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hola hola it's 4:40 pm and I love kard

July 25, 1997 I left home to join the Seminary. Thank you Lord for never leaving my side and for allowing me to meet so many amazing souls along the way! The adventure is just beginning!
It all began on the 25th of July,
97 was the year, making it now 20 years gone by.
A 13 year old boy, said goodbye to his friends,

And began a journey where he knew not would end.
From Illinois to New Hampshire, he flew far away, 
To follow a call to the priesthood, come what may.

For 20 long years this boy prepared hard,
Completing degree after degree, following that star.

He traversed the whole world and met many a soul,
From paupers to popes, each had a role,
To teach this boys heart,
That famous or small, each person is Gods very own work of art.
For 20 long years he followed the Lord,
Who promised to never let him get a bit bored.
This boy thought for so long his call was to be a priest,
But it seems not to be his path to the Feast.

That feast is heaven, the goal for us all,
Whether priest or married we all have a call;
To make Jesus our Savior, our Lord and our all.

No longer 13 and therefore not a boy
But now he's 33, a grown man with a lot of joy
It’s a joy that comes from having given your best,
Treasuring the good times and giving God the rest.

My motto has always been, “I’ll never give up”,
Come hell or high water, let me tell you what’s up,
That what truly matters in life, is not what you've done,
But is the love that burns in you for God's Son.

Thank You Jesus and Mary for the last 20 years,
I’m not afraid of the future, I give you all my fears.
Just give me what you gave me on that 25th of July,
The courage to follow you until the day I die.  #catholic #catholics #priesthood #god #hope #prayer #jesus #mary #joseph #instahomilay

Disney Channel dreams 🐭💚
(Thanks @calbert4494 for the idea✨) #flatrockplayhouse #joseph #disneychannel #kaftan #hairbangsalways #techweek


Pinkpinkpinkpinkpinkpinkpinkpinkpinkpinkpinkpinkpinkpinkpink -Al

only skeleton bones remain

sad this theme is over
qotd: who is your favorite care bear 💓
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frick almost forgot to post today. sorryyy
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