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God bless #jordanedwards family. It a shame what happen to this young boy. #blackisbeautiful #nodaysoff

Anytime I feel like complaining, which is every once in awhile, I remember how I've been blessed with these two angels in my life. May everyone see them as I do. RIP #jordanedwards

As a black mother, I feel the murder of these black children a little more deeply, a little more heavily, than the rest of my black kinfolk who aren't mothers. Im tired of posting about police killing our black babies. I'm exhausted of writing captions for black children who will never drive their first car, go to prom, sign their first housing lease & make a change in the world. Our black babies are not being given the chance to become us. They're wiping out the next generation of black excellence, problackness, BLM. "Ain't no black power if your baby's killed by a coward." - K Dot. It's hard for me to post about this bc it emotionally gets in the way of my mothering, so this will be my only post regarding 15y/o Edwards. Justice for #JordanEdwards.

“We know that this world failed you. But it did not steal your joy or your love. It tried, but it failed. You carried with you a joy bigger than this world, so big that even when the world was unable to protect you, you showed it your best self.”— #BlackLivesMatter activist @iamderay honors the life of #JordanEdwards, the 15-year-old who was fatally shot by police in Texas last year. Tap the link in bio for more. #TheIconsIssue

Slackin on the cuttin since being away but did a lil freestyle in memory of #jordanedwards , a young life took too soon ❤ Tupac is my favourite motivational speaker of all time . Changes need to be made , and it can only start with US , the human race . 💔

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Last month we were all devastated to hear about the killing of 15-year-old #JordanEdwards. The unarmed teen was fatally shot in the head by a Texas police officer while riding in a vehicle as he left a party.


Recently, former NBA superstar #KobeBryant showed major love to #KevonEdwards, Jordan Edwards’ older brother, for his 17th birthday.


According to TMZ, to help Kevon celebrate his birthday, Bryant sent over an autographed jersey and two pairs of his of his Mamba’s signature shoe. On the jersey, Bryant wrote, “To Kevon, Do epic things! God bless. Much love!” _____________________________________

Kevon was in the vehicle with his brother the day he was killed by #RoyOliver.


Since the April shooting, Oliver was fired and—read more at TheShadeRoom.com

I couldn't care less about this picture and I hate that she apologized for it. No one apologized for all the nooses left around various campuses across the nation after Trump took office. Trump himself hasn't spoken out against the ACTUAL murders of #JordanEdwards and #RichardCollins. But a picture is too far? FOH. #kathygriffin #donaldtrump


I haven't had much time to draw lately, so I thought I'd do a throwback Thursday. .
I came across this article today, which inspired me to choose this particular page of my Hobonichi to re-share with you. As a mother of two boys, Jordan's story touched me deeply and I'm glad they're still writing about him. .
#sayhisname✊🏾 #jordanedwards #blacklivesmatter
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Why is There Evil in the World?
Further support for my argument that the jealous Christian bible God is evil is found in the Script ure. If evil is something that causes suffering, and something is described as being evil if said thing causes ruin, then it can be said that whatever is the source of evil (suffering, pain, etc.) is evil, as the source is the original cause. What does the bible have to say about evil? Where did it come from? Man? No. Satan? No. Angels? No. God? Yes.
Surprised? Yes, according to the bible, God is the source and creator of evil.
Isaiah 45: 7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.” When looking through my bible, I laughed when I looked in the topical index, and found that under the word “Evil”, was the subject “Origins of…”, followed by references where it comes from Satan (Isaiah 14: 12-14 which doesn’t even say the word “Evil”), and from Man (Matthew 15: 18-19). Both these passages state that bad things come from Satan and Man, but they don’t say that Satan and Man are the sources of evil, as Isaiah 45: 7 says about God.
So to answer our question, the reason there is evil in the world is because God created it. When he did this, being omniscient, he knew it would enter the world, and he is therefore responsible. Evil is causing suffering and pain, and all pain and suffering in the world is the result of God’s choices. Therefore, by definition, the Christian bible God is evil.#JordanEdwards #LIVINGSACRIFICE #naturalbornkillers #whoaretheRealDevils #Mentalslavery #THEWALKINGDEAD #blacklivesmatter #itshappening #Iamorrin #orrinsfire #orrinsreligion #king_dawayne4515 -

Hello all! This is 15-year-old Jordan Edwards. Jordan was leaving a party on April 29th when he was shot in killed by police officer Roy Oliver of Balch Springs Texas. Edwards was unarmed and in the passenger seat of the vehicle that he was shot in. I wanted to post this for all the people that are worried about kneeling, Dove ads, and restaurants. If you want to protest and be angry, Texas is where your focus should of been. Once again, your kneeling is in vain and purposeless if you lose sight of the “big picture”. #RiptoJordanEdwards #whereAreallTheSocialMediajordanEdwardstributes #jordanedwards

RIP Jordan Edwards. I wish you were enjoying the start of your school year and were worrying about your SAT scores and not whether you would be shot in the back by a policeman. #takeaknee #intober #americanboy

This poem is raw and it hits home for anyone that's lost somebody to soon. Personally this made me cry and I send all my blessings to #prayforvegas #prayforpalestine #rememberorlando #remembersandyhook #remembervirginiatech #tamirrice #philandocastile #michaelbrown #altonsterling #ericgarner #jordanedwards and the list goes on...

llab i miss you jordan 😭😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️ , Remember i was in jay lap driving and bro i almost hit that dog and i turned on the windshield wipers for the signal lights 😭😭😭 this day was so funny , we had kicked y’all out the car we had to go somewhere 🤣 Llab Ima come see you this weekend.. I love you boy ✍🏼 your world foreva #jordanedwards

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