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God bless #jordanedwards family. It a shame what happen to this young boy. #blackisbeautiful #nodaysoff

A murder warrant was issued Friday for fired Balch Springs officer Roy Oliver who killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards last Saturday. #texas #jordanedwards

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Last month we were all devastated to hear about the killing of 15-year-old #JordanEdwards. The unarmed teen was fatally shot in the head by a Texas police officer while riding in a vehicle as he left a party.


Recently, former NBA superstar #KobeBryant showed major love to #KevonEdwards, Jordan Edwards’ older brother, for his 17th birthday.


According to TMZ, to help Kevon celebrate his birthday, Bryant sent over an autographed jersey and two pairs of his of his Mamba’s signature shoe. On the jersey, Bryant wrote, “To Kevon, Do epic things! God bless. Much love!” _____________________________________

Kevon was in the vehicle with his brother the day he was killed by #RoyOliver.


Since the April shooting, Oliver was fired and—read more at TheShadeRoom.com

Day 4-Runnin When the worlds against you I'll hold onto you for as long as I can. #jordanedwards

As a black mother, I feel the murder of these black children a little more deeply, a little more heavily, than the rest of my black kinfolk who aren't mothers. Im tired of posting about police killing our black babies. I'm exhausted of writing captions for black children who will never drive their first car, go to prom, sign their first housing lease & make a change in the world. Our black babies are not being given the chance to become us. They're wiping out the next generation of black excellence, problackness, BLM. "Ain't no black power if your baby's killed by a coward." - K Dot. It's hard for me to post about this bc it emotionally gets in the way of my mothering, so this will be my only post regarding 15y/o Edwards. Justice for #JordanEdwards.

‪BREAKING: Officer Roy Oliver was just charged with the murder of #JordanEdwards.‬ ‪Now he must be convicted. ‬The evidence is overwhelming.

when i posted the previous pic of #jordanedwards it was mainly in response to when ppl say wellllll maybe hE waS a tHreat orr probaBly a jUnvinle or wHatever. no, even if he "was a good kid" it didnt save him from the officer. even if he "stayed in school and got good grades" his blackness would be the first thing seen by a cop. regardless of if he was a good kid or a bad kid he was a kid who should be alive rn. #blacklivesmatter

Anytime I feel like complaining, which is every once in awhile, I remember how I've been blessed with these two angels in my life. May everyone see them as I do. RIP #jordanedwards


Where to start! With all that has occurred from the tragic events of this past weekend at #charlottesville to the rally in Oakland. It blows my mind to think that some people are barely realizing the injustice that has been ongoing for so long! How about #DontreHamilton #EricGarner #JohnCrawford #WalterScott #JordanEdwards #YvetteSmith #JonathanFerrell #TamirRice #MichaelBrown . Some of the names that people forgot about. That weren't broadcast through media anymore after a few weeks. The fact is that people need to remove the blinders and see all the events of injustice that are going on everywhere! From #StandingRock, #AlShabaab , Nazi Rally of #AntiLGBT #PakistanJirgaJustice #Flint to deportation of many immigrates #Lizandroclaros #LourdesSalazarBautista. To countless lives of animal being slaughtered #animalcruelty . The reality point blank is that injustice is completely unacceptable! If your truly upset about the issue at hand, be the voice that awaking those who are ignorant . For ignorance is the lacking of knowledge or information of the topic at hand. With knowledge comes clarity, a new appreciation for the perspective view given. •

#stopinjustice #humanrights #veganfood #veganfoodshare #govegan #veganism #vegan #veganasf

🎥 from @the_goddess_speaks - You wonder why they keep killing black men? Dr. Frances Cress Welsing breaks it down masterfully. Check out "The Psychological Slavery of Black People in the Media" on YouTube and read #TheIsisPapers #PenisEnvy #FearOfGeneticAnnihilation
#AltonSterling #JordanEdwards ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
#DrFrancesCressWelsing determined that the pistol was designed as "the great equalizer" for the Black man's "gun" .... his penis. A 'bullet' or sperm from Black men, will kill the White bloodline. As a result, when the pistol is used to kill a black man, it literally kills that Black bloodline. They target our black men because they could possibly date/marry/have sex with white women and the baby will come out mixed/black....which kills their pure white bloodline. They are afraid of genetic annihilation because our genes are dominant and theirs are recessive. #thegoddessspeaks

From @simoneshepherd - Black In Time By Simone Shepherd

Starring @kingkeraun @kiyaroberts @wahooslim

Song @sonyaeelise
dedicated to #jordanedwards - #regrann

#powerful yet sad #truth • • •
#Repost @simoneshepherd ・・・
Black In Time By Simone Shepherd

Starring @kingkeraun @kiyaroberts @wahooslim

Song @sonyaeelise
dedicated to #jordanedwards

"This country needs to get back into a space where young people feel safe again."- Sybrina Fulton after the death of her son Trayvon Martin in 2012 🙏🏽
7.5 years later, here we are; worrying about North Korea and China, meanwhile this hate and terrorism is still being demonstrated in our own backyard. White nationalists are fighting with "fire and fury", pushing against police barricades and driving cars through crowds of counterprotesters. Lives are being lost and hate is being spread. This is NOT something that can be discounted as being "in our past" or "behind us", this is happening NOW. We need to Recognize It and Stand Up to the bullies; not the ones running other countries, the ones that are HERE. We need to turn that magnifying glass back on ourselves and ACKNOWLEDGE the flaws in our systems before trying to point out those of others. "There will be neither rest nor tranquility in America until the Negro is granted his citizenship rights. The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundation of our nation until the bright days of justice emerge." - Martin Luther King Jr. 1963
It is sad that those words are just as true now as they were then. That our brothers and sisters are still fighting the same fight, day in and day out, as they were in the 60s.
It is 2017. It's time to come TOGETHER and RISE against the HATE, to STAND for #freedom and #justice
For #charlottesville for #trayvonmartin for #freddiegray for #jordanedwards for #charleenalyles for #tamirrice for #michaelbrown and for the countless others who have lost lives, and loved ones due to the colour of their skin, due to fear, due to hate.
"We cannot walk alone. And as we walk we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back." - Martin Luther King Jr


TERMINATOR #GENISYS IS A REAL-TIME WARNING TO A SLEEPING WORLD, DARING US TO WAKE UP AND ADDRESS IT. “For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” Revelation 16:14 (KJV)

Let me start by saying that this is not a movie review in the typical sense. Last night, I took my kids to see #Terminator Genisys starring #ArnoldSchwarzenegger, and, as we expected, it was a non-stop action thriller. But the message that was contained within the plot was more exciting than anything having to do with the movie itself. Terminator Genisys is a real-time message from the New World Order, and it’s “coming soon to a theater near you”, as the old saying goes. Terminator Genisys is a warning to a sleeping world, daring us to wake up and address it.

The basic plot is this: John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect Sarah Connor, but when he arrives in 1984, nothing is as he expected it to be. Queue Arnold, and let the merriment begin! That’s all the vast majority of people will see when they watch this movie. But let me tell you what I saw last night.

Genisys in the movie is an app, albeit the world’s most popular one, and it works on the premise that the Internet will be used as the all-seeing eye to keep track of everything we see, say and do. It offers convenience and safety to the plugged-in world. What they don’t know, however, is that Genisys is not really Genisys, it’s #SkyNet, the watchdog of the evil machines and it will be used to enslave the humans once they have all plugged into it. The people, seeing nothing but cool technology and benefits, rush to embrace it, eagerly sign on to connect with the Genisys app, and you know how it all ends. “The Genisys app is more than just a convenience, it is a One World System that, if you remain outside of it, will not allow you to buy, sell, or successfully interact with the rest of society. Now what does that sound like to you? It sounds a whole lot like our world today. We are rushing at breakneck speed t

I'm so sick of us being victimized by the police officers we pay. 😨😨😡This is NOT OK! I don't care if the officers are Black, white, Hispanic or whatever!! It's NOT OK to ruin people's lives, not to mention destroying private property😡😡🙄🙄🙄🙄Where are the GOOD OFFICERS to come beat the shit out these so called "rotten apples"??? : :

Those good cops aren't coming because they supposedly "bleed blue" AND there's racism within law enforcement as well. The police union doesn't support Black officers who kill unarmed white people. Look at what happened to Derrek Stafford. He's an ex Louisiana police officer sentenced to 40 YEARS WITHOUT PAROLE. Asshole father, took the cops on a 2 miles high speed chase. Officer Stafford & his partner shot at the car killing 6 year old #jeremymardis 😔🙏🏽 💔 BUT Look at how many innocent black children have been murdered by COPS & NONE have gone to prison for 40 years. #rip #ayanajones #tamirrice #jordanedwards #kimarleygray 💔💔💔💔💔
The #oscargrant case was historic because Johannes Meserley went to prison for 11 months, but justice wasn't served. 11 MONTHS for an innocent life!!! African Americans get sentenced to decades for conspiracy to do something, much less murder, and this transit cop got 11 months. 😞😔😔 I'm sick of racism & police brutality. :

Help change the laws that don't protect any of us❣️ Who thinks these crooked ass cops wouldn't murder you, then say "I feared for my life" or "he tried to take my gun"? If you're capable of planting evidence, racial profiling, harassing and lying then they're capable of anything. #balitimore #nyc #atl #stloius #texas #florida #valuehumanlifebill

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