i love bubble tea its so good

im watching this thing on netflix ab solving tupac and biggie’s murder and i’m crying in the club rip tupac

my bday is in less than a month yeet

i’m really glad he’s done with ff now lol

#뉴키드 La primera reunión de fans de un niño en el extranjero 😗 Volví después de visitar Turquía ~ Te quiero mucho y estaba tan feliz de animarte 😍 Nunca olvidaré 💕 Nos encontraremos de nuevo 💕
Turquía viaja pronto Te mostraré ~ 😊
#Newkidd #Hansol #Jihansol #Acción #Jinkwon #Yunmin #Yunmin #Woochul #whi #Hwi #Jojian #Choijiann #turkey // #뉴키드 첫 해외 팬미팅😗 #터키 방문을 마치고 돌아왔어요~ 많이 사랑해주시고 응원해주셔서 정말 행복했어요😍 잊지 못할거에요 우리 또 다시 만나요💕
터키 여행기 곧 공개할게요~😊 #newkidd #지한솔 #Jihansol #진권 #Jinkwon #윤민 #Yunmin #우철 #Woochul #휘 #Hwi #최지안 #Choijiann #turkey



i love this


i have a crazy ass sunburn on my legs and it’s so bad i cant even walk without limping so i havent left my house all day lmao

random but there’s so many jobs i want to do in life, but it’s so out of reach where i live. i want to be an actor, a writer, movie director, detective, planetary research scientist, etc. they all sound stupid but,,, idk how to achieve any of them because not many do.

i’m watching jurassic world rn and i forgot ab how it’s actually a great movie

hey skinnies

sometimes i forget that even though 4000 isnt much compared to other accounts with 10k+, i’m still so thankful and i hope that i’ve helped at least someone because i really love a lot of people on here and i started this account just out of curiosity a couple of summers ago and i’m happy where it’s taken me. i’ve met a lot of people and regret none of it love u all and thank u.🧡💖

when’s your bday? mine is in august😎

fetty wap is coming to where i live how cool


i hope he’s doing good i love him

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