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عشقم خیلی بامزس💞👼

刚看完电影。#joshgreen 好帅呀!he's so adorable😍😍😳🙋🏻❤💛💚💙💜💕#AlvinandtheChipmunks

Tweet estampado na alma 💝
Um famoso que eu verdadeiramente posso chamar de amigo.

#JoshGreen #Miles #Alvin4

I posted this too late here, it's march 1st already. But, oh well happy bday josh! ❤️🎉

Tiedättekö, jonkun asian fanitus antaa elämään hienoa lisämakua ja on hyvä vastapaino arjelle. Kiitos KooKoo menneestä kaudesta! Se ei ehkä mennyt ihan suunnitelmien mukaan mutta ei se mitään, ensi vuonna paremmin. #kookoo #fani #oranssimustasydän #kouvolassakadutkinonkultaa #joshgreen

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Seru lucu,,udah nonton belum?? Mau donk di jiwir kamu,aeh... 😝😝😝

Can you identify all four pieces? On display at the Daum Contemporary Art Museum in Sedalia MO which the collector's tour visited today with @paulsacaridiz @leslieferrin and @gisellehicks photo via #joshgreen

20 years of mad adventures and brotherhood!
@jamesvincent1 #joshgreen #brothersfromanothermother #90s #NYC


Retired multi-time off-road champion and Active 8 Yamaha team manager, @aj166, stopped by the office today to pick up a set of green and gold @tcxboots Comp Evo Michelin boots for Active 8 team members @joshgreen99 and @wilruprecht77.
Green and Ruprecht will be representing Australia in the International Six Day Enduro in France later this month, keep an eye on these guys as they go for gold on the world stage!
#tcxaus #tcxboots #mcleodaccessories #active8yamaha #active8 #ajroberts #joshgreen #wilruprecht #isde #internationalsixday #isdefrance2017 #enduro #offroad #compevo #compevomichelin #tcxcompevo 📸 @mcleodaccessoriesaus

Hehe, I sent this film link to many people but until now, I just made vid for this #movie . My bad. #fairhaven is a story about #jamesgrant . He returned home after going through a Christian therapy to cure his "gay disease". His family owned an apple orchard named Fair Haven. His mother passed away and now he lived with his father . After coming back, he ran into #charliegreen - his boyfriend and all the feelings he tried to bury glowed again inside. He dated a girl in town to run away from his deep down feeling and to please his father. But no matter how hard he tried, he still loved Charlie and one day, he couldn't hide it anymore. They got back together and his father was so angry when he found out. After all, his father decided to accept him and his relationship with Charlie although he maybe never got it. Charlie and James went to Boston together because James wanted to go to music college. A great movie with amazing casts and good plot. His father never can understand his son 's true self but he accepts and loves him anyway, they are still family after all. The most important thing is that he tried his best. And you can never cure gay, it's not a disease, it's who you are, you were born that way, some idiots will ignore it or try to hurt you , but remember , you're not alone. #michaelgrant and #joshgreen look so cute together. ❤️song: #learntoloveagain

Melhor filme 😍😍 #fairhaven #michaelgrant #joshgreen

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