—in the end, it’s him and i. 🚫DISCLAIMER:
this is in no way intended to be hate, and i’m not going to tag them incase they see it and it hurts their feelings, but here’s an edit :) honestly i loved both joshleen and erikleen, just right now, i prefer erikleen since erik seems to make her happier than josh. i promise this isn’t hate, this is just supposed to be something different. please don’t bring any drama to this! thank you.
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—> if it wasn’t for you.. I wouldn’t be here with the love of my life... 🧡. —
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colleen and joshleen fans dont @ me abt this edit but i’ll take the the lady who makes him happier.. 🙂.

i’ll try to make this the only post about josh bc i wanna avoid drama but wow i used to be such a hardcore stan of joshleen but not after his video right after the divorce announcement and esp rn i didn’t know he was sO salty, i thought he would’ve moved on already. that poor girl he’s dating. he’s the only one here wanting clout sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️

A fact.

Ok y’all. Don’t comment shit on his photos. BUT then again he is an asshole. He’s saying “please be better” when he needs to please be better. He said “do something better with your time than spread gossip and lies about someone” WHEN HE LITERALLY DID THAT. He was talking all this shit about Colleen and Erik. He’s trying to be all funny with “move on and eat some fried chicken cause it’s awesome” but that’s really not funny in the slightest. Also. The rings were 100% the same. Literally. The same. But whatever😉🤷‍♀️ I can see he’s tryingggg to be a better person by not being as rude to children as he was. But he’s still an ass wipe who needs to get over himself and sit tf down. He needs to either delete the comments that he doesn’t like. Or JUST. DONT. RESPOND. it’s so simple tf. More to add to my Joshua being a dick folder😂

‘There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel’ 💘💍
(Repost if you’d like but please tag me/give me credit 💘☺️)
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