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I have no desire to write this AT ALL. I have zero ideas, so let me finish the series for you.
Mommy and Daddy 4; Josh's dad gets ill and is in the hospital. He gets to watch Ava dance one last time. Then he dies on January 20th. Ava gets to read a speech at his funereal. She goes into depression then she dances and her pain goes away.
Mommy and Daddy 5; Ava and Kyle get married.
#dancemoms #cosh #chloelukasiak #joshhyland

#dancemoms #joshhyland #cosh

Happy 18th birthday to Josh Hyland 🎊🎉🎆🎇 #JoshHyland #PaigeHyland #BrookeHyland #DanceMoms
D.o.B: April 27th 1999

; f i v e
⠀⠀⠀"Muffin, we're in Paris." Josh whispered, slowly pulling me away from the serene state of sleep. I grumbled and nodded, rubbing my eyes and smiling as they eagerly drank the surroundings.
⠀⠀⠀Josh had parked outside the Eiffel Tower and the large attraction stood proudly before me, defined by the clear sky that behaved as a background.
⠀⠀⠀I gazed at it, it's beauty radiating, causing a sense of awe to flush throughout me. I looked at Josh to find him looking at me.
"Josh, the Eiffel Towel is right there and you're not looking at it!" I exclaimed as his lips twitched upwards.
"Sometimes the most beautiful things aren't big." He murmured, brushing the hair from my face.
⠀⠀⠀My breath hitched and I felt the blood race to my cheeks as an expression of pure bliss etched itself onto my face.
⠀⠀⠀I slowly got out with Josh close in tow and we advanced to the top of the Eiffel Tower, the most romantic and famous infrastructure in the world. As I gazed at the view, I couldn't help but allow a small gasp to escape my lips.
⠀⠀⠀The landscape held clusters of buildings and wide areas of green fields, beholding luscious green grass. I felt warm, strong arms wrap around me from behind and I instantly melted against the hard structure behind me.
⠀⠀⠀"Hmm.. Isn't Paris the city of love?" Josh wondered aloud, the smirk obvious from his tone of voice. I nodded and instantly found myself being spun around quickly, my lips crashing against his own.
⠀⠀⠀My lips reacted quickly, encasing his in a passionate kiss, my hands roaming his toned body, rising over each ridge of muscle.
⠀⠀⠀I slowly pulled away, asking a woman to take a photo of us, I quickly drew his lips to mine once again as the kind lady snapped a photo.
⠀⠀⠀I thanked the woman and instantly setting the photo as my screensaver. I looked at Josh, winking as I made my way to the elevator, "I want croissants!"
⠀⠀⠀The elevator ride down was cramped as can be expected since it was a densely populated area, and I happily accepted the fresh air once it encased me the moment I stepped out from the elevator.
⠀⠀⠀{more below}

Chapter 1
Dedicated to @girlfanfiction
⠀⠀Kalani stumbles around the crowded basement of some football player's house. She can't remember which one, or maybe she never knew in the first place. It's really not that important to her. There are drinks, music, people, and Brandon. The host doesn't matter.
⠀⠀"Have you seen Brandon?" she asks a fellow cheerleader.
⠀⠀The girl shrugs and shakes her head, so Kalani continues on through the crowd.
⠀⠀"Have you seen Brandon?" she asks Nick Dobbs, one of Brandon's football buddies.
⠀⠀He smirks. "Can't remember the last time I saw him without his tongue down your throat and his hand up your skirt."
⠀⠀Rolling her eyes, Kalani shoves past him. Brandon always wonders why she can't stand Nick. It's really not a big mystery; he's just never around to hear Nick's disgusting remarks.
⠀⠀Finding her way to the staircase, Kalani pulls herself up them, unsteady from a mix of beer and vodka.
⠀⠀Making her way down the first hallway she sees in whoever's house she's in, she pushes a door open. ⠀⠀"Brandon?" she calls, peering inside the dimly lit room. Light from the hallway floods the room, revealing its emptiness.
⠀⠀She backs out of the doorway and into the hallway, moving on to the next room. She can hear the moans and kissing coming from this room all the way in the hall.
⠀⠀Brandon can't be in there, she thinks to herself. There's no way.
⠀⠀Yet she still opens the door.
||Continued Below||

Chapter 11- Chloe's PoV
My face was inches from Josh's, the knife still aimed to plunge straight into his chest.
I remained silent, tossing the knife carelessly aside and staring at him, leaning down and angrily kissing him, letting all my emotions let loose.
He responded hungrily, pulling me closer and kissing as what could be mistaken as passionate, yet I knew him well enough to realise it was fake.
His tongue intruded my mouth, his hands explored my body and as I finally pulled away, my anger fled from my body, I slapped my hand down, leaving a hard impact against Josh's cheek.
His mouth hung agape, expecting it, yet not realising that I'd actually do it.
His hand gingerly touched his cheek that was no doubt still throbbing and hot from the force of exerted into the action.
My eyes widened at my own actions and my hand tingled from the power, yet I suddenly felt great again, ready for business.
I grabbed Josh's shirt and kisses him again, he was obviously and understandably confused yet I had no care and shamelessly continued with kissing him.
He was first to pull away, slowly yet with certainty as he stared at me.
"What was that?" He murmured quietly, staring at me with an intensity that belittled me.
I squirmed under the scrutinising gaze and cleared my throat to speak, "I needed to release my emotions and this was the way to do it." I muttered.
He nodded as though having even a slightest understanding and smiled slightly, "How are you feeling now then?"
"Ready for murder." I smirked as he smiled, picking up his phone.
"Froy. He's Ricky's best friend, if anyone suspects anything, it's him."
Josh nods in agreement before his fingers flew across the keypad of the burner phone, dialling Froy's number which only rang 2 times before being answered.
"Hi Froy, it's Chloe Lukasiak, I was wondering if you'd like to let off some steam to try and take your mind off of Ricky.."
"Yeah, that sounds great.." He mumbled, as I rattled off the address for him to come round.
He gave a response and quickly and drove round.

"We're just friends"
Chapter twenty-one|chloe
My heart broke as I walked back to Josh. He didn't even ask if I was ok. I realised that now, as I sit in Josh's arms my "stupid crush" is who I love. I love Ricky! And now being me, my stupid self I thought we were just friends.
I just can't deal with socialising anymore.
I went home. I screamed and I cried and I trashed my rooms. Pictures of Ricky, of my friends. Then I saw the picture of myself, my mom and my dad when I was a baby. I grabbed it and ripped my father out of it.
"You bastard! You did nothing to help me! I hate you! I hate you!"
Suddenly I was five years old again. I skipped down the town. My dad holding my hand and my other hand holing my mint chocolate icecream. I smiled and hummed a tune in my head. Out of no where I felt raindrops on my head and the sky turned grey. My dad picked me up and started to run so we wouldn't get too wet. I dropped my icecream and remember thinking that I hated my dad for making me drop it. But then we got trapped in the alley way by six teenagers. Some of my therapists I went to told me they were thirteen, fourteen.My dad tried to walk past them but the most scariest one in my opinion, grabbed me from my fathers loving arms. And threw me down among the rubbish. My father tried to fight them. But he was knocked down. But what they did next I could never talk about for years. I haven't even told Paige. But there was one person I did tell and that was Ricky. He was the only one I felt comfortable to tell. To describe the rape and pain I went through. I screamed for my father during that moment, I screamed and I kicked and I called out for him. And he did nothing. He claimed he couldn't because they helded him down. But I looked into his eyes and he sat in the corner with no one holding him down and I screamed 'dad' and he just looked at me.
To this day I still have a scar of my lower rib cage.
And till this day I still hold a grudge and hate for my father.
-end of chapter-

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Chapter 1
Dedicated to @dmfanficwriters
⠀⠀Josh Hyland swaggers over to where the school's dance team sits. They're all preparing for the game that is starting in just over an hour, so they're doing their hair and makeup, already dressed in black leggings and black crop tops with the school's name in gold letters. He plops himself down next to one of the dancers, Kalani Hilliker.
⠀⠀"Hey, Lani," he says.
⠀⠀She glares at him before looking back in her handheld mirror to finish applying mascara. "How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?"
⠀⠀"Aw c'mon. I'm just trying to give you a cute nickname," he replies.
⠀⠀"Well you need to stop trying," she hisses.
⠀⠀"How about we go out to dinner after my game tonight?" Josh asks.
⠀⠀Kalani lets out a bark of laughter. "You really just want to get rejected again, don't you? What is this? The fifth time? I don't date lax boys, and you are the epitome of everything I hate about them."
⠀⠀"How about we make a deal? We win our game tonight, and you have to go on a date with me. We lose, I never ask you out again. Fair?"
⠀⠀Josh sticks out his hand to shake on the deal, and she grabs it, pumping it up and down quickly before pulling her hand back towards her as if she'll catch some type of disease just by touching him.
||Continued Below||


⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀A One Shot
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀Power outage
⠀⠀⠀⠀The students were all walking down the hall, all going to their next class. It was a rainy and story morning at Franklin High and all they heard since they got to the school was thunder.
⠀⠀⠀⠀The lights began to flicker and the students let out yelps, screams, whimpers - Some fell into each other, the floor, the lockers, water fountains. They all tried their best to run into the nearest class rooms. Some swore they heard Windows breaking.
⠀⠀⠀⠀No one was in the art room at the time except for a scared Kalani Hilliker who was on the floor and got cut from the glass of water that she knocked over when she fell. She couldn't walk and all she wanted to do was close the opened window that rain was coming through. The school has never experienced something like this before.
⠀⠀⠀⠀The art door opened and Kalani looked over and saw Josh Hyland who was running in terrified. He saw the window open and quickly ran over to close it, "hello!" He shouted. It was a big room, so he never noticed Kalani yet.
⠀⠀⠀⠀"Help me!" Kalani yelled clutching on to her cut knee. Josh ran over and there Kalani was. Scared and cold. Josh took a minute to stare at her before picking her up. He put her on a desk and took his orange flannel off.
⠀⠀⠀⠀"I-I'm Kalani." Kalani stuttered looking at him. Josh nodded and wrapped the flannel around her leg which had glass in it, "I know." He said before she yelped loudly. ⠀⠀⠀⠀"I know it hurts." He said, "I'll take you to the office–"
⠀⠀⠀⠀But just then there was an announcement on the speakers, "this is principal Frank, I want each and every student to stay in the rooms they're in, stay against the walls that are near the windows, I was just told that windows have been breaking."
⠀⠀⠀⠀And just then a window broke. Kalani screamed and hid her head in Josh's chest. And Josh was more than happy to protect her head. He wrapped his arms around her he's as the glass flew and landed in places around the room. He picked her up and opened the closet, "what are you doing?" Kalani asked.
⠀⠀⠀⠀[More below]

"Just another..."
It's been a week since Ricky left for college and I miss him so much. But today I start my own college. Which I'm very excited for. I woke up early so I could take a shower and then I got dressed into a burgundy dress with some black ankle boots. I curled my hair and did light makeup. I walked downstairs and my mom was awake and she was making some breakfast. "Hey sweetie, are you ready for you're first day of college! Isn't it exciting!" My mom smiled and she flipped the pancake that was lying in the pan.
"Yea, I'm a little nervous, but mostly excited." My phone buzzed.
It was Ricky, I smiled at his name.
"Hey babe, I'm in class right now so I can't chat. But good luck on you're first day! Love you💙"
"Aw thank you Ricky💙missing you." I texted back.
"Let me guess? Ricky?" My mom chuckled. I nodded with a giggle.
"Ok we'll hurry up and eat that," she said handing me a plate with pancakes on it, "The Hylands are coming over soon." I swallowed. I haven't seen Josh since I left Paige's house. Soon enough just like my mom said they were here. My mom took a photo of Paige and I, and we took some selfies too.
"Here Joshua, get in the middle of Chloe and Paige!" Kelly said. Why couldn't Paige be in the middle. Awkwardly I stood beside Josh as he gripped my waist tightly and too low which I gave him a dirty look afterwards for. And soon I was in the backseat and Josh was driving us all to college. We rolled up onto campus, about twenty minutes from my house and there was people everywhere. Unboxing, taking pictures, laying on the grass. Then my attention turned to a boy that had came running up to Josh and bro-hugging him. "Uh, Froy this is Paige, who you already know and this is Chloe." He reached for my hand, being polite I shook his hand.
"Well, Chloe..It's nice to meet you." "You too." I smiled, retrieving my hand. Paige and I went for a little tour before classes begun. Luckily Paige and I want to do near enough the same stuff so we were in a lot of eachothers classes. After an very exhausting day, Paige and I both met up at Josh's car for him. -more below-

"Just another..."
Tammy and I drove Ricky to the airport. It was time for him to go to Texas. And during the last three weeks we were inseparable. Tammy and Ricky hugged and I stood aside as they did their goodbyes for now. Then Ricky pulled me into a very deep emotional long hug. "I'll miss you." I said when we pulled apart.
"We will FaceTime everyday and I'll text and call and Snapchat and I'll even try to visit when I can." He smiled. I smiled back and then we kissed.
"Here I'll take a photo of you two!" Tammy said smiling. I gave her my phone and on the Snapchat app she took one of us. I put a black and white filter on it and captain it "💙✈️" and posted it on my story.
Soon after Ricky's flight was called out.
"Ok, bye mom, love you." He said giving Tammy one final hug. "Bye baby girl. I love you." Giving me and kiss and a hug.
I held my tears in because I thought it might be silly. And soon i was back at home Paige came over. "Hey, did Ricky leave already?" She asked jumping down on the couch beside me. I nodded sadly.
"Well, do you wanna do something to cheer you up? Maybe shopping cause our college starts next week!" She said placing a hand on my shoulder.
"Ok, sure." I smiled already missing Ricky.
I grabbed some money and Paige drove us to the mall. I got some graphic tees, my favourite one saying "you should you're beautiful to my boyfriend" and others like "coffee" and stuff. Then I got some jeans and some hollister hoodies and this white Calvin Kline crop top. And I got some little nick nacks. My mom brought all my cops and books that I needed a few days ago though. Paige and I drove back to my house and Kelly was there.
"There you girls at! Been looking for ya! Chloe do you wanna stay at mine?" She asked. "Yea sure." I ran upstairs and Paige stayed down with her mom and my mom. My phone buzzed and Ricky was face timing. "Hey babe! Just got off the plane I'm in the airport miss you already!"
"I miss you too Ricky!"
"What you up too?"
"Kelly asked me to stay over so I'm just packing a bag." Ricky frowned.
"Is there something wrong?" I asked.
"Will Josh be there?" He asked quietly.
I sighed. -more below-

"Just another..."
*Five Months later*
It was a perfect July evening, the last day actually of July. I just got home from Paige's house after a sleepover and I walked over to Ricky's house. He never went back to basketball and right now he's just focusing on what college to go too and his dreams.
I knocked and Tammy, who I became close too let me inside. I walked to Ricky's room.
"Baby girl, you came over!"
He smiled standing up to hug me.
"I missed you!"
"It was only two days Ricky!"
"Two days was too long!" He said pecking my lips.
"What ya up too?" I asked as we sat back down on his bed. "Just looking at some colleges."
He sighed.
"Still didn't pick yet?"
"Nope. I'd love to go to Green Academic Academy." I sighed because I don't want him to go there.
"But, that's in Texas which means I'll be further away from you and I can't even stand two days away from you." "I will be fine babe, if you wanna go to Green I won't stand in the way."
"But I wanna go to Los Angeles Academy so I can be with you."
"Ricky, I've looked for and easy college cause my mom doesn't has a lot of money for college right now and Paige is going, you have a college fund you can go to Green and be all right. Don't let me hold you back." He sighed pulling me down into a cuddling position.
"If you do go, we will be okay? Won't we?" I asked.
"Of course, nothing could break us. We're stronger than that."
I smiled and buried my head deep into his chest.
It's now a few weeks later and Ricky has calmed down about college, he has made a decision but hasn't told me yet. Tonight is our six month anniversary. Ricky said he was bringing me somewhere special. He said I would feel comfortable straight away.
When the car stopped I knew exactly where we were. It was the beach where he brought me on our second official date. Since then we've come here twice.
He slung a backpack around his neck and took hold of my hand. Once we reached the cave we sat down. We are some fruit first and laughed and talked. "So, you know the way I said I made the decision about college?"
I swallowed I was so nervous.
"Yes..." -more below-

"Just another..."
I waited outside school for Ricky. I guessed that he probably went inside already or was late so I decided to walk inside school alone instead. I was a tad late and when I walked in everything went quiet and everybody this time gave me dirty looks, normally it only goes like this when I'm with Ricky but Ricky was no where to be seen. I walked to Paige where she stood at my locker.
"What's going on?" I asked.
A door slammed.
"You're about to find out." She whispered. Ricky came out in a blue shirt and jeans. He looked so angry. The coach came out too. Ricky saw me and grabbed my hand, and laced it. He turned around and faced the coach.
"You know what coach, shove it up your ass!" He shouted, in front of everybody.
"Ricky, what's going on?"
"I'll explain later I need to get out, you coming?" Cut class? I don't want to but he seemed like he needed me.
I nodded. And we started walking quickly. We got outside and we ran to his car. I got inside and he started driving till we were off school premisses.
"Ricky what's going on? What happened?"
"Coach, he tried to stop me seeing you, he asked why I missed practice yesterday so I said I was away and he said with that girl and then he told me to leave you and focus on scholarships I said no. That I would not leave you. So he suspended me from doing basketball and football and we have a big game on Friday night."
"Ricky," guilt took over my body,"In so sorry, it's all my fault."
"No! No it's not! I'm happy he suspended me, I lost all my passion for basketball I don't want to go to college and just be a basketballer, I have bigger better dreams."
"Then why are you mad?"
"Chloe, he told me to break up with you! How dare he, can't he see you make me happy? For once this whole year I've finally been happy."
"So, what are you going to do now?"
"I'll miss a few days, let things cool off. The whole school knew before I did. I will never play for the schools basketball or football team ever again."
I swallowed. It made me nervous. That's why people were giving me dirty looks. They think that I'm the reason why Ricky got suspended. To tell the truth it is. -more below-

"Just another..."
I walked to Ricky's bedroom door and I knocked on his door before I walked inside.
"Come in."
He said. He had his back turned but he was only wearing boxers and was shirtless.
"Hi." I said a little awkward, I didn't know how to act when we've haven't been dating for that long.
"Oh sorry I thought you were my mom. Am I late?"
"No, I was early." He smiled and walked past me to his dresser. He has a six pack and his muscles are perfectly chiseled.
Making him even more attractive.
He grabbed some shorts, and a Nike tank top.
He shoved on some shoes. "You ready?" He said gently grabbing my arm. "Yep."
"Ok, im excited." He said kissing my cheek.
I blushed and we walked down to the kitchen where Ricky's mom was.
"Where you two off ta?"
She said, in a slight Texas accent it smeed.
"I'm talking Chloe on a surprise date, I'll see you later."
"Okay, well have a good time." She smiled.
Ricky and I walked outside.
"What's your moms name?" I asked.
"Tammy." He said.
"And is she from Texas?"
He chuckled.
"Yes, we moved here when I was six, so I guess I broke my accent a bit."
"Whoa, never knew that. You're a cowboy!"
"Hey! I'm not just any cowboy I'm your cowboy." He smiled, while my cheeks flushed a bright pink.
He drove me to a beach I've never even heard off.
"What beach is this?"
"I call it, "dessert beach" because, no body has ever come here since the eighteen hundreds. I guess people forgot about it."
"What happened? Why did people leave it?"
"I don't know, but I have found a very beautiful place where I want to bring you. I come here a lot, more often than the hiking place. Cause this place I know that no one will be here. When I had a rough day maybe basketball didn't go well I come here. I want to share that with you."
I smiled and kissed him softly.
He grabbed my hand and leaded me to the place. It was a little, but spacious cave type of thing. He had blankets and candles here.
"You put down blankets and candles?"
"Well, uh usually I stay here a very long time so I decided to make it comfortable. Sometimes I even sleep here, but that's when I just can't take school or you know life."
-more below-

"Just another..."
I sat crossed legged on the stage holding the hands of my fellow dance mates. I really hope that we get first. But I haven't danced in ages and maybe if we lose it could possibly be my fault. Second place was called out. It wasn't us. I looked at Ricky. And he mouthed "You're amazing." I smiled and then it faded as we both stared at eachother waiting for the results.
"And in first place, this was a beautiful dance and we just had to give it first, "dangerous red"!" A man shouted into a microphone.
Ricky's face lit up, he stood clapping and we stood up and ran to the trophy. Maddie held it with Kendall and I stood beside her. "What company are you from?" "House of dance!" We screamed.
I could not stop smiling. I was so happy. I quickly took some photos in the dressing room and then changed into my clothes and I walked outside in search for Ricky. I turned a corner. Ricky was standing in the hall.
"Ricky!" I called out. He turned around and smiled. I ran towards him and jumped into a hug. "You were amazing! I'm so proud!"
He smiled.
"Thank you!" I said.
He kissed me. "I finally saw you dance and I'm so excited to watch you again and again." I blushed. "Let's get back to the others." He smiled.
We walked back to the dressing room holding hands. I could do this forever. Hold hands with Ricky.
After awhile and a speech from Miss Sarah, we all got onto the bus. I was so tired, it was a big day. And I guess i fell asleep on Ricky cause I woke up and I was lying against his chest and his arm was over my back,but he fell asleep too. We got off the bus and I kissed Ricky and we hugged and he drove home. I was walking to my car with my mom and Maddie pulled me back. She took her phone out and showed me a photo. It was off me and Ricky sleeping.
"I thought it was cute, I'll send it too you on snapchat."
"Aw thanks Maddie, see you on Monday." I said giving her a hug.
When I eventually got home, I took my makeup off and I collapsed onto my bed and fell asleep. -
Sunday Monday, I woke up and took a shower first. I remembered Ricky telling me to wear something on the lines of shorts and a tank top.
-more below-

"Just another..."
It was Saturday. Most importantly competition day. I waited at the dance studio and then I saw Ricky's car pull in. He walked up to me and gave me a kiss and a hug. "I'll follow behind the bu-"
"Oh hi guys, is this your boyfriend Chloe?" Miss Sarah said interrupting.
"Oh, yes this is Ricky." I said awkwardly.
"Nice to meet you Ricky, are you coming to the comp?" She asked.
"Uh, yes if that's ok?"
"Of course, you coming on the bus?"
"No I was going to follow behind the bus."
"Ah just come on the bus, the moms are too and it will save you gas."
Ricky looked at me.
"Uh ok sure." He smiled.
Miss Sarah smiled and walked over to the others.
"Yay babe you can sit beside me!"
I smiled.
"I'll go get my phone and stuff." I nodded and walked to the girls.
"Ricky's coming on the bus guys."
"Is he?" Brynn asked.
"He's cute!" Brynn giggled.
"Well he's mine and Brynn you have a boyfriend!" I laughed.
The girls laughed. "He never came to any competitions with Kalani." Kendall said. "Really?" I asked. "Yup." Nia agreed.
I really bonded with the girls within the week I had known them. They are all super sweet.
Ricky came over. He had a little rucksack with him. Eventually we all gathered on the bus and I sat down beside Ricky. I sat closest to the window and he sat on the outside. "How you feeling? You nervous?" He asked.
"A little." I confessed.
"Well I'll be in the audience cheering you on." He smiled.
The bus took off.
"You're too sweet." I smiled.
He kissed me. "You guys are so cute." Maddie said popping from behind the seat.
I laughed and she sat back down beside Kendall.
It was an hour into the drive and I put my legs across Ricky's lap. We took snapchats. And it was so much fun, we talked. "No I'm serious! I used to wear that all the time!" Ricky laughed, showing me a picture of himself when he was younger that wa son his phone.
"I can't believe that! But even back then you were still cute!" I giggled.
"Aw," He smiled,"Can we go out somewhere tomorrow?" "Don't you have training?"
"It's fine, it's just one training."
"I don't want you to miss anything."
"It's fine I promise I wanna spend time with you."
-more below-

"Just another..."
I arrived at 'House of dance' after school. I got changed into my dance wear. I'm not on a team so I don't have much classes with Maddie. I was in a jazz class when I was called out by Miss Sarah. "So how are you finding your time here?" She asked.
"Oh I love it here!" I smiled.
"Now, down to the point you're one of the best dancers we've seen and we love for you to be apart of the senior competition team, your friend Maddie is on it? If you don't want to join I'd understand but it would be a loss to the team."
"Oh my god!" I couldn't believe it, "I would love to join the team!" I said ecstatic. "Great, follow me and you can meet everyone."
She brought me into Studio 6. There was four girls. "So guys! I think I finally found a replacement for our old teammates! This is Chloe Lukasiak." Who's the old teammates? Paige and Brooke?
Everyone sorta smiled and waved and said hi. I saw Maddie and she looked very happy to see me. "Chloe, this is Kendall," A brunette who was very pretty "This is Brynn.'" a skinny blonde, "This is Nia," She was an African American and she was gorgeous,"And this is Maddie." Maddie came up and hugged me. "I'm so excited!"
She said. I started learning the group number straight away and I really liked it. Of course I wasn't in a featured role as I only joined but I didn't mind these girls deserve it more than me. We landed in our ending pose and then Miss Sarah told us to sit down.
"Now, Chloe star bound is having a competition this weekend. I know you're only new but I want us to perform the group, you guys got very well together." Oh my god, the pressure.
"So I need you guys to practice all the time outside of dance and in class work really hard." She said.
I gave her a nervous smile and she let us go. I walked to the changing room with Maddie. "Are the old teammates Paige and Brooke?" I asked.
"Yes and Kalani. You're replacing three people." She said.
"Whoa, that's so much pressure." I said.
"Don't stress, Miss Sarah wouldn't set you up to fail plus she wouldn't ask you to join if she thought you weren't good enough." She said reassuring. "Ok." I smiled. -more below-

"Just another..."
Paige, Maddie, Jack and Josh all went to Santa Monica. Of course I was the one squished beside Josh and Jack. Not that I dislike Jack but it was awkward between Josh and I and I'm afraid of what he might say today to Ricky. When we finally reached to the pier we found Ricky beside the entrance he was with two boys and two girls. The boys I learnt were Liam and Emery and the girls were they're girlfriends Brooklynn and Bailee. I walked up to Ricky with a smiled and we hugged. "You look beatif-"
"Hi I'm Josh." Josh said rudely interrupting Ricky. "Uh, hi I'm Ricky."
"Oh I know who you are." He said with a look. He walked with the others as we went inside.
"What's his problem?" Ricky asked.
"It's a long story, don't mind him." I said putting my hand on his chest. He smiled and we laced hands.
We went on the rollocoster first. Josh had no one to go with but he expected me to go with him but I went with Ricky.
After that we went on the Ferris wheel. Again, josh thought I would go with him and once again I didn't.
After that we played some arcade games. "Guys let's go for walk on the beach!" Bailee suggested, enthusiastic.
We all agreed and took our shoes off. I wrapped myself around Ricky's arm and rested my head on his biceps. "I had fun today." I said. "I did too. Can you tell me about Josh now?" He said stopping. "Uh, sure." Josh stopped with us.
"Uh we will catch up in a minute," Josh still waited, "Josh can we be alone?" I asked. He rolled his eyes and left. I faced Ricky.
"Ok well ten years ago before the Hylands moved I liked Josh and he liked me too. And he kissed me on my cheek and me being eight I said I couldn't have a boyfriend till I'm sixteen, and he said that he'd wait till then. So then yesterday I was in Paige's room and he came in he tried to kiss me," Ricky face dropped, "Don't worry I pulled away and said I had a boyfriend. He got mad and said that he was 'waiting for me' or whatever but I don't like him anymore like that and then you called and it got super awkward after that."
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"Just another..."
I have a boyfriend.
Ricky dropped me home around nine forty five. With another kiss.
I just fell in love with him today and I don't know why. I couldn't help it.
I walked into my living room.
"Hey Chlobird." Kelly said as she stood up.
"Do you wanna come over and stay?" She asked.
I looked to my mom with a questioning look.
"Are you sure Kells?"
"Of course! She's basically my third daughter!" She laughed. I ran up stairs to my room to pack a bag. I grabbed some pyjamas, some clothes for the next day, my makeup and my charger and some other stuff too. I looked in at Clara. She was passed out, it looked like she was trying to read a book but fell asleep I giggled, and ran downstairs. "I'm ready!" I say.
"I'll see you tomorrow." Kelly said to my mom giving her a hug.
We all walked out side, Ricky came running over.
"Uh you must have accidentally put this necklace in the basket." He said.
I looked at him.
"I didn't have a neckl-"
He placed it in my hand and winked at me. He kissed my cheek and ran back to his house. I looked at the necklace. It was a heart shaped locket. I opened it and it was us on our first date. I turned around and Kelly and my mom were staring at me.
"Ok, so now I have a boyfriend."
I said laughing quickly getting into the car.
They squealed and let out a laugh.
Within ten minutes I was at the Hyland household. "Paige is in the shower so you're like her surprise!" Kelly laughed as we walked inside, "You can wait in her room if you want, it's the one on the top right corner."
I smiled and ran up the stairs and went to Paige's room. It was a light yellow, she had white furniture. She had photos and I was in a few of them.
"Hey Paige-" Josh walked in only in his white boxers. I stared at him. He had a perfect chiselled body.
"Oh, hi." He said smiling.
"Hi." I said.
"Where's Paige?" He asked.
"Uh Kelly said she was in shower, I only just git here."
"Oh, well uh how was your day?"
I smiled just thinking about Ricky and I grabbed my locket.
"It was amazing."
"Mine too, I thought about you all day."
My jaw dropped he walked over to me and lingered his finger up and down my arms.
"Josh.." I said.
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"Just another..."
It was now nine o clock. We were still at the hiking place and we were eating strawberries.
"Aren't you glad I brought so much food now?" I joked.
"Very!" Chloe laughed. God, she's so cute. I don't believe in love at first sight or whatever, but bringing Chloe to such a special place in my heart makes me love her. I know, I know only two weeks. Maybe I'm just crazy.
I laid down and Chloe came close beside me. We looked at the stairs. It was a beautiful night. For such a beautiful girl. Now, is the perfect chance. I grabbed Chloe's hand and stood up, bringing her up.
"Chloe," I was so nervous. She grabbed my other hand, "I brought you here today to ask an important question. On this beautiful night, for such a beautiful girl under the stars I'd like to ask you a question?"
Her eyes went big.
"Ask ahead." I could tell she was nervous now. I shuffled closer.
"Would you please make me extremely happy and extremely lucky and be my girlfriend?" I smiled as I saw a smile creep across her face.
"Yes!" She wrapped her arms around my neck and I wrapped mine around her back in a tight hug. I can't believe she actually said yes! I never felt this way about a girl before. We pulled apart and stared deeply in each others eyes.
I leaned in a kissed her.
For the first time that I kissed somebody I had fireworks. It felt like the world stopped it was only us in the whole universe and nothing could come between us.
-end of chapter-

"Just another.."
My second week had past by and now it's Saturday. It's so hot out today and Ricky said he's bringing me on a date. I'm very excited.
I tied my hair up into a bun. I did a very light layer of makeup. I wore black denim shorts and a white tank top, along with my Nike running shoes.
Around one o'clock Ricky picked me up. We set of somewhere in his car. "So can you tell me where we are going now?" I laughed.
"It's a surprise!" He laughed.
He turned up the radio.
He started humming and rapping the steering wheel, I laughed and put my hand out the window waving it up and down.
"You staring out the window,I'm out standing in the street, you standing like a scarecrow." He sang. I turned and looked at him. And he stopped,
"Keep going."
"I just wanna believe in you and me, oh I just wanna believe in you and me, hey oh hey oh!" I smiled.
"I love you're voice."
"I'm not that good."
"Yes, yes you are."
He smiled at me and turned back to face the road.
Another song came on.
"Little do you know how I'm breaking while you fall asleep, little do you know I'm still haunted by the memories." I sat up straight and looked at him while he sang.
"Away away, I'll love you like you never felt the pain, I'll wait, I promise you don't have to be afraid."
I just stared at his beauty. And the voice he had was unbelievable. He was amazing. And I don't believe in love at first sight. But at this moment when I heard the pain in voice I knew I loved him. Even if it wasn't deep love. I loved him.
"Cause little do you know I, I love you till the sun dies."
We got to a hiking site.
"We're going on a hike?" I asked getting out of the car.
He walked around to the trunk.
He opened it and took out a blanket and a picnic blanket.
"We're having a picnic!" He smiled.
We started walking and I felt a hand touch mine. I looked down at the site, Ricky just laces his hand with mine. I looked at him and he smiled, I smiled back.
We got to the top and he laid down the blanket. "Nobody comes here anymore but I find this place a true beauty, and a place to relax and unwind."
I smiled. He took me to a special place.
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"Just another..."
Fifteen|Chloe •••
I waited for Ricky out the back of the school. Paige had left already as she had so much study to catch up on. Ricky texted me instead.
"I'm so sorry I completely forgot I have after school training💙"
"It's fine, text you later?💙"
"Of course💙"
I got into my car and started driving.
I really like Ricky. He's so funny and sweet and hot.
I eventually got to 'house of dance' and I signed up for my classes. I had to fill out a few forms but I didn't mind. My first class starts Wednesday. I'm excited to get dancing again.
Paige came over around half six with Kelly. Me and Paige went for a walk around my neighbourhood.
"I signed up for dancing today."
"Oh yea, how did that go?" Paige smiled.
"Good, I have my first class on Wednesday."
"Aw yay, are you excited to be dancing again?"
"Yea! I just hope I don't get my ass kicked!" I laughed.
"So, how are you and Ricky lately? I saw his instagram he got so many likes!"
"Oh yeah, it was really fun. I really like him. But, what did you mean when you said I didn't want to know him?"
She sighed.
"Well he's a great guy and I'd love for you guys to get together and you're cute but, he has had so many girlfriends in the last few years, and I don't want you to be just another one of his toys. I don't want you getting hurt."
"He told me he really likes me, and it was special Paige. I trust, I mean I hope he wouldn't hurt me but for now it's just a bit of fun."
We were one house away from Ricky's and he walked outside.
He was wearing gym clothes and had headphones in. He never saw us. He started stretching. And he started to sing the song I guess that he was listening too. "I don't wanna live forever cause I know I'll be living in pain and I don't wanna fit wher-" He turned and saw us and stopped singing. When we got close enough we started talking.
"You've a really good voice Ricky."
I smiled.
"Oh me no? I was just messing about."
"No it's really good." Paige said.
His face went red.
"Well, I text you later, bye."
He jogged on.
"I think we embarrassed him." Paige whispered.
"I think so."
-end of chapter-
"I will make you see all of the thing that you can be"🎶

"Just another..."
I collapsed onto my bed. My phone in my hand, I clicked into instagram the photo I posted with Chloe got one thousand six hundred and ninety two likes already. I captioned it with "Sunday blues💙" Not because I was sad because we both wore blue.
Of course Kalani was not happy and I got a harsh Snapchat from her.
I really liked Chloe. She's such a smart, sweet, beautiful girl. But so much pressure is put on me when I get a girlfriend. She has to be stunning which Chloe is, but they have to be a cheerleader cause apparently "Cheerleaders and Athletes look better together" Which doesn't make sense. There's just a lot of pressure on me in general. To get a scholarship to a good college. To be popular. When that's not who I am inside. It's just a lot. I opened the snapchat app next. I texted Chloe.
"I really enjoyed today, thank you for coming to the game and for dinner💙"
She texted back and she was all cosy with her blankets wrapped us close to her face.
"I had a great day too💙"
"I wanna do it again, I like hanging out with you💙. Oh hey, I'm sorry to ask but my car is in the garage would you be able to bring me to school tomorrow?"
"Yea sure, meet me at my house?💙"
"See you there thank youuu💙"
I put my phone on charge and turned around and face palmed my pillow with a smile on my face I fell asleep.
I walked downstairs to my mom. "Good morning sweetie." She smiled. "Morning mom." "Want some toast?" She asked.
"Ah I'd love some." I laughed.
She put two slices of bread in the toaster and I ran back up stairs to change. I wore Adidas skinnies and a hoodie and I grabbed my phone. By the time I was finished my toast was done and I gobbled it all up. "Thank mom, see you tonight."
"No Ricky I'm going back to Texas tonight, remember?"
"Shoot I totally forgot, see you on Friday."
My auntie is very well lately and my mom goes back to Texas, where I'm originally from on a regular basis.
"Bye, have a good day! Love you!" I picked up my bag.
"Love you too!" I shouted running outside. I walked to Chloe's house and I knocked on her door. A little girl who looked like Chloe but only with blue eyes answered.
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