane

Josy and I are headed to the Spring Fling at Emmanuel Baptist tonight. #tradition #motherdaughterdate #joslynjane

Sweet potato Princess ♡ #joslynjane

Working on her motor skills!! So proud #joslynjane

Early morning chats with Ms #joslynjane

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