A good #FormCorrection session for my #LegDay this morning. Followed it up with a brief #Hike up a personal #PrayerMountain with the #28, the #BrotherFromAnotherMother. Look, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, #GoWithABrother. If you’re in my #InnerCircle, we must be able to discuss heavyweight issues. To my my fellow men, #YouNeedYourBrother, and that doesn’t mean they’re going to be your biological sibling. #JoshuaAndCaleb #DavidAndJohnathan #PeterAndJohn #KetoLife #KetoMuscle #KetoGains #KillTheDadBod #DieFatDie #CryFatCellsCry #Arete #DuesPaid #DoTheWork #NeverGiveUp #DoingItForMe #TheJourneyContinues tomorrow to the #100PoundsDownClub... #ChestShouldersAndTriceps tomorrow. #LetsGetIt...🔥💪🏾🏋🏾‍♂️🙌🏾

Pastor Theresa is crushing it today at Calvary Church!! Take your mountain!! NEVER GIVE UP!! Love her bunches and bunches!! 😄🙌🏼❤️💣💥#AuntTT #JoshuaAndCaleb #TakeYourMountain #KeepClimbing

playing with the kiddos..hurry home daddy @sidzkie07

when you're left with your 2 adorable yet super active naknaks..

✨ brotherhood brings living life to the next level! ♦️Be a good brother or sister to your siblings...and be a blessing 🔆 each and every single day!
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Kailan and Pak choy remind me about Joshua and Caleb in bible. they are different personality But its Connecting each others in the same "Point of view"

When the spies came back, two of the men—Joshua and Caleb—reported that the Promised Land was
everything God had said it was. It was a land filled with milk and honey. It was ripe for the taking. God
was faithful, and God was going to fulfill his every promise.

But 10 of the spies brought back a different story. Canaan was dangerous, a land filled with giants and
terrifying warriors! Their cities were well-fortified, and the people were skilled warriors!
So which of the two groups were right, the 10 who saw giants or Joshua and Caleb?

They were both right. Canaan was the Promised Land, a land of milk and honey. But it was also a
country of giants. God had promised to give this land to the Israelites, but after all the miracles God
had performed to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land, to whom do you think they listened? They
listened to the 10 men who talked about the giants. They were so afraid of the giants, some of them
said they were better off being slaves in Egypt!

Because the Israelites ignored Joshua and Caleb, God punished the entire nation. They were forced to
wander in the wilderness for 40 years until every one of them had died. God would let their children,
led by Joshua, enter the Promised Land instead.

One day, you will be faced with your own giants—challenges that seen impossible to overcome. When
that day comes, there may be people telling you to give up. But if God has made a promise to you, be
careful that you listen to him and not to the pessimists. Believing in the Lord is not mere optimism. It’s
called faithfulness, and when you are faithful to the Lord, the Lord will be faithful and bless you with
all that he’s promised!


“Doubt is designed to destroy your promise.”
If faith had an enemy, doubt would be his name. You can’t believe for big things, but doubt in the process. Doubt is like throwing a wet blanket on your dreams. Yet we do that all the time.
When Moses sent 12 spies into the promised land, 10 came back filled with doubt. The only two that believed, Joshua and Caleb, were the only ones that entered it. Joshua learned something that day...doubt is designed to destroy the dream. Years later when Joshua sent spies into the land, he only sent 2 this time...hmmm🤔. /
Your doubt can masquerade as apprehension, caution or even discernment. We can delay the promise in the name of protection. We can doubt our way into the wilderness. /
Radical promises require radical faith. Radical faith requires no doubt. People may have laughed at Joshua and Caleb’s report, but 40 years later, those two walked into the promised land while the rest were buried in the wilderness. How good was their discernment? /
If it’s a God Promise, then it will come to pass. Your PROMISE has been PROMISED. Don’t let your doubt take it away.
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I’m excited to share with you some new adventures for our family. I’ll try and find a way to unload it all to you in the weeks to come so that you can be excited with us. .
But this one thing is on my mind this morning. ➡️ Being different ⬅️. Did you know that it’s okay to be different?!? .

Years and years I tell you... that I have tried to put a normal stamp on our family. For all the ‘if we just’s’ ...If we were just normal 🤣 we’d be successful. If we just swam the same way as everyone else, we’d be accepted. If we just toned down our crazy, we’d find our place in the world. And if we could just have more and be more - then maybe we would be loved more. More more more... more what?! .

I’ll tell you what... every single time I break out that normal stamp, It. Just. Keeps. Washing. Right. Off. And we end up with less in our heart.

And it’s finally sinking in, because as faithful as ever, God speaks through his Word - and this time - as I number the years that we’ve failed at being normal... He takes me to His book of Numbers (chapter 14 to be exact) and says Ill show you some guys who couldn’t help but be different. Twelve went out, and the majority report was “it’s too big, too much, too scary and for that reason ✌🏼I’m out.

But 2. They were different, they said: “it’s exceedingly good, it’s milk & honey, it’s the promise, and besides, the Lord is with us! Sure there are giants, but the Lord has made them to be bread for us”.

So a little dare to be different turns our fears into our provision?!? .

I’m learning. It’s not that we can’t be normal, it’s that - we’re CALLED to be different. And that call is obedience for US!! And we committed 13 years ago together, that when God called, our answer would always be ‘YES’. .

So, you - the one who maybe also wonders why normal is not your name... stop and ask yourself this... is it because He made you to be ‘different’ for His work and His glory? Perhaps... So if it feels a little lonely riding the ‘too much’ train, come on back a couple cars and sit with us, we crazy🤪... but the coffee is good, and so is our Provider. ❤️❤️❤️

who wore it best????both!!!
joshua and caleb at 8mos old...

Missed my babies #joshuaandcaleb

I am grateful to God for bringing me back here in Sydney - even just for a few days (after eight years when my first time of visiting NSW back in 2010) and for showing me that I am blessed beyond words for a wonderful year of 2018. He fills my life with love and light. #moreblessingstocome#Hisperfecttiming#Godisamazing#8daystogo#hillsongconference2018
All of my Australia's portrait and art direction 100% credit goes to @theworldandme_


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