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💬 | On being in a band with his younger brother, Colin said: "It's wonderful... It's good. It makes my promise to keep an eye on him for my mother a lot easier, having him right next to me all the time. But he's very easy to look after anyway, 'cause he's very well behaved." | "Interview With Colin Greenwood," Jason Davis, 1998
📷 PHOTO CREDIT: Danny Clinch, 1993 (@dannybones64 #dannyclinch)

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Here's some alternate OK Computer artworks that were options for the album cover.

Radiohead will include three previously unreleased songs – "I Promise," "Lift" and "Man of War" – on OKNOTOK, a new release celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 1997 landmark LP, OK Computer. OKNOTOK arrives June 23rd via XL Recordings, while a boxed edition will ship in July.
Along with the three unreleased songs, OKNOTOK will include a remastered version of OK computer and eight b-sides. All songs are newly remastered from the original analog tapes.
OKNOTOK will be available digitally, as a double CD set and a triple LP pressed on 180 gram vinyl. The expanded box set will boast the triple LP, as well as a C90 cassette mix tape compiled by the band and taken from the OK Computer session archives and demo tapes. The box set will also include a hardcover book packed with unreleased artwork and lyrics, a notebook filled with Thom Yorke's handwritten OK Computer-era notes and a sketchbook featuring work from Donwood and Tchock, the pen names of Radiohead's go-to artistic collaborator Stanley Donwood and Yorke, respectively.

Pre-orders for all formats are available via Radiohead's website.

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라헤ㅜㅜ헤어나오질 못함

Painting by Sean Mee / www.seanmee.com

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Painting by Sean Mee / www.seanmee.com

Look what I found in the basement 😃

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Painting by Sean Mee / www.seanmee.com

Painting by Sean Mee / www.seanmee.com

Radiohead gitaristi Jonny Greenwood, yönetmen Lynne Ramsay için bir soundtrack çalışması daha geldi. #radiohead #JonnyGreenwood #LynneRamsay #soundtrack #radyogusto

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