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Are you single or taken ?❤️
I am like single forever lmao💔
Love you guys !!!

My gorgeous, iconic, talented & amazing Idol I love you so much💗keep slaying queen 👑 #HappyBirthdayTaylorSwift

— they were my childhood and the true meaning of deserved better.
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cc and shakes by @maliexotic
dt my baby @kindraxhl

This was sad. 😕 I can’t believe the Globes snubbed Jennifer. She should’ve been nominated for “Mother!” 😑😒🖕🏾

Happy birthday to the Beautiful TAYLOR SWIFT 🎉🎈🎁🎂

that awkward moment when I haven't even seen mother! yet and I don't think I would be able to understand it even if I did
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Cute or not? 🌸
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2009 or 2016?
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A charismatic eccentric autodidact who always seems to exist on his own planet decides to put together a vanity project to show the world what he’s truly capable of...so the James Franco Story?! 😂 Hi-bl**dy-larious stuff from the triple(or is that quadruple?) threat that is Franco. Guy’s great in it, but gotta say, in a movie stuffed to the very brim with scene-stealers, it’s the (perennial) other Franco who steals the whole show. Guess he’s no longer just the “kid brother” any more, huh? Wait, isn’t that what happens in the movie… also the movie-within-the-movie… woah? So many layers of meta that my mind’s blown!! No wonder #millennials are so into this!
PS. The Room (the real movie) was percolating in my waning days of pre-OC LA, but I always thought it was a horror movie because of the creepy billboards so I always declined to go… shows what little I know!!

How did you find my page?
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Josh Hutcherson como Peeta Mellark o mozão #joshhutcherson #peetamellark

Are you single or taken ?❤️
I am like single forever lmao💔
Love you guys !!!

That highlight and contour on Katniss though.. 👌🏾✨

Guys is this a photoshopped picture?😮
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Condemn a Halfhearted kiss.
Describe my edits in one word . Cause I need a confidence booster right now 😂
Gonna have 300
Likes goals on this edit pls❤️
I actually like this wow kinda didn’t wanna use a movie quote so I went and found a quote from catching fire book on this scene and used it :) _______________________________________
This scene isn’t even a whole page in the book 😂 all good though cause it’s a sad beautiful part cause peetas still hurt from katniss saying it was an act 💔
If repost give credit ty
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Happy birthday to the Beautiful TAYLOR SWIFT 🎉🎈🎁🎂

How do you say "I love you" in your language?
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•If Josh Hutcherson's smile doesn't melt your heart, then it must be made of stone• ----------------------------------------------------
I love his smile😍...Who loves it too ?
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New/old BTS still from Catching Fire and photo from The Hunger Games
I haven't posted in a long time specially because of school, but I'm already on winter break so I guess I'll post more idk🤷🏽‍♀️

Peetas face in the first picture is iconic 😂😂
Qotd:The hunger games first chariot ride costumes, or catching fire chariot ride costumes?
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Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎅
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🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎅 🎅
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Via: Instagram 📷

My gorgeous, iconic, talented & amazing Idol I love you so much💗keep slaying queen 👑 #HappyBirthdayTaylorSwift

hii sorry i haven't been active. ive been focusing on school because of finals :((( but ill be posting more! i hope my masks are helpful <33

this is so cute

“when you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like discrimination.”

you know something isn’t right when a quote that perfectly fits the hunger games also perfectly fits today’s society... lol fuck

THE DISASTER ARTIST was one of the best experiences in a movie theater that I have had in my life. This movie is fantastic. The entire cast and crew poured so much passion and heart into this, and it really shows. James Franco directs and stars as Tommy Wiseau. This isn't a joke. He deserves so much awards recognition for this performance. He transforms himself and perfectly captured the mannerisms of this man. Dave Franco also stars, and he is fantastic as well. Dare I say, the best performance of Dave's career. The entire cast is so funny and play their parts perfectly. Shoutout to Josh Hutcherson and Zac Efron for having great scenes as well. The script is so well written and has just so many hysterical moments, and much more if you are familiar with "The Room." It actually makes me want to read the book that this story is based on. Franco shined in front of the camera, but don't take anything away from what he was able to do behind it. He told this story that had no means of being emotional at all, and turned in something so much more than just a comedy. And that brings us to this story, it's not too bizarre when you look at it closely. It's actually a really good story. And the themes it explores throughout are very personal to me and I just loved seeing them be played out. It showed, and it was actually incredibly emotional, which was surprising, but great. I'm rushing to get this out because I want to get off instagram until TLJ. But overall, this movie is phenomenal and you should definitely see it, especially if you have knowledge of The Room. Franco shines, great story and script, and just an amazing experience overall. 9.5/10! I love this, and it actually makes me want to watch "The Room" again! Leave your thoughts below!

Foto de semana con #liamhemsworth #jenniferlawrence #joshhutcherson llego la navidad en @jenniferlaw_joshu

Hello dear ones, I'm your Beverly!
I wanted to get in touch short!
I'm doing quite well so far!
I'm still in the hospital!
But I want to get out of here!
I hope that I am healthy again soon and finally get out of here!
I'm lying on the leg of Dean right now!
He is so friendly and nice!
He has been here all the time,
meanwhile he has found his way home!
And I have some time for myself!
That's just fine!
Because I feel crushed by his love!
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Photo 1 Back at the hospital! It was now in the middle of the night! And Nathan came quietly into the room! he whispered to Dean: hey my big one! I wanted to take you home! So can you sleep a little! Dean: can you forget! Beverly was sleeping very deeply!
Photo 2 Nathan knelt down next to Dean: Dean do you think it makes you feel better if you do not care about your health anymore? I am also worried about you! You have been here for almost 5 days and you were not sleeping! It is dangerous what you do! Dean: I stay here! Beverly got nothing noticed !
Photo 3 Nathan got up again: Dean, please, it does you not help! Come with me! Dean: I said no! Nathan: If you do not come voluntarily I will ...! Beverly was sleeping!
Photo 4 Dean got up and interrupted Nathan! And said softly: will you do something? You will carry me out of here? I know you could do that! And yes, I do not want to argue with you! I come with! Nathan: wow it goes but! I thought I had to carry you out of here! Beverly slept deep !
Photo 5 Dean gave Beverly a little peck on the cheek! and went with Nathan!
Photo 6 outside, he said to Nathan: you are not so wrong! I can not do anything anyway! Nathan: Layla told me that! That you are so Stubborn! And you want to stay here! But you also have to think about yourself! And sleep again!
Photo 7 Nathan had to hold Dean because he almost had a faintness!
Photo 8 Dean had his arm on Nathan's shoulder and had to lean on him! He was pretty tired! Nathan: and That's exactly what I mean! You are totally unable, to drive a car! how good that I just came by train, and stood my car!
Photo 9 Nathan took Dean in his arms and said to him where is your car again! Dean: Ehm I have 2 cars! but I'm here with the Combi here, and he stands in the parking lot opposite, the magenta colored Subaru! very noticeable by the paint! Nathan grinned: and where is your jewelry piece? Dean: My mother has it at the moment because her car is in the workshop! Nathan: Ok then we can go to the parking and we drive home! Photo 10 They went to the car!

The Disaster Artist
Available on Netflix: no
So keep in mind, this review is a) coming from someone that hasn’t read the novel, and b) has seen The Room multiple times (yes, Ik I live a sad life). So The Disaster Artist is a biographical comedy following the making of the worst film of all time, while also illustrating the complicated friendship between Tommy Wiseau (played perfectly by James Franco) and Greg Sestero (Dave Franco). Look, this is easily one of my favourite comedies of 2017, and probably one of my favourite films of 2017. Is this a movie you’ll enjoy more if you see The Room, 100%. It’ll be funny without, but there’s sooooooo many references to the worst film ever made that makes this so brilliant. The actors are all on point, some of the casting choices are jokes all in their own (yet they still manage to nail them), and the scenes from The Room that they reshot for this film were perfect, they were word for word, frame for frame, they were spot on. Really the only complaint I have is that apparently, there were a lot of scenes in the book (some of the funniest ones) that didn’t make it into the film, and I honestly woulda loved to see them, aside from that, this movie was brilliant. It’s a great, great comedy with some really heartfelt dramatic scenes and some incredible acting. Again though, watch The Room and some of the interviews with Tommy Wiseau before seeing this, you’ll enjoy it a lot more. You can thank me later.
#thedisasterartist #disasterartist #jamesfranco #davefranco #tommywiseau #joshhutcherson #alisonbrie #sethrogen #gregsestero #review #reviews #comedy #biography #drama #movies #film

Esa hermosa sonrisa, otra vez 😍

#JoshHutcherson #TeamHutcherson #JHutch #OldButGold

Nuevas y buenas noticias de Jennifer. Jen tiene un nuevo proyecto donde además de ser protagonista, será productora. 💕 #jenniferlawrence #joshhutcherson #joshifer

Photo 1 Back at the hospital! Dean is waiting for Beverly to be returned from the investigation!
Photo 2 Layla had finally end of working day and went to Dean! She spoke to him now as his sister-in-law and not as a doctor! and said: Dean It's really time for you to go home and sleep! You can not do anything anymore!
Photo 3 Dean: I promised Beverly that I would stay with her! I do not go! Layla: you are like a child! Right stubborn! Dean had to grin: if I promise something then hold it so too! That was, is and always will so be!
Photo 4 The orderly came and told them: Mrs. Carter is back in her room! Layla: Thanks! And what came out in the investigation? Carer: everything is alright! the heart was completely accepted and no more danger to life! She is on a good way to recovery! If this continues, she will be able to get out of here in 5 to 6 days! And then she can go to rehab immediately! Layla: that's great! Many Thanks! dean listened and was very happy!
Photo 5 Dean hugged Layla to thank her: thank you for everything! Layla: this is my job but not only i was responsible for it but also dr. Julianna Derkos she is our specialist!
Photo 6 Beverly was in bed and was alone she was crying! And was in thought: I want to get out of here! I do not want to die here like my parents! I'm afraid of that ! I wonder how I get out of here! Dean never leaves me! He crushed me with his love! I have never experienced! that a man can love a woman so much! But I need time for myself! But how should I do that! I want to leave!
Photo 7 Dean came in and sat next to her on the bed and stroked her head! She was still crying softly! Dean: I'm with you, you're need not afraid to have more!
Photo 8 Beverly rested her head on Dean's leg and clung to him! But said nothing! She cried some tears! And they rolled over her face! Dean just looked at her and said nothing! He just wanted to be there for her!

#NEWS Amanhã será divulgado a lista dos indicados ao SAG award 2018. Vamos fazer nossas orações, cruzar os dedos, fazer qualquer coisa que envolva boas energias para que o Josh seja indicado para alguma coisa. Amém irmãos? #joshhutcherson

Tomorrow will be released the list of nominees to the SAG award 2018. Let's pray, cross our fingers, do anything that involves good energy so that Josh is indicated for something. Amen brothers?
Mañana se lanzará la lista de nominados al premio SAG 2018. Oremos, crucemos los dedos, hagamos cualquier cosa que implique buena energía para que Josh esté indicado para algo. ¿Amén?

This was sad. 😕 I can’t believe the Globes snubbed Jennifer. She should’ve been nominated for “Mother!” 😑😒🖕🏾

's edit
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Well, another video edit out! I messed it up a little but be patient, I'm still a beginner! Other than that I thought it was worth posting. I didn't think I'd finish it today so I was originally planning on posting ut tomorrow. Oh well, faster updates are better, right???😋
I just saw that xxxtentacion's and 21 savage's new album is out and I really need to listen to it right fucking now beacuse I have high expectations and I really need some new songs because I'm listening to the same songs like 100000 times. Dm or give me tips on good music, I NEED IT!!!!

Swear, I’m moving to another country after I graduate. I can’t stand the current political climate in the US anymore. What country were you born in? 🇺🇸

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