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Jon came out as bi! He kind of came out during the shows (at least ours idk if he did it at every one) when he was on tour with Dodie and them, but yeah (: -Liam #lgbt #lgbtqiapd #joncozart #bi #bipride

15 hr road trip tomorrow!!

jon "fuckboy" cozart
ac/rm: @howellpng
i kinda like this lmao
[sorry about the quality, instagram loves to ruin it]

With our happy chappy @joncozart in Paris! Oh la la! 🇫🇷❤️ he's getting out of his comfort zone RN by getting kisses from cute girls on top of the Eiffel Tower and munching on snails & frogs legs. All you gotta do is head to contiki.com/noregrets (link in bio!) to rate him against the @sketchshe girls and you could be whisked away on one of the Contiki trips yourself ☺️ good luck! #contiki #noregrets #travel #paris #joncozart

(R u proud of my awesome use of props o wow ) hopefully I don't make ur ears bleed ,,,,, but here have a bit of me singing a bit of Jon cozart (I still can't believe I met him) he's pretty much all I've been listening to I'm being completely serious help #joncozart #acapella

A year ago I posted my first ukulele video. So I figured it was appropriate to post another one with my new uke from Shane and Sarah.
Tourist: A Love Song from Paris by Jon Cozart 💩🎶 #ukulele #joncozart #uke #tourist #alovespngfromparis

Silly willy #joncozart

but who's cuter


she's so fricking pretty I'm

For so long I've been going out nearly every weekend but this week I'm finally just staying at home so I can stay true to my introverted self

I'm so glad it's nearly the weekend it's been fricking ages

this photo confuses me a lot

My next theme is going to be dodie & riverdale because I'm trash

dodie's going to Japan today what a lucky ducky

I love beanie Dan skshdbsh

after ages of me telling myself that i have to redraw thomas and actually draw jon, i finally did so :') @thomassanders @joncozart
#joncozart #thomassanders #paint #copicmarkers

but who's cuter


Also, I'm just randomly inserting lyrics even if they don't make much sense with the picture. If you know any Jodie lyric which gels with the picture, comment and let me know!

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