BLOOOP!!😂 #joshgad

نام فیلم: Beauty and the Beast
سال : 2017
ژانر : خانوادگی, موزیکال , فانتزی
IMDB: 7.2
کارگردان: Bill Condon
دختری جوان و زیبا بنام بل که پدرش توسط دیو در قلعه زندانی شده است مجبور می شود که نزد دیو برود و.....



hello i’m back again with this picture because i love this picture so freaking much. like, belle and lefou didn’t have many scenes together but like josh and emma still were friend-like you know? i just love them. also i just made another video edit and i’ll post it today and i’m actually a little bit proud of it lol.

this picture is life oh my god. they are amazing i mean JUST LOOK AT THEM. sorry for this little series of photos by the way, i just started it so that i could post this one. stolen by @gaston_and_lefou_2018 (AGAIN!). these two people are the best. how is it no girl has snatched you up yet? (oh wait this did happen in a way, oops)

belle 🥀

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